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Canon Fodder

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Canon Fodder was a question-and-answer style forum thread by Sean Michael Fish, where players submitted lore-related questions, regarding details in the lore that were vague or incomplete, or were incompatible with previous or future lore, or where the game and comics contradicted each other.


Taken from the Official thread on the City of Heroes Forums:

Greetings lore-hounds,
Manticore here to provide some definitive answers to your lore questions. The dev team receives PM’s about lore all the time. With Mission Architect coming online there are more and more lore questions popping up on the forums as well. Instead of trying to answer all these questions privately we’ve decided to start this thread. I’m going to be digging through my memory banks as well as picking the brains of Hero 1, Positron, and the rest of the devs for these answers and compiling them here.
Just to be clear, these answers aren’t set in stone. Feel free to point out discrepancies. CoH is a huge game and we’ve had many incredibly talented people contribute to the lore. We’re trying to get the record straight here on some of our trickiest plot and character twists. If I missed something…let me know. I’ll go back to the drawing board and clear it up. So let’s dig for answers, clarify confusion, eliminate contradictions, and have some fun!

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