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===Nitro v. IV===
V archetypeicon mastermind.pngOriginicon technology.pngRobotics AssembleAssaultMech.pngTraps DroppedAoEDebuffAttackSpeed.png
Nickname: Nitro
Level: 50
Archetype: Mastermind
Origin: Technology
Primary Power: Robotics
Secondary Power: traps
Travel Power: Flight

Nitro was effectively my first real character, while his build was not very optimised, as I was still new to the game, after two respecs he became a lot better. However, as most of his build is I7, I've not yet used many sets. Nitro is also my first RP character. In game this is his backstory:

Nitro v.IV was created by Crey Industries after the failure of the Nitro fusion powered suit system. He was designed as a prototype to the Crey Automated Tank . Nitro is one of the most advanced robots in existence and has won several AI awards (including the Kyoto prize). Currently Nitro v.IV is de facto head of R&D. Nitro is the precursor to a Manager Support class CAD; he is equipped with six v.3 D series drones and several kinetic traps. He is also equipped with flight stealth and leadership powers.

Despite being reprogrammed by Kapasitor he continues to obey Crey and has been until recently considered a villain. When Nitro’s reprogramming failed he was sent to the Zig, where over several months Nitro rebuilt a basic drone out of scrap. By the time of the breakout he was himself ready to attempt escape. After making his way out of Mercy, Nitro contacted Crey again. He was in hiding for some time but by the time he reached Sharkhead Crey had struck a deal with Arachnos allowing Nitro to become a more prominent figure.

By upgrade 30 Nitro’s AI was vastly improved allowing him to use all the programming Kapasitor created without going against Crey. At this point he entered work in R&D and quickly moved up through the ranks. He also began relations with a sinister organisation known as the Violators. By the time he entered Grandville he was a major player in Crey Industries. In Grandville he performed what many consider his last acts of villainy before he killed Lord Recluse and his evil deeds faded from the public’s view. After covering up his past Nitro became effective Head of R&D and has continued to great success. His sightings in Grandville have faded; however sometimes he is seen bee-lining to a destination. There are some reports that he was a member of the group that killed Statesman.

As a member of the supergroup Violators (the formor no.1 SG on union) Nitro was the second MM to reach lvl 50. He was an active member (becoming CoW and a runner up several times) and a member of the Violator Elite. After Violators disbanded Nitro Joined EVIL.

Misc Stuff


The Gears powerset is not available as a secondary set for unknown AT. The following table shows which powers might available and at what level:

Power Level Effect
Gears KevlarBodyArmor.png Kevlar Body Armor 1 Self +Defense (Lethal, Smashing)
Gears Meds.png Meds 2 Self Heal +Regen +Resistance (Toxic)
Gears EnviroShield.png EnviroShield 4 Toggle: Self +Defense (Cold, Fire, Toxic)
Gears PowerShield.png Power Shield 10 Toggle: Self +Defense (Energy, Negative)
Gears TacticalGoggles.png Tactical Godggles 16 Toggle: Self +Accuracy, +Perception, +Resistance(DeBuff ToHit)
Gears SmokeGrenade.png Smoke Grenade 20 Ranged (Target Area of Effect), Foe Confuse -Perception, -Accuracy
Gears CloakingDevice.png Cloaking Device 28 Toggle: Self Stealth, +Defense(All)
Gears DeltaWaveScrambler.png Delta Wave Scrambler 35 Toggle: Self +Resistance (Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Fear, Confusion, Knockback) +Defense (Psionics)
Gears ChameleonSuit.png Chameleon Suit 38 Self Stealth +Defense(All) Point Blank Area of Effect, Foe Confuse +Special


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