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Power Pools

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Power Pools are supplemental power sets available to all archetypes, beyond the primary and secondary power sets selected during character creation. A character may select powers from up to four power pools per build. Unlike primary and secondary archetype power sets, a character may change their power pools during a respec. Each power pool has either four or five powers, which are unlocked at various levels, as described below.

Pool powers aren't as effective as their cousins in primary and secondary power sets. However, they can be used to cover a weakness in your power sets (Aid Self for a Blaster), provide support abilities to your teammates (Maneuvers for a Defender), or have a surprising twist or contradiction on your Archetype and power sets (Provoke for a Mastermind). The Travel Powers also come from the power pools. Utilizing power pools may require skipping one or more powers in the primary or secondary power sets of the character.

Power pools purchased on the Paragon Market were a new twist on the concept in that they included their own travel power, and only one purchased power pool could be used per character.

Power Pools

Free Pools

NOTE: Peacebringers and Warshades do not have access to the Flight or Teleportation pools.

Purchased Pools

This information contains features that were to be implemented in Issue 24 and was current as of the game's shut down date.
This information is about unimplemented features that were confirmed via one or more methods, but might have changed significantly before being released.

Selecting Pool Powers

Upon training to level 4, you will receive the following message on the power selection screen:

Balloon.png IMPORTANT!
You have unlocked access to new power sets!
To select a Power Pool power instead of a regular power, click the Power Pool Sets button in the right hand column.
At level 4, you may choose one of the first three powers in any Power Pool set. The fourth and fifth power in a set will become available at level 14, but only if you chose two of the first three powers in the set earlier.
You can choose a Power Pool power instead of a normal power from this point forward.
Prerequisites for standard power pools
First power Level 4
Second power Level 4
Third power Level 14, and at least one other power from this pool
Fourth power Level 14, and at least two other powers from this pool
Fifth power Level 14, and at least two other powers from this pool
Prerequisites for Travel Power pools
First power Level 4
Second power Level 4
Third power Level 4
Fourth power Level 14, and at least two other powers from this pool
Fifth power Level 14, and at least two other powers from this pool


Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Prior to Issue 19, the Fitness pool was a selectable power pool instead of an inherent powerset. Characters created prior to Issue 19 will still have the non-inherent Fitness Power Pool if they had selected any powers from that pool prior to its removal. However, the pool no longer appears in the list of power pools for characters reaching level 6 either through normal play or by performing a respec.
  • Issue 21 reduced the unlock level of all power pools from level 6 to level 4. Issue 21 also reduced the level to choose a travel power to level 4 as well, and requires no prerequisite.
  • The Travel Power pools (Flight, Leaping, Speed, Teleportation) allowed selection of the travel power at level 6 without a prerequisite if the player had the 60 month veteran reward. This veteran reward was removed with the level changes in Issue 21.

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