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Initial Contact

Hello. Character. I have heard about you from Viridian, a man who I would have once considered an enemy. You may or may not know me, so I shall introduce myself. I am Vincent Ross, a former member of the Legacy Chain. The Legacy Chain is a group of ignorant magic users who try to police Paragon and the Isles with their rules. They believe they are righteous, that they are all-knowing. They are wrong on both accounts.

I'm speaking with you today because I believe that you and I can help each other.

What do you mean?

The above is Vincent Ross's initial text to players coming from Praetroria. It's differs from the text given in the current article. --Buxley 15:27, 18 July 2011 (UTC)

This arc has several objectives that change depending on which subcontact you select, if any. Until we decide how to incorporate them into the article, I am compiling the information here. --Flamemaiden 21:06, 6 January 2011 (UTC)

I've added the intro text for Vince Dubrowski, and started adding text for Diviner Maros' path. I've also removed periods from headers, but feel free to add them back; I'm new here. -- Dr. Heuschrecke 01:17, 31 May 2011 (UTC)

After selecting any contact, you get:

Icon clue generic.png
Working Together
You've chosen a contact to work together with in Sharkhead Isle.

Vince Dubrowski

When you first speak to Vince Dubrowski (not introduced yet)

Who're you? Some ?? / woman tryin' to make a name for ?? / herself out here in Sharkhead? Well, let me tell you something. Mr. Cage, he runs things around here in Sharkhead, and I'm his right hand man, Vince Dubrowski. I keep operations around here in line for Mr. Cage. There's plenty of resources that we got to mine out here in Sharkhead and it ain't easy keeping these low life Scrapyarders in check, but it's what I do.

We got a group going around here right now that's making my job harder than it's got to be, they call themselves the Legacy Chain. Bunch of magic wielding pests if you ask me. We've been having issues with Red Coral and Scrapyarders going missing and turns out they're the ones behind it. Mr. Cage wants this handled and I need someone's help in getting this job done. You help us out and Mr. Cage'll help you out by making your bank account bigger than it already is. How's that sound?

If you choose to work with Vince Dubrowski, you will be locked in to work with him for the remainder of the story arc.

  • You've got a deal.
Missing info
  • I need a moment to consider this.

When you first speak to Vince Dubrowski (badge obtained)

Hey Character, how's it going? We got those Circle off of our backs ever since that deal you helped make happen. The Cage Consortium is real thankful for your help, we aren't the kind to be forgetting when someone helped us out.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Presumably the above paragraph is different if you have not completed the Any Body Will Do arc.

Funny you're talking to me now, 'cause we got some more problems that we can use your help with, for the right price. See, we've got a problem with the Legacy Chain, Coralax, and, well, mostly everyone else looking to put a damper on the Cage Consortium. Now, that isn't good for Mr. Cage, and if it isn't good for Mr. Cage, it's not gonna be good for Vince Dubrowski, but you know that already. Situation we got ourselves is that the Legacy Chain are crawling all over, trying to do something with the Scrapyarders and the Red Coral operation we got going on here. None of that stuff is good for our business. You help us out and Mr. Cage'll make it worth your while. What do you say?

If you choose to work with Vince Dubrowski, you will be locked in to work with him for the remainder of the story arc.

  • You've got a deal.
Missing info
  • I need a moment to consider this.

Lorenz Ansaldo

When you first speak to Ansaldo (not introduced yet)

Eh? Who're you? Don't think I've seen too much of you 'round here before, but then again, I got myself in a sorta specific kinda business. Name's Lorenz Ansaldo, troubleshooter for the Family 'round here, and believe me, we gots us a lot of trouble. Folks think bein' part of the Family is all fun and games, but it takes a lotta work handlin' business in a place like Sharkhead.

Take a little problem we're havin' right now. We got shipments of goods comin' in from the boys in Paragon, yeah? Only problem is, somewhere along the way there's a buncha Legacy Chain mooks hoppin' on board to come over here for some sorta reason. Our boys go to get the shipment, only to get arrested by these guys!

We got a vibe there's somethin' bad goin' on here, like we got some sorta traitor or somethin', and it's comin' down to me to look for the rat. If you wanna gimme a hand, I'll make sure you get yourself a good payday for this here thing. What do ya say?

If you choose to work with Lorenz Ansaldo, you will be locked in to work with him for the remainder of the story arc.

  • You've got a deal.

