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Positron Task Force Part Two

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This article is about the second part of the revamped Positron Task Force. For other parts & versions, see Positron Task Force.


Dam Hero
Contact Positron
Zone Steel Canyon
Minimum Size 3 players
Coordinates (-3136, -80, -501)
Level Range 11-16
Merits 15
Badge Badge PositronRevampPart2.png Dam Hero
Enemy Groups Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork
Badge villain vahzilok.png Vahzilok
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The Positron Task Force is the first of six Freedom Phalanx Task Forces, and the completion of all six grants the Task Force Commander Badge. The other five task forces are started by Synapse, Sister Psyche, Citadel, Manticore, and Numina.

In order to get the Positron's Ally Badge, a player must complete both Part One and Part Two, which each grant their own unique badges as well (meaning the revamped Positron Task Force awards three badges).

This task force is not designated as a Signature Task Force. As such, missions will spawn mobs at the level of the star holder, but no higher than 16.

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 15 Reward Merits.


Initial Contact

Character, What can I do for you?

Discuss events in Steel Canyon.

Discuss events in the rest of the city.


Agree to Form a Task Force

I'm glad you're back, Character. Time is of the essence!

The Clockwork, Circle of Thorns, and Vahzilok are all moving forward with their plans and it all revolves around the Faultline Dam!

I need you to form up another team and help resolve this situation once and for all!

Mission Acceptance

Agree to form a Task Force.

Dam Heroes
Part One: Rumble in the Sewers

That's the spirit, Character.

I have Mirror Spirit working in Faultline to look into any activities by the Circle of Thorns. Right now we'll focus on tracking down the Clockwork and the Vahzilok.

Valkryie says that heroes have been reporting a large amount of clockwork going into one of the sewers here in Steel Canyon led by an Assembler Prince called Constructor. I have a feeling they're up to something regarding their Faultline project.

While you check it out, Valkyrie and I will keep an eye out for any Vahzilok activities in the other parts of Steel Canyon. They'll be trying to move their operations shortly into Faultline, I'm sure.

Since you and I are going to be working together, you are going to need a code name. I will refer to you as Task Force Name from here on out.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'd love to help, Task Force Name, but someone needs to make sure the Vahzilok don't make any sudden moves.

Mission Objective(s)

Rusted metal lies tangled in heaps with the twitching remains of Vahzilok abominations. The Clockwork are here, and it seems they're out to get the Vahzilok!

  • Clockwork in the Sewers
    • 2 Pieces of evidence to find, 'Retrieve' information from Constructor

You stopped the clockwork, but learned some frightening new developments in the threat against the Faultline Dam.


Badge villain vahzilok.png Vahzilok

Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork

Notable NPCs

  • Ulcer (Eidolon)
  • Cataract (Eidolon)
  • Clarion (Eidolon)
  • Constructor (Cannon Prince)

Icon clue generic.png
Vahzilok remains
You found the dead body of a Vahzilok Reaper within the sewers. Examining him shows that he was attacked by some sort of massive Clockwork. Instead of helping him recover, the Vahzilok salvaged the reaper for parts - while he was still alive!
If you had to guess, it may have been the Clockwork King himself who attacked the Reaper, or perhaps one of his larger creations.
Icon clue generic.png
Vahzilok chemicals
You found a damaged drum leaking some chemicals that are distinctly similar to the ones you found in Epidural's lair. You remember that Positron discovered these chemicals contained traces of Excelsior, which make it easier for the Freakshow to attach their metallic limbs onto their bodies.
Icon clue generic.png
The Doctor's Orders
You found a document off of Clarion, detailing Dr. Vahzilok's plan for Faultline! It appears that the doctor intends to pour the chemicals you previously found into the Dam, poisoning all of Paragon's water! The note says that it will make the people of Paragon more 'accepting of his blessings', but you can deduce that it will make it easier for the Vahzilok to harvest the bodies of everyone in Paragon!


