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File:Badge phalanx set 01.png


You have earned a reserve membership into Paragon City's premier Super Group: Freedom Phalanx. This privilege comes with the added perk of +10% Hit Points.

Accolade Power

Upon acquiring this badge, a hero will earn the Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member power.

BA Phalanx Reserve.png Freedom Phalanx Reserve +10% Max Health
Earning Membership into the Freedom Phalanx Reserve has granted you a permanent increase to your Max Hit Points by 10%.

How to Get

This badge is only awarded to characters of the hero or vigilante alignments. Although credit for this badge may be earned by villains or rogues, the badge will not be awarded to a character until they change alignment.

Credit toward this badge may be earned using either of two methods.

Traditional Method

Earn the following badges:

Badge tourist 01.png  Regal Badge   Exploration   Boomtown (-448, 42, 2170)
Badge tourist 01.png  Brawler Badge   Exploration   Echo: Galaxy City (-1184, 63, -936)
Badge tourist 01.png  Vigorous Badge   Exploration   Independence Port (-1615, 80, -1872)
Badge tourist 01.png  Summoned Badge       Kings Row (-940.5, -41.7, 2977.4)
Badge tourist 01.png  Keen Sighted Badge   Exploration   Kings Row (-2175.9, 97.0, 1142.5)
Badge tourist 01.png  Purifier Badge   Exploration   Skyway City (-1085, -16, -7612). (Named Defiler on villains and rogues).
Badge tourist 01.png  Nimble Mynx Badge   Exploration   Steel Canyon (-2428, 48, -3408)
Badge history 01.png  Authority Badge   History   Visit 5 history plaques:
  1. Talos Island (1777, 22, 7843)
  2. Independence Port (910, 100, -4175)
  3. Independence Port (-1035, 36, -2441)
  4. Echo: Dark Astoria (3420, 46, 3038)
  5. Terra Volta (351, 196, -3605)
Badge villain freakshow.png  Tank Buster Badge   Defeats   Defeat 100 Freakshow Tanks
Badge villain clockwork.png  Gearsmasher Badge   Defeats   Defeat 100 Clockwork Gears that spawn after a Clockwork Prince is defeated
Badge villain nemesis.png  Unveiler Badge   Defeats   Defeat 100 Fake Nemesis

Alternate Method

Earn the following badge as a villain or rogue before changing alignment to that of a hero.

V badge HighPainThreshold.png  High Pain Threshold Badge   Accolade    


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