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Protector Z-958

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Protector Z-958
Protector Z-958.jpg
Paragon Protector
Zone Grandville
Coordinates (2804, -470, 2993)
Level Range 40-50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain malta.png Malta Operatives
V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis
V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard Shield
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
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ParagonMarket SignatureStoryArc1Ep6.png Requires Who Will Die, Episode 6.

Protector Z-958 is a villain contact in the Spider City neighborhood of Grandville at coordinates (2804, -470, 2993). His level range is 40-50. He is standing 117 yards almost due north of the Ferry (slightly west). Protector Z-958 is the sixth contact in the villain-side Who Will Die Signature Story Arc available on the Paragon Market or free with subscription.

Protector Z-958 will provide his story arc to villains, rogues and vigilantes.


Contact Introduced By

None; Protector Z-958 is available through the Signature Story Arc Contact option.

Contact Introduces



Paragon Protector

Protector Z-958 is one of many Paragon Protectors 'employed' by Crey. Z-958 is extremely sensitive to psychics, which would explain why the portion of Aurora Borealis trapped inside of Psyche's mind has decided to communicate through him. Aurora's time is short, however; there's no telling when Crey is going to lock down the control she has over Z-958.

Content Not Purchased

You need to purchase the sixth episode of the first signature story arc, Who Will Die, or be a VIP in order to play Protector Z-958's story arc.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Missing Initial Contact Dialogue

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Protector Z-958 stares at you silently. Apologies, villain, but Crey does not allow me to do business with anyone beneath threat level 40.

Story Arc

The Last Piece


Aurora's Psychic Connection

Every now and then, the Aurora Borealis that was trapped within Sister Psyche's mind sends you mental messages. She always reminds you of her gratefulness, perhaps to drive home the fact that she has no plans on betraying you. She'll be a valuable ally to have, but of course you're ready for her to turn on you on a moment's notice. It's the nature of things in the Rogue Isles. Her freedom was gained with the death of Sister Psyche in an event you call...

The Final Piece

Aurora reached out to you through a psychically sensitive Paragon Protector, begging for your assistance; Manticore and Sister Psyche discovered a ritual that could banish her once and for all. You agreed to help save Aurora and set off on a race to track down how exactly Manticore was planning on curing Sister Psyche.

You dealt with people such as Vanessa DeVore of the Carnival of Shadows and Akarist, both of whom gave you important pieces of the puzzle that was saving Aurora. In order to banish Aurora, Sister Psyche's psychic powers needed to be temporarily boosted. The Circle of Thorns had just such a ritual, used for empowering their mages who were performing intense summonings.

You rushed the temple, but you were too late. The ritual was started, but there was a complication. Wade tampered with the ritual, causing Psyche's powers to go out of control. Manticore was forced to kill Psyche, but not before she used her immense power to shove Aurora out of her mind and into safety.

You rescued Aurora from the crystal she was trapped in and helped her to take over the body of Tyrka.

With Sister Psyche dead, Darrin Wade now has everything he needs to summon Rularuu. However, he still has failed to kill you, something which you know bothers him to this very moment. You turning on Wade was never part of his plan, but then again, him turning on you wasn't exactly part of your plan, either. Soon, you will have a showdown with Wade, and he will know just how far you're willing to go to deliver payback to someone for thinking that merging with an omnipotent god entity is your idea of a good time.

Part 1: Collapse


Protector Z-958's head slumps downward, then snaps back up.

Character! It is Aurora Borealis. The one that's within Sister Psyche's mind. I remember all that you did to help me escape.

I need your help once more. If you can do this one last thing, I will be truly free, and I promise you that I shall pay you back ten-fold!

You can walk away, but please, you must help me. I am going to die, this time for good!

This arc contains elite bosses, which may be difficult to defeat by yourself.

  • Agree to form a strike force.

Oh, thank you! Manticore and whatever remains of the Phalanx believe that they've found a ritual that will get rid of me once and for all. We can't let that happen!

It's hard for me to figure out what's going on; I'm really only a part of half of a conversation here. All I know is that they've found something after doing some research into the Carnival of Shadows and the Circle of Thorns. I can help you get in touch with Vanessa DeVore; currently, she's in an office building that's under attack by Malta.

Talk to her and she might be able to tell you what's going on and how to save me! Oh, thank you, Character! You will NOT regret this, I promise you.

Rescue Vanessa DeVore

Unnecessary Solicitation

Protector Z-958 remains silent. Aurora does not seem to be in control of him for the moment.

Mission Objective(s)


You can only assume Malta is here to crack down on the Carnival of Shadows. Perhaps they're trying to take control of Paragon after Statesman's death?

  • Rescue Vanessa DeVore
    • 3 members of the Carnival of Shadows to rescue
    • Rescue Vanessa DeVore

You found out from Vanessa DeVore what the ritual entails. Now to track down Akarist to find out where the ritual takes place!


Badge villain malta.png Malta Operatives

Notable NPCs:


Hrmph, annoying Malta! How dare they attack ME!

I know we've had our differences in the past, Character... which makes me wonder why exactly you're here helping me.

I'm assuming a favor for a favor, hm?

  • (Explain the situation to Vanessa)

Oh! The little girl trapped in Psyche's head? That's so unfortunate!

