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Cursed Spirit
Zone Cap au Diable
Coordinates (-13.1, 1969.3, 0.0)
Level Range 10-20
Merits 5
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
Badge villain magmite.png Minions of Igneous
Badge villain lost.png The Lost
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep1.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 1.

Alastor is a villain contact in the Haven neighborhood of Cap au Diable at coordinates (-13.1, 1969.3, 0.0). His level range is 10-20. He is on the docks in the southern end of Cap au Diable. Alastor is the first contact in the villain-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


Contact Introduced By

None; Alastor is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



Cursed Spirit

The spirit of Alastor one day mysteriously appeared in Cap au Diable, haunting the boardwalk. The spirit demanded to see one who would, 'help him seek his vengeance'. After discovering he was haunting an area full of villains, Alastor decided that perhaps he could work with one such villain to seek out his vengeance.

Contact Unlocked

A ghostly spirit named Alastor contacts you...

Character! You must come speak with me at once. I've heard about your actions within the Isles. I wish to work with you to help see my life's work realized, and your power increased!

Alastor is the contact for the first episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die. He is located in Cap au Diable and can be found on your mini-map.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the first episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play this story arc.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Missing Initial Contact Dialogue


We are nearing our destinies, Character!

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

Story Arc

One Life, One Goal


Obelisk Piece

You kept a piece of an ancient obelisk that had the ability to absorb the powers of a super-powered being. Unfortunately, there was a fatal flaw in the obelisk, one that was never seen because its creator never had the chance to test it. It reminds you of a time you call...

One Life, One Goal

You met a rather irritated spirit called Alastor, who claimed to have created said obelisk, and that it was now in the possession of the Circle of Thorns. Alastor believed his spirit had been re-awakened once the obelisks had been unearthed. He wanted your help in not only retrieving it, but using the obelisk to absorb the power of one of the heroes in Paragon.

You agreed to help and set out to retrieve the obelisk from the Circle of Thorns; however, you arrived to see the Lost were already there, cutting down the Circle mages. You met with one of the mages, who pleaded for your help in retrieving the obelisk and explained that it was to be used to absorb Synapse's powers. Shortly afterwards, the entire cavern began to collapse, due to strange rock creatures called the Igneous. Alastor was furious, but believed he could still locate the obelisk, as he felt a special connection with the item. He also believed that the Lost were going to somehow use the ritual the Circle had discovered to take Synapse's power for themselves.

You next went into tunnels beneath Skyway City, where Alastor believed the obelisk was currently being moved. You mowed down members of the PPD who were seeking the object and your own arrest, along with the Lost and Igneous, only to find that the obelisk had been moved. The Igneous were fast in digging their tunnels, and you would be unable to catch up with them at this pace. The member of the Lost that you defeated left one key piece of information: where their final ritual was taking place.

With Alastor's help, you went to Grendel's Gulch in the Hollows, where you saw the Igneous had filled the area with lava. Synapse was already out, his powers absorbed into a man named Lemkin. You defeated him and uttered the special words to absorb Synapse's power for yourself. Several heroes from Paragon, along with Longbow, showed up to try to stop you, but you were able to swat them aside with Synapse's power. Unfortunately, there was a grave error that Alastor did not calculate. Because Synapse was not dead, the obelisk was short-circuiting, as his power was being sent into your body while also trying to get back into Synapse's. The obelisk exploded in a flash of light, removing the powers you gained from Synapse.

You left the scene and returned to Alastor, who was crushed that his obelisk was destroyed. He insisted that the two of you split, for now. He believed that there were other obelisks still out there, and that he would stop at nothing to recover them and continue his life's work. Even in the afterlife, Alastor still was focused on finishing the one thing he obsessed over in his life; perhaps getting this artifact into a perfect state will grant the angry spirit his final rest.

Part 1: A Circle of Trouble


You. I can smell it on you, the lack of morality, the desire to take what you want. Perfect... perfect! I am Alastor, and as you can see, I am quite... dead.

You do not need to concern yourself regarding my fate, just know that what caused my death will not impede you. I speak with you today to see if you and I can form an alliance of a sort.

I was once quite powerful, back during my lifetime. Now, I have nothing, except my vengeance and a desire to see one of my greatest projects put to use. If you aid me, I promise you the prospect of great power, more than you've ever dreamed of!

