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Smoke and Mirrors (souvenir)

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From the Task Force "Smoke and Mirrors" given by Twilight's Son.

Souvenir's Text

Smoke and Mirrors

You hold an old tarnished belt buckle in the shape the letter B...

As you look at it, you remember Cyrus Thompson and his sacrifice. He dedicated his life helping people and he gave his life saving them. There's no greater hero than that.

It was Twilight's Son who sent you back in time to rescue him, Jimmy Preston and Candy Lebeaux from the Circle of Thorns The Thorns were attempting to bring forth their master from the nether realm and use those three as human sacrifices. Twilight's Son believed stopping this particular sacrifice was tied to the Coming Storm. How? Twilight wouldn't say, "it is the people of this time that can save your world."

Saving people? You think back on this as you remember your last mission for him. You couldn't save them all. Just as you got there, you saw Cyrus Thompson get struck down trying to save the others. You managed to save the other two, but you'll never forget that old guy throwing himself into harms way.

The city put a statue up in front of the Kings Row train station, hopefully other will see him there and remember that being a hero is not how you dress or what powers you have, but who you help along the way.

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