That little man Manticore was looking for answers, too, along with some girl. I believe it was Penelope Yin.

You see, sometimes there are rather... stubborn minds that won't go away when we bind our masks onto someone. The solution is to empower whichever entity you wish to take over to the point where their psychic energy simply devours the weaker one.

Clever, eh? Now, we have our own little ritual to do that, but it isn't powerful enough to deal with Psyche. As far as I know, Manticore and Penelope Yin went to get information from that Circle of Thorns boy, Akarist, regarding where they could perform a strong enough ritual to kick that girl out.

He should be in Portal Corp as we speak, but I would hurry if I were you!

  • Leave

Get Information out of Akarist

Unnecessary Solicitation

Protector Z-958 remains silent. Aurora does not seem to be in control of him for the moment.

Mission Objective(s)


You step onto the scene to see Portal Corp under attack by Nemesis! This must be one of several attacks going on in Paragon, thanks to the death of Statesman.

  • Get information out of Akarist
    • Defeat Penelope Yin to find out where Akarist is
    • Go through the portal and recover Akarist from Nemesis

You found out where the ritual will be taking place!


Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis
V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard Shield

Notable NPCs:

Icon clue generic.png
The Empowerment Ritual
Akarist told you of a special altar that the Circle of Thorns have. It is used to empower someone's abilities for a short period of time. The ritual itself is not widely used, as the empowerment only lasts for half an hour. The main purpose is to empower a mage to perform a powerful summoning ritual.

If Manticore plans on empowering Sister Psyche, he will have to bring her to that site to do so.

Stop Manticore from Destroying Aurora

Unnecessary Solicitation

Protector Z-958 remains silent. Aurora does not seem to be in control of him for the moment.

Mission Objective(s)


Manticore is here somewhere. If you don't hurry, Psyche and Manticore will destroy Aurora, someone who could prove to be a valuable ally, unlike Darrin Wade.

  • Stop Manticore from Destroying Aurora
    • 3 obelisks to activate to access the ritual site
    • Enter the portal to go deeper into Oranbega
    • Weaken Tyrka
    • Break Aurora's mind free of the urn

Sister Psyche is dead, and Aurora Borealis is now free inside of the body of Tyrka!


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain rularru.png Soldiers of Rularuu

Notable NPCs:

How It Ends Something Isn't Right.jpg

Sister Psyche: Justin... something... something isn't right!

Manticore: What is it?!

How It Ends Psyche Out of Control.jpg

Sister Psyche: I can't... control my powers...! They're going... out of control...!
Aurora Borealis: WADE! He did this! He had no intention of freeing me!

How It Ends Stay Calm.jpg

Manticore: Just stay calm, I'll handle this.

How It Ends Psyche Fighting for Control.jpg

Sister Psyche: I can't... I can barely control the power from killing you...! It's... spreading... my power is affecting everyone in Paragon!

How It Ends Hear Their Screams.jpg

How It Ends Killing Paragon.jpg

How It Ends Hang In There.jpg

Manticore: I need you to hang in there! There's a way to stop this!

Sister Psyche: NO! There's no more time! It's going to happen at any moment... you KNOW what... you have to do!

How It Ends Not Killing You.jpg

Manticore: I'm not killing you!

How It Ends No Choice.jpg

Sister Psyche: There's no choice!

How It Ends Won't Do It.jpg

Manticore: I WON'T DO IT!

Sister Psyche: JUSTIN!

How It Ends Hesitation.jpg
How It Ends Taking the Shot.jpg
How It Ends Arrow Finds Its Mark.jpg
How It Ends Death of Sister Psyche.jpg
How It Ends Manticore's Remorse.jpg


Protector Z-958 stares at you blankly, Aurora's control over him no longer needed. You take this time to reflect over everything that's happened so far.

Darrin Wade had this planned all along. He must have tampered with the ritual in some way, betting that Manticore would use it to cure Psyche. But, why rely on such a risky bet? If he has the power of Statesman, he could have simply walked up to Psyche and killed her himself. Did he do this out of some desire to toy with Manticore?

Whatever his reasons, Wade now has the power of Statesman and Sister Psyche. You now understand what his insane plan is. Wade intends to summon Rularuu and use the willpower of Statesman and the mind-riding ability of Sister Psyche to take over Rularuu's shattered mind! The plan is incredibly crazy; you're not even sure if it would work. However, with the willpower of Zeus, Wade just might be able to pull it off.

You've come a long way throughout this experience, though. You've gained a valuable ally in Aurora Borealis, and now the press seems to be quite confused about what to do with you. On the one hand, you were instrumental in the death of Alexis Cole-Duncan. On the other hand, you now seem to be the one person who has the knowledge and capabilities to actually stop Darrin Wade.

You'll have to choose carefully what happens next. Wade will have to be stopped, one way or another. Will you use this to sway the public opinion of you? There's an entire world of opportunity waiting for you if you could have the public worshipping your every move!

For now, you'll have to wait and see, biding your time until the chance to strike against Wade arrives.

One thing, however, still doesn't make sense. Aurora mentioned that Sister Psyche saved her life somehow, that she shoved Aurora out of her mind before the killing blow was struck. You can only imagine that perhaps Psyche felt guilty, believing that if she hadn't tried to extend her own life, this psychic projection of Aurora would have never been created.

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