Task Force Task Force Name, good to see you. Valkryie just found out that you were sent into a nest of Vahzilok. What did you find there?

Dr. Vahzilok's plans? And you say the Clockwork King himself had been in those sewers?

This is going to get out of hand very quickly if something isn't done. The Clockwork King seems determined to stop the Vahzilok's plans in order to protect this 'Clockwork Princess' of his. I can only assume that if we don't step in, the Clockwork King would be willing to destroy the dam itself to stop Dr. Vahzilok!

Meeting in person isn't going to work anymore, Task Force Task Force Name, especially if this is going where I think it is. I've updated my communicator line to give you a direct line to it whenever you need to speak with me.

Investigate the Clockwork in Faultline

Dam Heroes
Part Two: Kingy's Princess

We still haven't received any word from Mirror Spirit regarding the Circle, so that's...hopefully a good sign. I've got Detective Frasenbacker in Faultline tracking any movements in the area from the Vahzilok. That leaves you to focus on the threat of the Clockwork.

I've gotten word that there's a large battle going on right now in Faultline between the Clockwork and the Lost.

What exactly it is, I'm not sure, but witnesses say the Clockwork were yelling something about their 'princess'. Sounds familiar, right?

You'll all need to go there and see what exactly is going on.

Mission Acceptance

Before you head off, you should visit the Hero Corps agent near here. The group has heard of our work for Faultline and wants to provide you with jetpacks to use. Faultline is still a dangerous place with Arachnos sighted around there.

Send me a signal when you're done - I have a feeling this is just the beginning of your work within Faultline.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hero Corps can be difficult to work with sometimes, but at least they're offering help with this.

Meet with Hero Corps Analyst


Task Force Name, right? We here at Hero Corps are proud to help you with your battle for Faultline by providing you with these jetpacks. We hope they can help you in your fight to save the dam!

Temporary Power

Temporary AntigravityMatrix.png Jet Pack Toggle: Self Fly
This backpack grants any person the ability to fly for a short period. If you attack a target while this pack is on, your flight speed will be temporarily reduced to Hover speed.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should get to that battle before it spills out into Faultline.

Investigate Clockwork Disturbance

Mission Objective(s)

From further ahead you can hear the report of energy rifles and voices, along with the familiar clattering of Clockwork gears. The Clockwork are trying to protect someone - or something.

  • Investigate Clockwork Disturbance
    • 2 fights to break up

You defeated the clockwork, but your encounter with the Lost has only lead to more questions than answers. At least now you know who this Clockwork Princess is.


Badge villain lost.png The Lost

Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

After defeating the second group of battling Lost and Clockwork you will be ambushed by three waves of Lost.


Task Force Name, what did you find out?

The Clockwork were fighting the Lost to protect their Princess? And that the princess is a girl named Penelope Yin? Hrm...interesting, I've heard of the girl before. I'll have to contact Sister Psyche about her.

This at least explains the Clockwork King's motivation - he's going to blow up the dam to stop whatever the Vahzilok are planning. Noble, if extremely misguided. At least we know now the 'Clockwork Princess' isn't going to be an issue. I'll do some more digging on my end to see if I can't get you all another lead on the Clockwork.

Cripple the Clockwork Army


Detective Frasenbacker has a lead for us, Task Force Name. It appears that the Clockwork are using an abandoned supergroup base in Faultline to store bombs for the Faultline plan. This base was home to many technological heroes - making it the perfect spot for the Clockwork to salvage parts from! You all need to get in there and cut off the Clockwork's plans!

Mission Acceptance

These should be the coordinates for the base. You'll need to get in there and destroy whatever the Clockwork are using to build those bombs! If we can stop them here, then this'll be one less group we need to be concerned about with the dam.

Mission Objective(s)

From the sounds of fighting ahead, you aren't the only ones looking to stop the Clockwork.

