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Pure Flame

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From the Story Arc "To Save a Thousand Worlds" given by Unai Kemen.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

Pure Flame

You've kept this ever-glowing candle as a reminder of the time you spent trying desperately:

To Save a Thousand Worlds

It all began with a team of Portal Corporation scientists who had set up an observation post in the Hydra dimension. Their contact with Portal Corporation had mysteriously ceased, so you were sent to retrieve them. On the Hydra world, you found no scientists, only their notes and a large dimensional rupture.

It seemed clear that the scientists were lost somewhere in the multiverse. You went to Tina Macintyre, who gave you a dimensional triangulator. After visiting three dimensions, you collected enough data to locate the missing scientists. You also encountered a large number of dimensional ruptures.

Portal Corporation technicians analyzed your data, and you set off to retrieve the scientists. They were in good health physically, but something seemed to be terribly wrong with their minds. They spoke only gibberish.

You questioned Dr. Steven 'Science' Sheridan, who had a most surprising theory. He believed that the dimensional rupture on the Hydra world had fractured the scientists, breaking each person into two halves. You had saved only the first halves; the others remained somewhere within the multiverse.

Portal Corporation's technicians examined your dimensional data again, and pinpointed the location of the scientists' other halves. They were on a world ruled by Nemesis soldiers. You battled Nemesis' forces and recovered the scientists' other halves.

The scientists' halves still needed to be fused into one. For help, you turned to the mages of Pacifist Oranbega. When you got to their dimension, you found the mages under the attack of the Banished Pantheon. You rescued them, and learned of a ritual that would reunite the scientists with their severed halves.

In order to complete the ritual, you needed the Tome of Persephone, a volume long ago destroyed. Fortunately, an identical tome existed on a dimension ruled by Oranbegans who were not remotely peace-loving. You battled the evil Oranbegans, retrieved the tome, and still found time to contemplate the infinite variety of the multiverse.

You took the tome to Azuria, who had agreed to perform the ritual.

Then you found yourself facing a disaster: a rupture had opened at the Walldorf Factory in Paragon City! Dozens of powerful psychic Clockwork had spilled from the rupture onto the streets of your hometown! You battled back the Clockwork and closed the rupture, but your job wasn't over.

A rupture at the Jamison Office Park brought a bevy of malevolent ghosts to your city. Once again, you skunked the villains and put an end to the dimensional rupture.

While Azuria reunited the scientists' disparate halves, you went to speak to Tina Macintyre. She theorized that the force that ripped apart the scientists' dimensional fabric could do the same thing to an entire world. If you couldn't stop the dimensional ruptures, Paragon City might soon be strewn across the multiverse.

Reunited with their other halves, the scientists found they could speak normally once more. They told you that, before they were lost, they had learned that someone might be deliberately causing the ruptures. You set out into the multiverse to take readings from dimensional ruptures so Portal Corporation could evaluate this new theory.

The technicians analyzed your data and came to the conclusion that the ruptures had originated from dimension Lamda Rho 57-20, better known as Werewolf World. You went to seek out the master of Werewolf World, Requiem, but he eluded you. He did, however, briefly touch your mind. You were more convinced than ever that he was responsible for the ruptures.

You needed a way to force Requiem to show himself. You consulted Peter Stemitz, who had a bright idea. If you could find a sample of pure flame, you might be able to draw Requiem into the light. Azuria gave you a candle, and Maria Jenkins drew forth the pure flame.

You took the flame to Werewolf World and, as predicted, Requiem was drawn to it. You defeated him, and escaped from Werewolf World just before the entire dimension was torn from the fabric of the multiverse. It seemed that Requiem's dimensional tampering had caught up with him. And yet you had to wonder: how had Requiem caused all this chaos? Perhaps he had powers you had never imagined. Or perhaps there was someone else in the shadows, who had not yet been brought into light.

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