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Candy Keeper

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The Candy Keeper

The Candy Keeper is a Winter Event NPC in Pocket D's Ski Chalet who allows you to redeem Candy Cane Salvage for a variety of badges, temporary powers, costume pieces, and invention recipes.


Follows is a list of what you can receive in exchange for Candy Cane Salvage.

It should be noted that if you already have one of the badges listed, then that badge will not display; however the Costume Item or Temporary Power associated with that badge will still show up and you can trade in Candy Canes for them. This is different from Father Time's mission reward menu in which if you choose a reward for which you already have the badge, you'll get nothing.


  • Badge holiday06 coldfront.png Cold Front Badge (the 2006 log-in badge) - 25 Candy Canes, 30,000 influence/infamy
  • Badge holiday05 present.png Gifted Badge (the 2007 log-in badge) - 25 Candy Canes, 30,000 influence/infamy
  • Badge holiday08 snowflake.png Frostbitten Badge (the 2008 log-in badge) - 25 Candy Canes, 30,000 influence/infamy
  • Badge holiday05 present.png Holiday Spirit (heroes) or Scrooge (villains) badge (mission complete badge from 2005) and a free tailor session - 25 Candy Canes, 30,000 influence/infamy
Total: 100 Candy Canes, 120,000 influence/infamy

Temporary Powers with Badges

Total: 50 Candy Canes, 20,000 influence/infamy

Temporary Powers

Total: 20 Candy Canes, 26,010 influence/infamy
Winter Costume pieces

Costume Items with Badges

Total: 20 Candy Canes

Costume Items

Total: 60 Candy Canes, 2,500 influence/infamy

Invention Recipes

Total: 130 Candy Canes, 300 influence/infamy (crafting costs not included)


  • Badge question mark.png Holiday Respec - 500 Candy Canes, 5000 influence/infamy per level of your character.
Total: 500 Candy Canes, 250,000 influence/infamy at level 50


  • Snowflakes - 25 Candy Canes, 1000 influence/infamy
Total: 25 Candy Canes, 1000 influence/infamy


  • The Candy Keeper usually shows up when the skiing slopes are turned on by a Redname for events. During these times all badges, temp powers and costume pieces can be acquired from him if you have the salvage still. (This is directly related to the random increase in value of Candy Cane salvage on the Player Markets as it is the only way during most of the year to increase one's stock.)