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Connected Badge

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You've worked together with a contact in Sharkhead on the side while investigating the secrets of the Blood Coral.

How to Get

Work with one of the side contacts in the villain story arc from Vincent Ross.


After accepting the very first mission of Vincent Ross' story arc but before entering the actual mission door, you can talk to either Vince Dubrowski, Lorenz Ansaldo or Diviner Maros. Each one of them will add a special side mission to the current mission. After completing a mission you should meet these contacts once again for additional side missions. In each mission there will be a Radio contact at the start of the mission to call your contact and get additional orders.

After you have completed all side missions you will get the Connected Badge in the next to last mission, and will be able to call your contact as reinforcement. The mission is entitled Part Five: The Key to Power

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