(incomplete data)

When you first speak to Ansaldo (Seaweed Badge)

Ay yo, Character, how's it goin'? Things 'round here have been pretty smooth sailin' for the Family ever since you took care of that Sea Witch for us. Well, 'least as far as them Scrapyarders go. We've been havin' us some problems with them Legacy Chain goons for the past few days now.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Presumably the above paragraph is different if you do not have the Seaweed Badge.

Lotta our shipments goin' back and forth from Paragon have been filled with them magic boys instead of our cargo. Nerve of these guys, eh? I dunno what these boys are after, but they're makin' a lotta folks in the Family pretty angry. Well, all 'cept one. We're thinkin' that we got ourselves a rat who is tryin' to be all righteous and help out these magic boys.

Say, you happen to be goin' up against 'em? 'Cause if you are, we in the Family could be usin' your expert help again in takin' down these righteous magic freaks. We'll be makin' sure the price is right too.

If you choose to work with Lorenz Ansaldo, you will be locked in to work with him for the remainder of the story arc.

  • As long as the price is right, you've got my help.
Alright, we got ourselves a deal! Now we got a lead on where we can start lookin' for this chump of ours.
Word is that one of our boys was messin' around in the caves near the Pit, which ain't what he was supposed to be doin'. I was gonna go check it out myself, 'till I heard them fish creatures started an attack on that place, 'long with the Legacy Chain. Makes me pretty suspicious, if you're askin' me, almost like the Legacy Chain knew 'bout that place from our man.
Guy's name is Joey Malone. You'll wanna find him and make him squeal what's goin' on. When ya get in there, find somethin' to contact me with and I'll give ya the details on what Joey might be up to.
  • Alright, I'll handle it.
  • I need a moment to consider this.
Icon clue generic.png
Finding Joey Malone
Lorenz Ansaldo asked you to find Joey Malone within the caverns of the Pit, believing that he may be part of the 'rats' working together with the Legacy Chain.

In the first mission

Icon clue generic.png
Remains of Joey Malone
You found the remains of Joey Malone within the cavern. It looks like he was killed by the Coralax. You search his body and find a few items that could sell well on the market, along with a crystal given to him by the Legacy Chain. You tap the crystal a few times until a voice speaks from it, as if it was a recorded message...

We promise you immunity in Paragon City if you aid us in scouting the area of Sharkhead Isle. Our operations there are of the upmost importance. One of your other fellows, a man we will not name, is already in the process of aiding us. We mention this so that you know you have an ally, but we refuse his name as we are unsure if we can trust you. Once you let us know where the Blood Coral is located, we shall arrive to retrieve you and bring you to Paragon.

There is no Ansaldo content in the second mission

After getting the third mission from Ross

What's up, Character? Been a while since you and me talked, was beginning to wonder if you were backin' off of what we agreed on. So you found Joey was dead huh? Can't say I'm too upset about that, rat was tryin' to turn on us, he deserves to get himself dead.

Anyway, this whole thing gives me an idea, and I'm a man who thrives on gettin' ideas. We had a number of cargo shipment that went missin' recently. Only problem is, we're usually the ones that makes things go missin'. Lucky for us, we had ourselves a little trackin' beacon on the cargo, 'cept we don't know what the cargo is. If we can find the cargo and see what it is, we're gonna catch the other mook who's been workin' with the Legacy Chain red handed.

  • How is the cargo going to prove anything?

Easy, Character, here's the thing. We got some generic kinda beacons on the cargo, yeah? Cheaper to make that way. Lotta the cargo we lost recently was 'cause of the Legacy Chain. But this one piece of cargo, it looks like it washed up into some sorta underwater cavern, like someone took it there or somethin'.

Weird, huh? Anyway, we know who is usually set to guard our shipments and what they're guardin' specifically. I figure, we find out what was in that cargo, we can pin the guy who was guardin' it as our man. I got the rough location of where the cargo is. Gimme a ring when you got yourself in a cavern nearby and I'll letcha know if you're near the cargo.

  • Will do.
Icon clue generic.png
Tracking the Missing Cargo
Lorenz Ansaldo requested you find the contents of cargo that went missing some time ago. He believes that the contents of the boxes will point to the member of the Family who has been betraying them. It's a bit of a stretch, but at least it'll lead to some money.

In the third mission

Icon clue generic.png
The Family's Missing Cargo
You found the Family's missing cargo within the underwater cavern. There are various vials of Superadyne in here, along with weapons and armor. You notice there are two beacons in here; one for the Family and another that seems to belong to Longbow. This may have been how the Legacy Chain knew the location of this cavern!

