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The 2011 Winter Event is scheduled to run from December 13, 2011 to January 3, 2012. New content in the 2011 version of the traditional event include two new badges, several new possible rewards from opening presents and the inclusion of Lord Winter's Realm in the LFG Menu.

Login Rewards

Ear Muffs

Players who logged in during the event received the Festive Badge, as well as the Holiday Spirit temporary power, a single use of the Holiday Cheer power, and the Ear Muff costume option.

Temporary HolidayGift.png Holiday Spirit Special
Any debt you incur is reduced by 25%. This effect lasts for 2 days of gameplay.
Temporary HolidayCheer.png Holiday Cheer Special
This is a gift you can give to someone special.

Holiday Cheer can be targeted on another player and when used will give that player a single instance of the Mystery Gift power.

Temporary HolidayMysteryGift.png Mystery Gift Special
Someone special has given you a gift. What could it be?

Ski Chalet

Main Article: Ski Chalet

Added in the Winter Event 2006, the Ski Chalet in Pocket D is only accessible during Winter Events or when the developers use it during a special event. During Winter Events, many activities can be accomplished here.

The area is accessed via a door upstairs in the villain side of the club. The Chalet itself is home to Father Time and the Candy Keeper. The surrounding area has ski slopes that characters can slide down with a timed mini-game for badges, and Gravity Geysers (as in the Shadow Shard) to quickly return to the top.

One of the Winter Horde welcomes you to open a present.

Gamester's Presents

Main Article: Presents

Mysterious glowing presents appear throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, courtesy of Gamester. A large gallery of locations is available in the main article.

Upon opening a present, a hero or villain would find that if they were "nice," they would enjoy a nice reward. If they were "naughty," however, they would find themselves surrounded by the Winter Horde, ready to make their holidays downright dangerous!

Opening a present while on a large enough team will spawn a Winter Lord. When defeated, heroes and villains can enter Lord Winter's Realm via the Team-Up Teleporter. Here, they face off against Lord Winter and his Winter Guardians and will earn Candy Canes, Reward Merits, and the Lord/Lady of Winter badge for defeating Lord Winter.

File:Badge Holiday09DefeatLordWinter.png Lord of Winter
You helped thwart Lord Winter's scheme to turn Paragon City into an icy wasteland.
You helped thwart Lord Winter's scheme to turn the Rogue Isles into an icy wasteland.

Mystery Gifts

Once received, either by being targeted by Holiday Cheer or by opening presents, Mystery Gifts can be activated to receive one of a number of things. Most of the time (60% chance) the gift will give 250 Inf or 250 Inf and 250 Prestige modified by level while in Supergroup Mode. The rest of the time (40% chance) the player will receive one of the following rewards:

Temporary WarWolfWhistle.png Build Snow Beast Summon
Creates one Snow Beast to do your bidding. Snow Beasts desire nothing more than to freeze everything they come into contact with. You only have 1 Snow Beast and he will last for 5 minutes before melting. You cannot bring your snow beast across zones. You may have up to 3 copies of this power.
Inherent Brawl.png Snowball Ranged Special
Can be used on friend and foe alike. Although there are no lasting effects when these frozen missiles are hurled, who doesn't love throwing a snowball? Snowballs should last 12 days. Happy Holidays!
Temporary AntigravityMatrix.png Holiday Rocket Pack Self Fly
This jet pack allows you to fly for a short period. If you attack a target while this pack is on, your flight speed will be temporarily reduced to Hover speed. This Rocket Pack will last for 30 days.
Temporary HolidayCheer.png Duplicating Gift Ally Gift
The Gamester has sprinkled these mysterious Duplicating Gifts throughout the world. Each one has the ability to make copies of itself, but only if the target doesn't already have a Duplicating Gift- and each one only lasts a short period of time! Pass on the Gift Which Keeps Giving to all your friends and spread the holiday cheer! Expires in 10:00 of real time
Temporary HolidayPBAoE.png Instant Snowstorm PBAoE Ally +Snow
This Gamester present mystically summons a light snow to follow you and your friends around. It will affect all those in a 60 ft. radius for up to 10 minutes. This effect is purely cosmetic and can be canceled.

There are also two new badges this year, one for getting a Duplicating Gift and one for giving one. (Note:You cannot receive a Duplicating Gift if you already have the power.)

File:Badge event winter2011 get.png Gift Getter

You've received a copy of the mysterious Duplicating Gift from another! Don't forget to pass it on!

File:Badge event winter2011 give.png Gift Which Keeps Giving

You've passed along the mysterious Duplicating Gift left by the Gamester!


Winter Event 2004

The first Winter Event was held from January 12 to February 8, 2005. (Despite technically being in 2005, it is still referred to as Winter Event 2004.) This year's event introduced:

  • The Winter Horde spawned throughout Paragon City, including the Winter Lord.
  • The Frozen Fury Badge could be earned by defeating the Winter Lord.
  • The Cold Warrior Badge could be earned by defeating 100 Winter Horde.
  • Defeating a Winter Lord rewarded the player with a special Present inspiration.
  • Defeating Winter Horde could reward the player with a Snowball Temporary Power.