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Lost Pariah
Zone Skyway City
Coordinates (-607.2, -68.0, -4455.4)
Level Range 10-20
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain magmite.png Minions of Igneous
Badge villain lost.png The Lost
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep1.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 1.

Theoden is a hero contact in the The Gruff neighborhood of Skyway City at coordinates (-607.2, -68.0, -4455.4). His level range is 10-20. He is standing outside the Skyway City police precinct. Theoden is the first contact in the hero-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.


Contact Introduced By

None; Theoden is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



Lost Pariah

The being known as Theoden was recently captured by the PPD during a raid on a Lost warehouse.

After a day within a cell in Skyway, he demanded to speak to you, saying that he needed the help of a hero to save both the Lost and Paragon City.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the first episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play this story arc.

Contact Unlocked

The PPD request you to speak with Theoden of the Lost

The PPD have requested you to come by the precinct in Skyway City to speak with a member of the Lost they've recently apprehended.

Theoden is the contact for the first episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die. He is located in Skyway City and can be found on your mini-map.

Initial Contact

  • None


Missing At Least One Greeting Dialogue

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

I have nothing to say to the likes of you.

Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.

Blind Faith


Shabby piece of cloth

You received this piece of cloth from a member of the lost called Theoden. He was arrested by the PPD on a routine raid of a Lost shanty town, but begged for your help to stop a plan that his brothers in the Lost were planning. Together, you and Theoden took part in an adventure you call...

Blind Faith

Theoden explained to you that members of the Lost were going to steal a magical, ancient obelisk to absorb Synapse's powers and spread them throughout the Lost. The use of magic is forbidden by the Lost, which is why Theoden insisted on your help. You tried to go to the lair of the Circle of Thorns, who were holding on to the obelisk, only to see it was gone. The Lost were already there, and were working with rock creatures called the Igneous.

Theoden tried to help you further by location another member of the Lost in a system of tunnels, but you once again arrived too late. You discovered, however, the motivation behind all of this. These members of the Lost were seeking to please their masters, whoever they are. They were told never to use magic, but were never explained why; Lemkin, the leader of this group, believed that he could serve his masters better by using magic, and so began on this path of supposed destruction.

There was only one thing left to do after this point. The obelisk had erupted out into the Hollows. The Lost used their magic to aid the Igneous in turning Grendel's Gulch into a huge lava pit. Synapse had arrived to stop them, only to have his powers sapped by the obelisk. It was up to you to stop the Lost and save Synapse. You fought Lemkin ontop of the lava rocks in the Hollows and defeated him. When you thought it was all done, an ancient spirit appeared, claiming the obelisk belonged to him, and that he would empower his champion with it. A woman named Echidna attempted to fight you, refusing to take Synapse's power. You defeated her, and then watched as the obelisk exploded into pieces. The spirit cursed your interference and vanished, swearing that this wasn't the last time you would see him.

Theoden thanked you for your help and insisted that the two of you parted ways. He realized that, while he had criticized and hunted down Lemkin for breaking the rules of their people, he too had broken the rules of their people by asking for the help of an outsider, of a 'hero'. Theoden believed there was no redemption for him now; he would rot in the Zig, and his brothers would not try to help him escape. Perhaps, however, there is hope for this member of the Lost, but only time will tell.

Part One: Oranbega's One Weakness


Character. I am Theoden of the Lost. Normally, you and I would be enemies.

But today, we are allies against my former friends. There are members of the Lost who are going against what is... right. Your PPD have allowed me to work with you to stop this.

As you can see, I am currently in full custody of your PPD. I am helping you because our ways require it.

What these Lost are doing goes against the laws that have been handed down to us, against the goals that we promote.

I believe that, in this instance, your help will aid the greater good, if you can believe that.

Mission Acceptance

Members of the Lost are reverting to... magic in order to gain power. This is something that is forbidden by the Lost.

It has been passed down to us that magic is something that must be forbidden. I do not know why my brothers have decided to disobey such a command, but now they must reap the consequences.