After getting the fourth mission from Ross

What's up, Character? You find that shipment?

Yeah? Buncha guns and ammo and Superadyne? Along with two tracking devices, one from Longbow!

Lorenz lets out a string of curses in Italian for a good minute before calming down.

That idiot! Man, Character, this here is bad. The guy guarding the crates? The one who looks like he's in cahoots with the Legacy Chain and Longbow? It's my own brother, Alexander Ansaldo! All the luck, huh? I always knew that kid was gonna lead to somethin' bad, I just didn't think he was that stupid to try to backstab me.

He thinks he's doin' what's right, huh? Well, that's where he's wrong. Kids got it all wrong, tryin' to betray family like that. Now, I gotta handle this before the big wigs back in Paragon hear about this, namely Sebastian Frost, guy who is the head of the Family.

  • By mean you handle this, I assume you mean me.

Heh heh... well, yeah. Now, I ain't gonna go bemoan the fact that you gotta kill my kid brother. Fact of the matter is that I told him, warned him not to even think about betrayin' us, but now he went and ignored what I said and is tryin' to get me killed. I figure for that, he ain't my brother anymore. He's just another pig that's gotta be gutted, and I'm givin' you the knife to do it.

Too bad he ain't knowin' that I placed a little trackin' device on him too; always figured I'd use it to spring him outta prison instead of tryin' to see where he is to kill him. Now, let's see... huh. Weird. Looks like he's in some sorta unmarked office buildin' nearby. Here's the address.

The address that Lorenz gives you is the same one as the Midnighter Office.

Now, I don't care why he's there. All I care about is that he gets killed, yeah? You do that, you get your payday and my eternal gratitude, or somethin'. Gimme a call when you get in there and I'll tell you where this pig is located.

  • Alright.
Icon clue generic.png
Alexander's Betrayal
Lorenz has asked that you end his brother, Alexander, who was revealed to be the member of the Family working with the Legacy Chain.

In the fourth mission

Notable NPCs

  • Alexander Ansaldo (Boss)
Icon clue generic.png
Alexander's Last Words
Alexander grabbed your leg and gasped these finals words.

'I... only wanted to... live a better life... than Lorenz... he was never... never...'

After getting the fifth mission from Ross

So, you got Alexander, huh? Good riddance. He got his head too far up in the clouds. You say he was tryin' to say somethin' about me? Whatever, I ain't got time to be bothered with whatever idealistic thing he was thinkin'.

You done good for the Family, Character. This ain't something that we're gonna forget, not for a long time. The payment for all ya help is on the way now. You got anythin' else?

  • I could actually use the Family's help with an operation.


Huh. Well. That's gonna be a tough one, Character. Lotta our boys are out and about right now, so it's gonna be tough for me to get 'em to come help.

Lorenz looks around, then grins.

Tell ya what, Character. You let me know the place to be, and I'll show up there myself to give ya hand. I figure you and me are close now seein' as how you killed my brother and all. Speakin' of close, I've been thinkin'. You and me, we should work together when this whole thing is over. Gimme a call and we'll work something out.

Lorenz Ansaldo has been added as a contact!

  • Er... right. We're real close.

In the fifth mission

There is no Ansaldo content in the finale

Diviner Maros

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The text from Vincent Ross suggests that Diviner Maros cannot be chosen unless some of his content is completed (his story arc?). This needs to be confirmed.

When you first speak to Diviner Maros

Hello, Character. I know why you are here. I have seen the paths that you have taken that have led you to this point. Your involvement with the Leviathan would not be at an end after our encounter with it. I wondered, if out of the many paths you could have taken, if this would be one you would choose. It is interesting to see how this will all end, for you at least. Do you know the role of Merulina? What part she will play in all of this? Perhaps you do, and perhaps you do not, the branching of time is interesting in that method. Have you come here today to ask for my help with the Midnighters?


Ah, yes, you're still at the start. With the Blood Coral. I know that the man Vincent Ross has told you speak of no one out of fear or perhaps greed. However, I am not one who concerns himself with such things anymore. There is much to do with this Blood Coral, and if you wish it, I shall help you in discovering more about this substance and its background.

If you choose to work with Diviner Maros, you will be locked in to work with him for the remainder of the story arc.

