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Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Sapph.
Hero Altaholic.gif This user's main hero is a BlastaScrapaTankaFendaTrollaPeaceShade.

Hi, my name is Sapph. I'm a Hero Altaholic.
Hello, Sapph.

V archetypeicon mastermind.png This user's main villain is a Mastermind.

CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Heroes and Villains on the Infinity server.
GMT-5 This user's time zone is GMT-5.
Badge vr months 039.png This user is Ardent.

I am a co-owner of and My role is the technical administrator. I code both sites, I manage the server they both site on, and I am responsible for identifying new technologies that we can use - our new forum software, for instance.

For the first year, I created all the map pack content, however, due to technical difficulties, I passed those duties to Beef Cake, who does most of our graphics and design work anyway. Whether I assume those duties again hasn't be determined.

Game Stuff

Well, Sapph is short for Sapphire, which is short for SapphirePhoenix, my first real main. I almost exclusively play Infinity. This is my character list, effective . . nowish. The ones on Infinity are all in one of the Silver Moon SGs, of which I am a leader.

The Heroic Silver Mooon SGs consist of Sisters of the Silver Moon, Reflections of the Silver Moon, Followers of the Silver Moon and Ascension of the Silver Moon. We also have a villainous SG: Silhouette of the Silver Moon.

My global is @Sapph, and my forum handle is Sapph.

Character Name Server Level Archetype Primary Secondary
CobaltPhoenix Infinity 50 Scrapper Spines Dark Armor
SapphirePhoenix Infinity 50 Tanker Fiery Aura Fiery Melee
JadePhoenix Infinity 50 Mastermind Robotics Dark Miasma
ForcePhoenix Infinity 33 Defender Force Field Radiation Blast
Light Bringer Infinity 32 Brute Energy Melee Fiery Aura
Thug 2 Infinity 32 Mastermind Thugs Devices
NamelessPhoenix Infinity 31 Stalker Energy Melee Energy Aura
GammaPhoenix Infinity 26 Controller Illusion Control Radiation Emission
Raebear Virtue 24 Defender Dark Miasma Unknown
IndigoPhoenix Infinity 22 Blaster Assault Rifle Devices
CeleritPhoenix Infinity 16 Corruptor Ice Blast Kinetics
AzurePhoenix Infinity 16 Defender Unknown Unknown
Stone Bunny Justice 16 Tanker Stone Armor Super Strength
CandidamPhoenix Infinity 16 Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura
Kurosawa Musume Champion 13 Scrapper Katana Super Reflexes
LTG Max Powers Infinity 12 Mastermind Unknown Unknown
Drexler K. Champion 10 Scrapper Claws Regeneration
Zapp Bunny Justice 9 Blaster Electrical Blast Unknown
Psyrad Triumph 9 Defender Radiation Emission Psychic Blast
Energy Thrasher Freedom 8 Blaster Unknown Unknown
VerdantPhoenix Champion 8 Scrapper Martial Arts Regeneration
Geeky Girl Triumph 7 Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura
CritixPhoenix Champion 6 Brute Super Strength Electric Armor
Aziraphale Infinity 6 Defender Empathy Sonic Blast
Cobalt Phoenix Champion 6 Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura
Ardat Lili Triumph 6 Scrapper Dark Melee Super Reflexes
MilitaryPhoenix Triumph 6 Defender Kinetics Psychic Blast
Nanasawa Justice 5 Defender Radiation Emission Unknown
FotmPhoenix Virtue 5 Controller Illusion Control Radiation Emission
OneTruePhoenix Justice 5 Scrapper Claws Invulnerability
MistressOfTheSM Champion 4 Defender Unknown Unknown
WhitePhoenix Virtue 4 Tanker Ice Armor Energy Melee
Monsieur d'Artagnan Champion 4 Defender Trick Arrow Archery
Lily Lady of Summer Infinity 3 Dominator Plant Control Thorny Assault
Bright Bunny Justice 3 Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura
Beast of Gevaudan Champion 3 Warshade Umbral Blast Umbral Aura
Invader Zifa Virtue 3 Controller Fire Control Storm Summoning
Brihaspati Champion 3 Dominator Unknown Unknown
Sapph-BW Verifier Victory 2 Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura
Elbow of Evil Protector 2 Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura
Nipples of Doom Protector 2 Tanker Fiery Aura Ice Melee
Sapph - BH Verifier Freedom 2 Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura
FuturePrincess Champion 2 Scrapper Unknown Unknown
Dark n Stormy Knight Infinity 2 Defender Storm Summoning Dark Blast
Jenna Cat Champion 1 Blaster Unknown Unknown
Dire Ostrich Champion 1 Defender Unknown Unknown
Panoptia Freedom 1 Peacebringer Luminous Blast Unknown


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