  • Destroy the Clockwork's source for spare parts
    • Search for any more parts

You were able to hamper some of the Clockwork's activities, but not enough to fully stop them. The presence of the Circle must mean that they're on the move in Faultline - you'll have to speak with Mirror Spirit to see if she might have an idea of what's going on with them.


Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork

Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

You will be ambushed by a wave of Clockwork for each clue.

Icon clue generic.png
Spare parts
needs data
Icon clue generic.png
Empty box
You found an empty box. The Clockwork have already made some of their bombs.

Speak with Mirror Spirit regarding the Circle


You were able to hamper some of the Clockwork's activities, but not enough to fully stop them. The presence of the Circle must mean that they're on the move in Faultline - you'll have to speak with Mirror Spirit to see if she might have an idea of what's going on with them.

Attack the Circle within Oranbega

Dam Heroes
Part Three: missing infomation


Task Force Name, I was hoping you would come see me. Yes, I'm aware that you fought the Circle in that supergroup base. I apologize that I was not able to inform you ahead of time.

An entrance to Oranbega has appeared within Faultline. It can only mean that the Circle are on the move once again. I can tell you where to find this entrance. From there, it will be up to you to go in there and stop whatever they are doing. I will let the PPD know that the Clockwork are on the move as well.

Unnecessary Solicitation

+++ Missing Information +++

Mission Objective(s)

The smell of rotting bile fills the halls of Oranbega. The Vahzilok are already here!

  • Look for any clues to the Circle's next move

You stopped the Vahzilok from increasing their army, only to find out that the Circle are now at the Faultline Dam! There's no time - you need to let Positron know about this and get to the dam!

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

To complete this mission all that needs to be done is rescue the CoT mage "Kelmorgis" and clear the surrounding area.
He CAN die!! If he does die, solution to completing mission - unknown - GM calls it a bug.


Badge villain vahzilok.png Vahzilok

Notable NPCs

  • Kelmorgis (Force Mage)


The fact that the Vahzilok attacked the Circle can only mean that they've been working right underneath our noses all along in Faultline!

The Circle's claim cannot be true, however. PPD and Longbow were both stationed at the Dam - they wouldn't be able to get past them just yet. I'll radio in Agent G to see what the situation at the dam is.

Save the Faultline Dam and Paragon City!

Dam Heroes
Part Four: My Own Utopia


Hold on... Oh no!

The police band just exploded with chatter. The Faultline Dam is under attack!

I thought Longbow could hold out, but it seems like it came under attack by all three groups at once! What's worse is that the Circle have started to summon Shadow Simulacrums all over the city!

Task Force Name, there is little time. You need to get to the Faultline Dam and stop the Clockwork, Circle of Thorns, and Vahzilok from destroying each other - and the dam! Valkyrie and I will fight off the Shadow Simulacrums within the city to buy you all some time.

From the sound of the dispatchers Longbow is reporting attacks both inside and outside of the Dam facility...

Task Force Name, you need to get to the Faultline Dam. You are the city's only hope!

Mission Acceptance

You can count on us, Positron!

I believe in you, Task Force Name.

From the sound of it the Clockwork are setting their bombs up both outside and inside the dam. You need to stop them first, or there won't be a dam to save!

There is a boat down by the docks in Aftershock. I know the captain and he'll ship you over to the docks by the spillway near the dam. Hopefully the Clockwork won't see you coming by sea and you can take them out before they can detonate the bombs.

From there, you'll need to get into the dam and clear it out, then push through and deal with the Vahzilok that are reported in Overbrook, most likely at the water treatment facility.

Good luck, Task Force Name. You're the only ones left that can save the dam!

Unnecessary Solicitation

I can't talk right now, Task Force Name, I've got reports of five sets of shadow clones of your team showing up in Skyway City!

Dr. Vahzilok

Mission Objective(s)

Through the mist rising from the spillway you can see metal forms placing barrels against the Faultline Dam's concrete face. It's up to you and your team to save Faultline!

