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Total Altaholic.gif This user suffers from Altitis and possibly Altsheimers as well. Fortunately for this user, neglect of player characters is not a crime… yet.
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I am Dust Raven, and this is my happy happy user page.

About Me

I got my first level 50 hero over the Feb 2008 double xp weekend and despite being obsessed with finally making that first Warshade, I've come to love Peacebringers more. I don't know why really, just do. I'm definitely a blue sider and prefer playing Controllers and Blasters, but I'll always enjoy playing a Mastermind now and then.

Although I have a severe case of Altitis, I tend to focus the majority of my attention on the Justice server where I oversee the Star Patrol supergroup. Star Patrol was founded in the summer of 2007 by myself and four friends who were inspired by Longbow and the Freedom Corps in general. Anyone interested in becoming a member of Star Patrol may check out the Star Patrol website for more information.

I am not new to web design (I've been a freelance web designer for the past 3 years), but this wiki thing is just weird. It kinda reminds me of using bulletin board code... kinda. So far I haven't edited much (see below) or created anything (other than this page). So far I've been clicking the "Edit" link on every page just to look at how the pages are formatted, organized and structured. Eventually I'll come across something that needs fixing, like a typo, or something missing, like a handy screen shot, and I'll try that out.

My Characters

Badge history 01.png Personal Log - 113.8

It has been three Earth Days since my crash landing on this world. I have reluctantly come to realize that despite their resourcefulness and ingenuity, the natives lack the technology necessary to repair my ship. I feel I must soon come to terms with the fact I may be stuck here for a very, very long time.

Personal Log ? 209.5

The natives have proven extremely helpful in their efforts to integrate me into their society. There are some, of course, who would seek to bring me harm for what I am, but thankfully this is not the majority.

Personal Log ? 211.2

I have become aware the natives are having trouble dealing with criminal activity. Today I assisted in the apprehension of a number of criminals known as "hellions?. The natives awarded me a title they call a security level which grants me the right to seek out and bring to justice those who transgress the local laws.

I must try to live up to their expectations.

53678_80.png Level 33 . Originicon natural.png . Archetypeicon tanker.png
Dark Melee / Willpower
Fitness • Flight  

Badge history 01.png After the explosion in the university lab, Ryan Gallagher found himself tossed across time and space to another planet. There he discovered he possessed superhuman strength and toughness and became a local hero among the native people, who he helped overthrow an evil, tyrannical government.

Grateful for his help, the aliens assisted Ryan in returning to Earth. Upon coming home, he discovered he retained his superpowers and chose to continue his fight against evil as a superhero in Paragon City. He chose the name Corestar in honor of a title the aliens often used to refer to him.

Since then, Corestar has defended Paragon City against a Rikti invasion, uncovered illegal activities within Crey Biotech, and battled for the freedom of an ancient people in Cimarora. He seeks out those who are oppressed and challenges whatever diabolical force keeps them so, striving to become a beacon of justice to light to way to freedom.

Corestar (Ryan Gallagher)
23268_80.png Level 50 . Originicon mutation.png . Archetypeicon tanker.png
Invulnerability / Super Strength
Pyre Mastery
Fitness • Flight  

V badge HistoryBadge.png Dust Raven is just a kid who hates bullies and happens to have ben trained in the mystic arts. As powerful as his magic is, his wise cracks and witty remarks are often his most effective weapons. Although often impertinent and brash, his friends occasionally accuse him of being a good person at heart, at which he typically takes offense. Regardless, Dust Raven has proven himself to be as dedicated as he is disrespectful and is an asset to Star Patrol.
Dust Raven (Kung Chen Ya)
56939_80.png Level 14 . Originicon magic.png . V archetypeicon corruptor.png
Dark Blast / Dark Miasma
Fitness • Leaping  

V badge HistoryBadge.png During his years in med school, Vincent DeMasi became obsessed with the possibility of bringing the dead back to life. Shortly after graduation, he had a breakthrough in his research and began experiments using corpses stolen from the morgue. Eventually the authorities tracked him down, but not before he was successful, at least in part. As the police knocked down his door, the body of John Doe stood up. No one, not even DeMasi, is sure of what happened next, but the Longbow who arrived found three officers dead with their weapons empty, and a fourth screaming madly and still pulling the trigger of his empty pistol.

DeMasi was found and arrested a day later; the whereabouts of John Doe was unknown. A month later, DeMasi escaped the Zig with the help of Matthew Burke and the missing John Doe. Free once more, DeMasi continues to perfect his reanimation techniques using money earned by doing odd jobs for a number of influential people throughout the Rogue Isles.

Doctor Demise (Vincent DeMasi)
3293_80.png Level 36 . Originicon magic.png . V archetypeicon mastermind.png
Necromancy / Dark Miasma
Leaping • Fitness  

Badge history 01.png Eli Bowman joined Freedom Corps because he wanted to make a difference. It didn't take long for his leadership talents to be recognized. He is one of the founding members of Star Patrol, a special branch of the Freedom Crops which is smaller, but more active than the Longbow. As the leader of Star Patrol, Agent Bowman strives to set an example of leadership and honor among heroes in Paragon City.
Agent Bowman (Eli Bowman)
3254_80.png Level 50 . Originicon natural.png . Archetypeicon blaster.png
Archery / Devices
Force Mastery
Fitness • Flight 
Speed • Teleportation

Badge history 01.png Raphael Gottman was in college again during the second Rikti invasion. He watched as over a dozen heroes tried to beat back the invading aliens, and then begin to fall one by one. Without a second thought, Raphael found himself in the middle of the fray, healing them and giving then the strength to fight harder. The tide turned almost instantly, but quickly turned back again as the heavy assault units began to teleport in. He sprouted wings and flew from hero to hero, keeping each alive throughout the battlefield. it was finally over and the all clear was sounded, Raphael found himself in the middle of two dozen heroes all thanking him before running off to fend off the invaders in other neighborhoods.

One of the heroes asked if Raphael would help him and his allies continue the fight. Recognizing the good he was doing, Raphael agreed and became a member of Star Patrol.

Agent Raphael (Raphael Gottman)
3124_80.png Level 45 . Originicon mutation.png . Archetypeicon defender.png
Empathy / Radiation Blast
Electricity Mastery
Flight • Leadership 

My Edits

23:43, 28 February 2009 Ingame Reference (→Story Arcs and Missions)

I'll have to redo this entire arc to see if there are any others, I noticed a particular quote from Remo Williams during the Checkout the Cargo Ship mission in The Magic Man story arc.

17:29, 21 February 2009 Ingame References (→Newspaper Missions)

I noticed this today. The funny part is that I just picked up the Buck Rogers series on DVD a few days ago. The Ingame Reference is to the character Dr. Theopolis from the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century television series.

11:21, 10 September 2008 Ninjas (corrected for changes released in patch notes on 7.22.08 (v17.20080709.3T2) and 8.5.08 (v17.20080723.3T))

I had noticed the Genin were using Shuriken rather than a bow.

22:31, 26 May 2008 Ingame References‎ (→Story Arcs and Missions)

This is actually something I had been meaning to do for some time. A friend and fellow player reminded me so I went ahead and did it. It's an Ingame Reference on villain side to the play/film Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead.


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