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I am a leader of a super group called Justice Force we are a very old SG. I like to think we are the oldest SG in the game, but you can read more about that at our own wiki site.

Real Life

I’ve been a software engineer for almost 12 years now. Mainly business applications, but would love the chance to write some game software. I’ve learned quite a bit about wiki in the last 4 weeks from installing and maintaining our SG’s wiki site. I’ve learned enough to create my own image link extension that allows you to create links out of images instead of going to the images page on our wiki site. I know there is already one out there but I would like to think that I made my simpler by only have two properties to set: link and image. I am working on a way that when a user clicks on external link they open a new instance of a browser. I really did not want our users loosing their reference back to our site. I am partially there with that project. Anyway, I’ve written quite a few templates as well so if you need any help in that area please let me know.

In real life I have a wife that plays COH (blessing/curse I'll let you decide) and 3 kids with a 4th on the way. My oldest daughter does play COH. We made a deal with her that once she learned to read then she could play COH. It was a great motivational tool for her.


Name SL AT Powersets Server
Digitizer 50 Archetypeicon controller.png Controller Illusion Control/Kinetics Virtue
Drakkar 49 Archetypeicon scrapper.png Scrapper Katana/Regeneration Virtue
Bob the Alien 31 Archetypeicon warshade.png Warshade Umbral Blast/Umbral Aura Virtue
Lil Brusier 16 Archetypeicon tanker.png Tanker Invulnerability/Energy Melee Virtue
Life Shaman 30 Archetypeicon defender.png Defender Empathy/Archery Virtue
Mad Mentalist 17 V archetypeicon dominator.png Dominator Mind Control/Psionic Assault Virtue
Vladimir Tempe 10 V archetypeicon mastermind.png Mastermind Necromancy/Dark Miasma Virtue
Puzo 32 Archetypeicon peacebringer.png Peacebringer Luminous Blast/Luminous Aura Virtue
Crystal Resonance 23 Archetypeicon controller.png Controller Earth Control/Sonic Resonance Virtue
Roulette 14 Archetypeicon blaster.png Blaster Fire Blast/Devices Virtue
Analoger 4 V archetypeicon brute.png Brute Electrical Melee/Electric Armor Virtue
Miss Understood. 21 Archetypeicon tanker.png Tanker Fiery Aura/Ice Melee Virtue

Archetypeicon controller.png This user's main character is a Controller.
Badge defeatstatesman.png This user plays CoX on the Virtue server.
CST This user's time zone is CST.


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Badge anniversary 2.png Documenter

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