  • Agree to form a strike force

Mission Acceptance

Excellent! Now, allow me to explain. Many years ago, I, along with several colleagues, created powerful obelisks. They were infused with the ability to absorb the power of others. Naturally, this was rather... frowned upon.

Those who were against this slaughtered myself and my colleagues before we could even use the obelisks. We knew of their plot and attempted to hide the obelisks. In my dying moments, they claimed to have destroyed them all.

However, I know of at least one that remains! I believe the unearthing of this obelisk is what stirred my spirit to life. It is in possession of the Oranbegans, the Circle of Thorns. I do not know how they intend to use it, but I will not have those fools trifle with my magics!

The lair where they keep this obelisk is within Paragon City. Go there and find the obelisk, and use their magics to transport it back here. Then, you and I shall finally put this obelisk to use!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hurry! My entire life went into the creation of that obelisk, I cannot lose it now!

Mission Objective(s)


You see bodies of mages strewn across the floor. It looks like someone else is aware of this obelisk.

  • Retrieve Alastor's Obelisk
    • Find the Obelisk
    • Speak with Kal'Mant
    • Get out of the caverns before they collapse! - 2:00

You discovered that the obelisk was stolen by the Lost and the Igneous!


Badge villain lost.png The Lost
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain magmite.png Minions of Igneous

Notable NPCs

  • Kal'Mant
Contact Small Kal'Mant.jpg


Character, I can only assume that you were here for the obelisk. You are too late; the Lost have taken the obelisk, with the help of the Igneous!

They are creatures of rock, of the earth. That is how the Lost were able to attack us - they literally burst through the ground!

  • Do you know where they went?

I can only assume they've gone somewhere underground. The Igneous closed the passageway behind them.

They could be miles beneath Skyway City by now, and they have taken the components to complete our ritual!

From what I've heard, they plan on stealing Synapse's powers and then use the obelisk to spread his power to all of the Lost!

  • Hm, so you don't have the obelisk or the ritual anymore...

No, we do not. But if you can retrieve the obelisk... if you can stop the Igneous, then the Circle will be more than happy to share the power of the obelisk with you, and even reward you handsomely for its return!

There are not many left in this part of Oranbega, but I shall personally see to it that you are well rewarded. Do we have a deal, Character?

  • No deal, I don't work for the Circle.
If you will not work for us, then you will die like a dog!
  • (Fight!)
  • Alright, you've got a deal. I'll find the obelisk.
Good, now we -
Wait... What's that?!
The caverns... they're collapsing. ...Run!
  • ... Great.

If the character tells Kal'Mant that he or she doesn't work with the Circle, this clue is received:

Icon clue generic.png
Free Agent
You confronted the mage who had asked for your help deep within Oranbega.

You refused to work together with the Circle of Thorns, causing Kal'Mant to attack you!

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

If you chose to work with the Circle of Thorns, Kal'Man will appear as an allied boss in the final mission to fight along your side.

If the character tells Kal'Mant that he or she will work with the Circle, this clue is received:

Icon clue generic.png
Circle of Thorns, Circle of Trust
You met the mage, Kal'Mant, who had asked for your help. You agreed to work together with the Circle of Thorns to retrieve the obelisk that was once theirs.

You found some left over scrolls from the Circle of Thorns!

Icon clue generic.png
The Cult of Eyes
You found some scrolls in a treasure chest within Oranbega. Most of them seemed fairly old, detailing ancient enemies of the Oranbegans. One, however, was new, as if it had been scribed a few days ago. It detailed a cult whose followers have 'eyes to look to the beyond' and 'they are to be considered eternal enemies of the Oranbegans'. There isn't much information regarding the cult, and unfortunately it doesn't seem like this cult had much to do with the current happenings.


What?! The Circle have lost my obelisk?! You say it was stolen by these rock people?! My life's work, taken in the night by some idiotic piles of rubble! This is all the fault of those plebians who believed that such an item would be devastating to wield.

They could not understand what it would mean for the world, that we would take the gods themselves off of their mighty seats of power! No longer would we have to bow down to anyone, the power would be in our hands!

The greatest regret of my after-life, aside from the fact that I was killed, of course, is that I never had the chance to see my life's work in action. All is not lost, however. We will simply track down these Igneous, retrieve the obelisk, and unleash its power on the world!