  • I'd appreciate the help.
Then you have my aid. I believe you are about to go inside of a cavern to find that -
Ah, but no, I should wait for you to see what happens for yourself. What I can do is aid you if you retrieve for me a large piece of Red Coral. There is a Slag Golem within those caverns. The Scrapyarders, in their infinite wisdom, have called it 'Slaggie' and torture it for fun. Now that its captors are gone, it roams the caverns within, powered by the hum of the Red Coral. Destroy this golem and with its 'heart' I shall aid you in your quest for power. When you are inside, contact me and I shall let you know if this Slaggie is still within the caverns.
  • I'll get on it.
  • I need a moment to consider this.
Icon clue generic.png
Retrieving the Red Coral
Diviner Maros asked you to bring the Red Coral that is embedded within a slag golem nicknamed 'Slaggie'.

In the first mission

Notable NPCs

  • Slaggie (Slag Golem, Boss)
Icon clue generic.png
Slaggie's Red Coral Shard
You destroyed the beast known as Slaggie and retrieved the Red Coral that was within its body.

After getting the second mission from Ross

Ah, so we have reached the point when you return with the shard. I'm not surprised to see you, as I saw this event happen. Rather, I am relieved to see it has occurred, as it narrows down the number of branches of what could possibly happen next. I do apologize that I could not tell you that your efforts in that cavern would lead you to a dead end, but such is the nature of my work.

I have grasped and examined many of these shards, Character. If I am correct, we have past the time when your contact informed you about how Blood Coral is created. But he does not fully grasp the true nature of it. Such is what happens when the Legacy Chain delves into such things. The blood of a powerful being of good or evil is simply an offering, it is not what makes the coral powerful. The only thing that could make it more powerful is something from its source. The blood is merely a sacrifice, a way to prove your worth. Doing the ritual properly was the next step before more of the Leviathan's power was poured into the coral, creating the red glow within it. That is as much as I can gleam from this red coral.

There is more, however, that we can discover.

  • What else is there?

There is a traitor within Arachnos. A man named Webmaster Harvin has been working with the Legacy Chain, feeding the woman named Barracuda false information on where to find this Blood Coral. She knows all too well about it, as you can well imagine, given your past experience with her.

Barracuda has entrusted much of her research into the Red and Blood Coral to this man, and he is fully aware that his death is a reality if she discovers it. You will find more answers from this man, who is within the warehouse you will soon be attacking. I shall give you more information when you arrive at the warehouse, but he is the man you must track down for us to move to our next step.

  • Very well.
Icon clue generic.png
The Traitorous Webmaster
Diviner Maros told you of a Webmaster named Harvin who was one of Barracuda's most trusted sources in the matter of the Blood Coral. Maros said that if you can capture him, you will be able to find out the research that Barracuda has done towards the true nature of this substance.

In the second mission

Notable NPCs

  • Webmaster Harvin (Crab Spider Webmaster, Boss)
Icon clue generic.png
Barracuda's Research
You retrieved Barracuda's research regarding the Blood Coral from Webmaster Harvin. Looking it over, it appears to be less like research and more like a diary of some sorts. You read one of the passages...

Character has stopped my investigation into the Shaper Cult. I'll have to look elsewhere for my answers. Perhaps this Blood Coral that the Legacy Chain have been speaking about can give me the answers I want. Perhaps this is the substance they used to make me into what I am today, back when I was taken from my comrades. Part of me wonders, though, if there's any point to this. I barely care anymore about finding the answers to my condition, but there's still a part of me that needs to know why I was chosen, why my life became like this.

After getting the third mission from Ross

You have found the journal of Barracuda and have seen that her heart still has some warmth in it. The others around her are unaware of this and she has tried to deny this as much as possible. It is a sad fate and one that she will not uncover the answer for, at least not during this time. But there is a note in there that could cause some issue to you. Does the Blood Coral cause you to turn into a Coralax?

Surely, if it did, you would be one already, considering your exposure. There must be more to it and more to the Blood Coral. I say this because I have seen that there is more to it, but I could not simply tell you what it is. However, I am not so cruel as to say this without having a method for you to move forward to your new place in time.

  • Well...?

You are going into an underwater cavern, full of Coralax. Somehow, a spirit of the Banished Pantheon roams the caverns. The Coralax leave it be, but it has observed much of their actions and their behaviors, more than most mortals. This spirit is able to see the connections that these Coralax have to the Red Coral. If you were to shatter this spirit's connection to this world, you would gain the knowledge it has and see what it sees. Do this, and you shall also see what I see.

I should warn you, however. I have seen the futures of Barracuda, and one of them involves her also discovering the location of this cavern. If you wish to avoid your future coming to an abrupt end, I would prepare for a fight against her if you enter those caverns.

