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Skulls bandana

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From the Story Arc "Bonefire" given by Lorenzo DiCosta, Wes Schnabel, or Willy Starbuck.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

Skulls bandana

You've kept the bandana of a defeated Skull as a souvenir of your crusade against the gangs of Paragon City. It's an adventure you've come to think of as:


When the Skulls made a move on the Hellions, you were on the scene to keep their battle off the streets. You also found a magical cloak in the Hellions base.

You took the cloak to Azuria, who was relieved to see you. One of the MAGI's employees had been kidnapped, and Azuria sent you to the rescue. When the battle was over, the rescued mystic had a story to tell. She had learned that the Hellions were working with two other gangs: the Outcasts of Steel Canyon and the Warriors of Talos Island. The three gangs were trying to flood the underworld with magical artifacts.

Your work against the gangs of Paragon City kicked up into high gear when you went to speak with Athena Currie about the Skulls. She asked you to break up a Skulls hideout. There you found a ledger which connected the Skulls, the Trolls, and the Family in a Superadine cartel. You took the ledger to Detective Carla Brunelli, a member of Paragon City's gang unit. At her direction, you went after the Skulls' main headquarters, and found yourself in the middle of another brutal gang fight. You defeated all the warring gang members and emerged victorious. However, the ledger had mysteriously disappeared from Carla's office, taking with it any hope of convicting the Family on drug charges.

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