Part 2: Win One for the Villain


Though I am as weak as the minds of those who slaughtered me, I still can feel a connection to the item that I spent my life working on. It is true that it is beneath what you all call 'Skyway City'. An interesting name, really, filled with the hubris of those who believe that such a name could reflect grand ideas.

But, I digress. It seems these 'Lost' have at least chosen an appropriate target for us. This Synapse, he is one of the Freedom Phalanx, correct? I believe they are the equivalent of the bloated gods of our time; rich in power and in stature, but no better than a commoner. I believe someone such as yourself would be better suited towards using his powers, eh?

  • Maybe. Just tell me where in Skyway the obelisk is.

Ah, yes, the location. It should be deep beneath the bowels of Skyway City. Even now, I can feel it moving, getting farther from us. It is rather curious, why these monsters are working with the Lost. Not that I care one way or another. All I know is that they are absconding with my life's work, and I cannot allow that to happen!

You must hurry, before they make off with it completely!

Unnecessary Solicitation

I can feel it going farther, Character. You must move!

Mission Objective(s)


It seems there are PPD are already in the caverns, trying their best to handle the situation.
You'll have to act fast to prevent them from gaining the upper hand.

  • Stop the Igneous from stealing the Obelisk
    • Find someone who knows where the obelisk is
    • 3 runes to activate for Alastor to teleport the PPD - 5:00
    • PPD Squads will rush in every 30 seconds!
    • Find someone who knows where the obelisk is

The obelisk is gone, but you've found out where the ritual will take place!


V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
Badge villain magmite.png Minions of Igneous
Badge villain lost.png The Lost

Notable NPCs

  • Reymthin (The Lost)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You are ambushed by the Paragon Police Department every 30 seconds.
SWAT Officer: Freeze, Character!

Upon activating all three runes:

Icon clue generic.png
Ritual Site
You defeated Reymthin and were able to get him to reveal information on the ritual...

'The Igneous will provide for us a grand stage for our ritual in the Hollows! Lava will flow from the tears in the earth, and then, we shall all ascend, become greater than we ever imagined!

We shall do our masters proud, with Synapse's power, we will serve them better than ever before, in ways they could never imagine.

The old rules said to never resort to magic, but we never understood why. Now, we know why to use the magic, the power it can bring. Our faith, our conviction is stronger than ever, they shall see!'


Agh! This is... this is infuriating! These idiots have no idea the work that went into this obelisk! Do they know how many nights I slaved away at creating the magical runes for it?! The years I spent travelling to search for the exact magical rituals to forge it?! No, but they believe just because they figured out how to use it that it is now theirs!

It is my obelisk, and I will NOT let this stand! But...

There is something we can do. Oh... oh yes, something indeed...

Finale: This Beating Sponsored By Synapse


As we speak, Character, I can feel the obelisk being powered up. The Lost have worked with their Igneous allies to take over a portion of the Hollows, carving it to match their supposed grand expectations, and to draw the attention of this 'Synapse'.

Of course, the heroic fool will run straight into a trap. That's the genius behind my creation, you see. Synapse will try to stop them, but the minute he gets near the obelisk, it will leave him weakened and drained, all of his powers pulled out from him and put into the obelisk!

I will give the Circle credit; I assume they figured out the steps to then have the obelisk transfer its power to someone else. I believe, if what you discovered is true, this 'Lemkin' is the target of this new power. However... I have a plan to turn the tables...

  • And what exactly is this plan?

A failsafe, you could say, one that I installed into the obelisk, should a foolish creature try to use it against me.

You will have to fight and defeat Lemkin, who will have the power of Synapse within him, though it may not be easy to do so. Once defeated, the powers in the obelisk will shoot out of him and into you if you utter the following phrase...

Alastor informs you of the arcane phrase to say at the appropriate time.

This only happens a short period after the power is transferred. It was a foolproof plan of mine; if I ever used the obelisk, I would ensure that no creature was around me. If someone else tried to steal it, then they would not have the time to isolate themselves.

This was their one fatal mistake, Character, and we will use it to turn the tables on them! My life's creation will finally be put to use, by US, and then, then I may finally have the peace to see that what I worked for in my life was realized!

Unnecessary Solicitation

There's only a limited window of time, you hurry to stop the Lost and take Synapse's power!