  • Defeat Dr. Vahzilok
    • 3 external bombs remain, 3 internal bombs remain, defeat Rollister to stop the ritual, 4 chemical barrels to disable outside the dam


Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork
Badge villain vahzilok.png Vahzilok
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs


Task Force Name! I heard everything you've done. When you defeated Rollister, the Shadow Simulacrums he created around the city vanished!

The PPD now have Dr. Vahzilok in custody - let's hope this time it'll last.

I don't know how exactly to express my supreme gratitude for all of your hard work. I could have never guessed that a simple investigation into the Vahzilok would lead us all the way here!

I'm proud of you all, Task Force Name. You've given the entire city hope for the future, against tremendous odds. You'll always be remembered fondly as those 'Dam Heroes.'

Completing this mission will award heroes and vigilantes the Dam Hero Badge.

File:Badge PositronRevampPart2.png Dam Hero

You've saved Faultline from not one, but three separate villain groups intent on using the dam to cause carnage on a massive scale.

Completing this mission will award villains and rogues the Dam Villain Badge.

File:Badge PositronRevampPart2.png Dam Villain

You've saved Faultline from not one, but three separate villain groups intent on using the dam to cause carnage on a massive scale. Perhaps one day you'll finish what they started.


Paragon Times Photograph

The Paragon Times mailed you this photograph, which is of you and the task force you were a part of. This was taken after you saved the Faultline Dam from the Vahzilok, Circle of Thorns, and the Clockwork. It's an adventure you remember as...

Dam Heroes

It all began when you formed up another task force to help Positron with the growing threat surrounding the Faultline Dam. The Circle of Thorns, Clockwork, and Vahzilok all had their eyes on the dam - you intended to get to the bottom of what exactly was going on. Positron formed his own team of contacts to get you the information needed.

You first followed a lead on some Clockwork going into the sewers in Steel Canyon. There you found them fighting the Vahzilok. You found evidence that the Clockwork King himself was there, and he was out for blood! You also discovered what the Vahzilok were up to with the dam - they wanted to dump the chemical they made into the city's water supply, making everyone in Paragon more willing to accept Dr. Vahzilok's 'blessings'!

Positron feared that things would get ugly fast, so your team went to Faultline to help contain the situation there. Your next lead would again be the Clockwork, who were reported to be fighting a large group of Lost, shouting about their 'Clockwork Princess'. You went into the warehouse and defeated both groups, discovering that the Clockwork Princess was a little psychic girl named Penelope Yin. The Clockwork King developed an obsession over her and has sworn all his Clockwork to defending the young girl - this explained why the Clockwork were so intent on blowing up the dam. They were trying to protect this little girl!

Regardless of the Clockwork King's heart - if he has one stored somewhere in a jar as well - being in the right place, you were still determined to stop this from getting out of hand. Positron had one more lead for you; the abandoned base where the Clockwork were getting their bomb supplies from. You raided the base only to run into the Circle of Thorns, who were also out to stop the Clockwork! Unfortunately, you were too late to destroy all the Clockwork's supplies, but Mirror Spirit was able to help by giving you the location of Oranbega within Faultline. You stormed the ancient city to find the Vahzilok were already there, killing the Circle Mages to harvest their bodies! You tore through the battle and found grim information from a Circle Mage - the attack on the Faultline Dam had already started!

Time was running out. Positron and the Freedom Phalanx were being dispatched to fight the Shadow Simulacrums that were cropping up all over the city. It was up to you and your team to save the Faultline Dam from certain destruction. Despite the odds, you all were able to stop the Clockwork's bombs, put down the Circle's ritual, and prevent Dr. Vahzilok from poisoning the water supply!

Faultline and Paragon City are able to rest easy again, thanks to your efforts. The city has dubbed you and your team as those, 'Dam Heroes.'


Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

In Issue 17, the Positron Task Force was updated and split into two task forces, like it was originally planned. The original incarnation was a single task force because the developers could not figure out how to make a contact give two task forces. This made it long, arduous, and often painful for a large number of players, and it was one of the least liked task forces in the game.