From what I understand, they intend to steal Synapse's power by utilizing an ancient obelisk. As we speak, they are attacking the lair of the Circle of Thorns in order to retrieve the obelisk.

If they are successful, they will use this ritual to spread Synapse's abilities to all of the Lost, tainting all of us with the mark of magic!

I would normally be more than happy to receive an edge over you 'heroes', but this is going too far.

You can find the lair of the Circle beneath the streets of Skyway. The only way for them to steal such a large obelisk would be to bring it back up to the surface. Stop them here, and you will save both my people and the people of your city.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We have no time to lose. You must hurry, before my brothers corrupt all of the Lost with this magic.

Mission Objective(s)


You can feel the temperature rise as you step into Oranbega.
In the distance, the cries of battle can be heard between the Lost and the mages of the Circle.

  • Protect the Obelisk from the Lost
    • Find the Obelisk
    • Get out of the caverns before they collapse! 2:00

You were too late to find the obelisk, but you discovered that the Lost found some unlikely allies in the form of the Igneous!


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain lost.png The Lost
Badge villain magmite.png Minions of Igneous

Notable NPCs

Something is causing the caverns to collapse!

Icon clue generic.png
Unlikely Allies
The portion of Oranbega that you were sent to began to collapse around you, once you discovered that the obelisk was missing.

It appears that the Lost are working together with the Igneous, who created a tunnel system for them to transport the obelisk.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

After defeating the Temple Leader, you have 2:00 to escape the cavern before it collapses. Groups of Minions of Igneous replace the Lost and Circle of Thorns mobs, including one Boss near the entrance to the first room. Defeating each minion spawn group adds 0:30 to the countdown timer, and defeating the boss adds 0:45.


Hrm. This is most troubling. The Igneous awoke many years ago during the Hollowing, where a giant explosion shattered the neighborhood of Eastgate.

The monsters kept to themselves within the Hollows, but we always believed they were biding their time before trying to rise to power.

I can only believe that my brothers somehow made a bargain with them; if the Igneous helped to retrieve the artifact, then they would help the Igneous rise to power. This must have been done on the psychic level, as communication with the Igneous is... quite difficult.

...I just may know how to catch up with my brothers.

Part Two: Hidden Depths


I can use my powers to track down other powerful psychics, if your friends in the PPD will allow me.

The PPD guards discuss this for a few moments and allow Theoden to do so, though they have their guns trained on his head.

I will not betray you all, not at the moment. Hrm... yes, I can see them now. Lemkin. He is leading the Igneous along, with the obelisk. But... why Lemkin? I do not understand... this makes little sense.

  • Why are you confused?

Lemkin was extremely devoted, like myself. We never questioned the laws that were handed down to us. We only wished to serve and be our best.

Why Lemkin is going against everything we believed in, everything we followed, does not make any sense. There must be someone controlling him, an outside party. Perhaps we will find them when we find Lemkin.

He is deep beneath the earth now, most likely with the Igneous. Go, Character, find Lemkin and stop this.

The PPD have set up a remote radio that you can contact me with. It will require them to approve of the call, but you should not have to come down to this prison any longer to see me.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The longer we linger, the more likely it is that Lemkin will get away!

Mission Objective(s)


This cavern looks like it was just freshly made by the Igneous. Rocks and dust fall from the ceiling, indicating it may not be terribly stable down here.

  • Catch up with the Lost
    • Track down the Lost leader
    • 3 piles of... rock?... to find to halt the Igneous assault - 5:00
    • Minions of Igneous will descend every 30 seconds!

You were unable to catch up with Lemkin, but found out where they will carry out the ritual!


Badge villain magmite.png Minions of Igneous
Badge villain lost.png The Lost

Notable NPCs

  • Reymthin (Lost Boss)
Icon clue generic.png
Ritual Site
You defeated Reymthin and were able to get him to reveal information on the ritual...

'The Igneous will provide for us a grand stage for our ritual in the Hollows! Lava will flow from the tears in the earth, and then, we shall all ascend, become greater than we ever imagined!

We shall do our masters proud! With Synapse's power, we will serve them better than ever, in ways they could never imagine.