Mission Objective(s)


The entire area of the Hollows is bursting with lava. You'll have to navigate it carefully in order to settle things with the Lost.

  • Take Synapse's Power for Yourself!
    • Defeat Lemkin
    • Defeat Snow Maiden
    • Defeat Strongheart
    • Defeat Ranger
    • Something isn't right with the obelisk, investigate it
    • The heroes are defeated, but the Freedom Phalanx will arrive to recover Synapse in one minute. Time to leave!

Though using Synapse's power was short lived, you were able to take down several heroes in the process!


Badge villain lost.png The Lost

Notable NPCs

  • Lemkin (The Lost, EB/AV)
  • Snow Maiden (Hero, Boss)
  • Strongheart (Hero, Boss)
  • Ranger (Hero, Boss)
  • Citadel (Hero, Level 40)
  • Manticore (Hero, Level 40)
  • Numina (Hero, Level 40)
  • Positron (Hero, Level 40)
  • Sister Psyche (Hero, Level 40)

If you chose to work with the Circle of Thorns in the first mission:

  • Kal'Mant (Circle of Thorns Ally, Boss)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You will be ambushed by multiple waves after Lemkin is defeated. The waves will consist of Heroes and either Circle of Thorns, if you chose not to work with them, or Longbow, if you did.

You've defeated all of the Circle of Thorns' attacks!
You've defeated all of Longbow's attacks!
All heroes have been defeated!
The obelisk blows up, sending a vision into your mind!

Icon clue generic.png
Mysterious Images
Your tremendous use of Synapse's power caused the obelisk powering you to shatter into bits. When it did, three images appeared in your mind.

One of a temple at the top of a small mountain.

Another of a ghostly looking woman, conversing with a man in armor.

The final shows the two shaking hands, the man in armor's face looking grim, but determined.


???: Our plans for Synapse's grand finale have been sundered, along with the obelisk.
???: Per your instructions, the item the Lost used to communicate with the Igneous has been destroyed.
???: Perfect. It's a good thing that I have the other obelisk, hidden from that idiotic ghost. This was an excellent test run.
???: What should we do about Character and Synapse?
???: Keep Synapse on our... 'candidate' list. As for Character...
???: He / She may be our greatest ally in our quest, or our worst enemy. I will keep an eye on him / her.
???: Very well. I shall go ensure that our plans for Numina go smoother than they did with Synapse.

Temporary Powers

ElectricalBolt ThunderouseBlast.png Synaptic Blast Targeted AoE Damage, -Recovery
The Hero's Thunderous Blast has temporarily halted your Endurance Recovery.
SuperSpeed Flurry.png Synaptic Strike Melee Smash/Energy
Unleashes a super fast Flurry of fists and electricity to smash your foe.
SuperSpeed Whirlwind.png Synaptic Whirlwind PBAoE Knockback
You spin around at an amazing speed to create a Whirlwind around yourself. Any foes that enter this Whirlwind will be tossed into the air. You must be at least level 20 and have two other Speed Powers before selecting Whirlwind.
[[Image:]] Synaptic Resistance +Recovery, Recovery Resistance, Taunt Resistance, Immobilize Protection, Immobilize Resistance, Run Speed, Recharge, Melee Defense, Ranged Defense, AoE Defense


NO! That's... that's impossible! The obelisk... destroyed?! Why... why would it be destroyed? I put everything I had into it... it should have absorbed this Synapse's powers properly!

No... wait... NO! That's... that was it! How could I have been so foolish?! Synapse's powers... the entire time you had them, the obelisk also had them. He was still alive, and so it was trying to go back into him! He had to be dead for it to work properly, for the change to stay! All of that power, bouncing back and forth... it short-circuited all the magic binds in the obelisk, causing it to be destroyed. If I had just put more runes, perhaps the ones from in the eastern region...

My entire life's work, Character... all of my work, and it turns out it was not enough, it was not good enough. I suppose, at least one of us experienced greatness. I am curious, however, as to why my spirit has not vanished. Perhaps there is still one more of these obelisks left. But I do not feel the pull, the tug that I did towards this one.

I believe, then, that this is where you and I part ways. I will search for the remaining obelisk, to correct the mistakes of my past. Perhaps when that day comes, you and I shall join forces once more and show the word the true brilliance.

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