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Statesman's Helmet

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From the Strike Force "Future of Freedom" given by Lord Recluse.

Souvenir's Text

Statesman's Helmet

Lord Recluse recruited your Strike Force to publicly defeat the greatest of heroes, the mighty Statesman! His plan involved kidnapping Ms. Liberty to force a controlled confrontation with Statesman. In order to get Ms. Liberty, Lord Recluse had a plan to storm the Vindicator's base, which involved getting hold of their security codes to shut down their base defenses. This involved assaulting a Longbow island base, planting explosives destroying their transports, and kidnapping a Longbow technician to access the necessary codes for you. Once this was done, you returned to Lord Recluse.

The next step was acquiring a weapon to use against Ms. Liberty. Lord Recluse discovered that Malta had developed a weapon known as the Orestes Rifle based on information they stole from Project FURY. The Orestes Rifle was capable of suppressing magical energies derived from the Well of the Furies, such as those Ms. Liberty calls upon from her Liberty Belt. You broke into a Malta weapons lab and stole the Orestes Rifle, but were hit by a Temporal Disrupter during the assault causing you to be drastically weakened.

Lord Recluse sent you to speak with Operative Grillo, who told you the temporal disruption you were experiencing was because you were essentially 'split in two', with half of you in the present and half in a future timeline. Grillo tracked the temporal anomaly to the future, and allowed you to travel to this future through the Destiny Portal as long as you won this future for Lord Recluse by defeating the future Freedom Phalanx. You faced down Citadel, Sister Psyche, the Back Alley Brawler and Manticore in this future reality, bringing Lord Recluse's triumph closer to becoming a reality.

Returning to the present, you carried out your plan to kidnap Ms. Liberty. Assaulting the Vindicators Justice Fortress, you fought Swan and Mynx before facing down Ms. Liberty herself.

Lord Recluse set the terms of the battle. You set out to Atlas Park to face Numina, Synapse, Positron and the mighty Statesman himself! Returning to Recluse, he gifted you with stabilized synthetic Hamidon boosters, taken from the future Freedom Phalanx you fought earlier on the other side of the Destiny Portal.

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