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Notes to myself:

=== Compare Hero Merit Rewards (HMR) with Hero Story Arcs (HSA)
HSA Says Nictus Alliance has 1 Defeat All. It really has 2.
HSA doesn't say anything about a Defeat All for the Nictus Insurrection. It has 1.
HSA Correction: Stolen Power has 1 defeat all
HSA Correction: Ouroboros Initiation has 7 Talks
HMR says An Absence of Shadows is 1-15. Hero Story Arcs (HSA) says 5-9
HMR calls it "The Peace Killers(5-9)", HSA says its "The Peace Slayers(1-15)" (Peacebringers)
HMR calls it "The Vahzilok Pollutant Plot". HSA leaves out the 'The'
HMR lists 'Lost and Found' as level 46-50. HSA gives it 10-50.
HMR lists 'The Mind of a King'. HSA leaves out 'The'
HMR lists 'The Vahzilok Plague'. HSA leaves out 'The'
HMR says 'The Sky Raider Secret'. HSA leaves out 'The'
HMR gives 1 contact for the sky raider secret. HSA gives 6
HMR says "The Wheel of Destruction". HSA leaves out 'The'
HMR says Winslowe and the Cosmotron is 25-29. HSA says 20-24. HMR is correct as for Flashbacks.
HMR says Fear and Loathing on Striga Isle is 30-34. HSA says 25-29. HMR is correct as for Flashbacks.
HMR says "An Unnatural Order". HSA Leaves out "An".
HMR says "War of the Fir Bolg". HSA Include "The".
HMR says "Ouroboros Initiation". HSA includes "The"
HMR says "The Library of Souls". HSA leaves off "The"
HMR says "The Rise of the Vampyri". HSA leaves off "The"
HMR says "A path into darkness". HSA leaves off "A"
HSA calls it "The Evil Countess Crey". HMR calls it "On the Run (the Evil Countess Crey)"
HMR says Operation World Wide Red. HSA says Project World Wide Red. HMR is correct as per Flashback.
HMR has Crown of Glory. HSA doesn't
HMR has Dirge of Chaos. HSA doesn't
HMR has The Magic Man, HSA doesn't

= Souvenirs Souvenirs says The Peace Killers lvl 5-9. HMR says The Peace Slayers 1-15


Many stories are woven throughout the game. You explore them by completing the Missions and Story Arcs that you get from Contacts. Missions are designed as a challenge for characters within a certain range of power, such as levels 5-9 or levels 30-34.

Everyone starts the game with a contact who has missions for levels 1-4. Some additional contacts can be gotten just by being the right level and clicking on them (e.g. David Wincott in The Hollows or the Detectives/Brokers in different zones) but most are introduced by contacts you already have. The Nav Window has a button to show you your contacts.

When you complete everything a regular contact has to offer, or your level becomes higher than everything they offer, then they introduce you to a new contact. The more contacts you have the more story arcs and missions you can choose from.

You can also earn new contacts from Detectives/Brokers. Perform a few Radio/Newspaper missions in a zone and the Detective/Broker will offer you a Safeguard/Mayhem mission. Complete that Safebuard/Mayhem mission and you'll be offered another contact. You can repeat this till that Detective/Broker runs out of contacts.

Most contacts only offer missions within one level range. There are a few, like Sunstorm and Shadowstar that offer missions across many level ranges. You can return to such a contact for more missions when you reach a higher level range.

A few NPCs won't show up on your Contact list but can offer missions without introduction. The City Representative in the Atlas Park City Hall, for example, has missions available at level 20 and 30 which earn the character new options for costumes. Tailors provide missions at levels 20, 30, and 40 earn a character a new costume slot.


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