The old rules said to never resort to magic, but we never understood why. Now, we know why to use the magic, the power it can bring. Our faith, our conviction is stronger than ever, they shall see!'


Lemkin has grown overconfident. The ascension should have prevented this from happening, but it seems something went wrong. Does he truly believe his own thoughts to be above the masters we follow?

Already, he has infected the others with his way of thinking. We do not need to understand the 'why' of our rules, just that they are given to us and we must follow.

That these former brothers have a stronger conviction knowing the why of a foolhardy decision is... troubling, to say the least. I must apologize, Character. I have done my best to aid you, but every time, I have put you one step behind Lemkin. This will not happen again, I assure you.

Finale: Hidden Depths


Lemkin and his Igneous allies are in the Hollows as we speak, performing the ceremony. Synapse is, unfortunately, not available to help. The PPD have informed me that he went straight to the Hollows to deal with the situation there, and has not been heard from since.

I can only assume that Synapse's powers have already been taken. My psychic abilities are showing an abnormal increase in Lemkin's powers, but not the others.

  • So only Lemkin has Synapse's powers.

Correct. If you can stop the ritual now before it is complete, we can prevent the rest of my brothers from being corrupted.

Be careful, Character. Lemkin will have Synapse's powers. He may not have the ability to control them very well, but he will be a formidable opponent.

It is up to you now, Character, to prevent hundreds of Lost from gaining Synapse's powers through this vile magical ritual!

Unnecessary Solicitation

There's no time to lose, Character!

Mission Objective(s)


Pools of lava fill the area of Grendel's Gulch. You can see the obelisk in the distance, sitting on one of the islands formed by the Igneous.

  • Stop the Lost from absorbing all of Synapse's powers
    • Defeat Lemkin
    • Defeat Echidna

You stopped Lemkin's schemes and prevented Synapse's power from being distributed to all members of the Lost!


Badge villain magmite.png Minions of Igneous
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Lemkin's Purpose
Lemkin sobbed as he hit the ground, Synapse's powers now gone from him.

'I only wanted to please the masters! We never asked why, why we were told to not use magic. I wanted to follow the rules given to us, but more than that, I wanted to please the masters. I did not care for these arbitrary rules; if breaking them meant I could help the masters, help destroy those who would seek to harm us, then I would do it a thousand times over!

I am more devoted than that fool Theoden ever was. He rots in a prison as we speak, while I do everything I can to please the masters, even if it means breaking a few rules! Is it fair, Character, that I am punished, when all I wanted to do was serve our masters?!'

Icon clue generic.png
Mysterious Images
When the obelisk was shattered, it forced several images into your mind.

One of a temple at the top of a small mountain.

Another of a ghostly looking woman, conversing with a man in armor.

The final shows the two shaking hands, the man in armor's face looking grim, but determined.


???: Our plans for Synapse's grand finale have been sundered, along with the obelisk.
???: Per your instructions, the item the Lost used to communicate with the Igneous has been destroyed.
???: Perfect. It's a good thing that I have the other obelisk, hidden from that idiotic ghost. This was an excellent test run.
???: What should we do about Character and Synapse?
???: Keep Synapse on our... 'candidate' list. As for Character...
???: Let's just say that I have a plan to deal with someone like him / her.
???: Very well. I shall go ensure that our plans for Numina go smoother than they did with Synapse.


I thank you, Character, for saving my people from the taint of magic, though I imagine your motives were to save your people from my own.

Lemkin's words are... they cause me to pause, Character. I have never questioned anything that our masters have told us. But it seems for Lemkin... his lack of understanding caused all of this.

Even still, we have always been told to not enter a dialog with those such as yourself; yet here I am, disobeying that, in order to save the people. We were never told the why, just simply to obey. I thought Lemkin a fool... but yet, I do the same as he, for the same reason; to save our people.

I... will think on this, on you and I working together, Character. For now, we have nothing left. You will go on to become a hero of the people. I will soon be transferred to the Zig to rot in a cell, all for following the orders of our masters. There is no rescue for me, not when I have broken our oaths, and our laws.

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