  • Alright.
Icon clue generic.png
The Banished Pantheon
Diviner Maros told you that there is a Banished Pantheon spirit roaming the underwater caverns of the Coralax. If you destroy it, you will gain the knowledge it has regarding the Coralax.

In the third mission

Notable NPCs

  • Pantheon Spirit (Spirit of Death, Boss)
  • Barracuda (Archvillain)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating the Pantheon Spirit, you will be ambushed by Barracuda.
Icon clue generic.png
Barracuda and the Banished Pantheon
You defeated the Banished Pantheon spirit and had a flood of images enter your mind. Before you could process them, Barracuda appeared and attacked you! You defended yourself and managed to defeat her, hopefully for the final time. She was teleported away by her Arachnos medi-porter, but you could see a look in her eyes, as if her hope in finding the truth behind her fate had been crushed, once and for all.

You gathered yourself and recalled the images that entered your mind from the spirit. You see the Coralax worshipping the Shapers within this cavern, the same Shapers holding up the pieces of Blood Coral. You overhear them shouting the name 'Merulina' as they all turn and bow to the three pieces of Blood Coral. The spirit must have been watching in the distance, and you can feel a perverse hunger from the spirit's memory, as if a large part of it sought to devour the energy of this Merulina.

After getting the fourth mission from Ross

The paths come closing in now. You've seen what the spirit has seen, what I have seen, and crushed Barracuda's hope beneath your heel. The Coralax believe this Blood Coral is their true link to Merulina, though you also know by now that the Blood Coral is a direct link to the Leviathan. It seems they believe this Leviathan to be a reincarnation of Merulina, that she awaits to take control of the beast. This is utter nonsense.

The Leviathan is a beast of destruction and chaos, while Merulina was known to be a goddess of peace and harmony. It is unfortunate that time has made her creations, the Coralax, into the monstrous beasts that they are today. However, let us go over the facts. Perhaps not so much for yourself, but so that I may grasp which time we are in.

We have understood that the Blood Coral channels more of the Leviathan's power. This is done through a ritual to earn the respect of the Leviathan to allow more of its power to go inside of the coral. The coral itself is seen by the Coralax as a direct connection to Merulina. And yet... it is possible that the Coralax have used this Blood Coral to infect the woman we now call Barracuda. There is only one dangling issue, it seems. How is it possible to earn the respect of a being that has been sleeping all of this time?

  • ... Do you have an answer to that question?

I see the possible answer, but it is one you must discover. The demon you will meet, the one within the Midnighter's office. I am... quite familiar with it. You see, Character, I was the one who summoned Botis into this world, and it was through that ritual that my spirit was split across the time streams. This demon is even older than I and has knowledge of a millenia.

You seek its knowledge as to how to protect yourself from being absorbed. I suggest you inquire as to what exactly is behind the Leviathan. Do this, and you shall come one step closer to possessing the secrets behind this Blood Coral. There is no need for you to use the radio device to contact me, simply speak with the demon and look for a chance to find more information.

  • We'll see what happens.
Icon clue generic.png
Botis and Maros
Diviner Maros informed you that he was the one who summoned the demon Botis to this world many, many years ago, and that summoning is what caused his spirit to split across time. Maros believes that Botis has the answers you're looking for regarding the secrets behind what is really granting the power behind the Blood Coral.

In the fourth mission

Icon clue generic.png
The Power Behind the Curtain
You spoke with Botis more about the entity behind the Leviathan's power. Botis informed you that the being is neither good nor evil, it simply respects power and seeks to give it to those who have earned it, and that it is older than even Botis.

After getting the fifth mission from Ross

So, Character. You have uncovered the beginning of an entity more ancient than anyone could dream of.

Impressive, is it not? There are many paths for you to go from now. Many of them revolve around you and this entity. Well, there are other paths, but those involve your untimely demise. Hopefully those paths are not the ones you will go down, but one will never know.

I see you plan on meeting the entity of this Leviathan face to... somewhat face soon. However, as you know, there are other forces out there that would seek to thwart your efforts. I believe it is time for me to make a move I have not made in many years.

  • What is that?

To intervene directly in events. I shall personally move to help you strike against these forces. Perhaps I am also interested in seeing, for myself, which path this entity will take.

Contact me within the warehouse and I shall appear to aid you in the events to come.

  • Alright.
Icon clue generic.png
The Aid of Diviner Maros
Diviner Maros has promised to directly aid you in defending the Red Coral from the Legacy Chain and entering the mind of the Leviathan.

In the fifth mission

There is no Maros content in the finale