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Hero Corps

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Hero Corps is not only a Corps of people, but also a Corporation, selling their super-powered services to those willing to foot the bill. They may be controversial in their methods but they can have good information for aspiring heroes. They broker work for qualified heroes and help governments around the world deal with super-powered problems.

They are overseen by Rebecca Foss, who founded the group in 1995. Initially, public sentiment was against the company. Tensions between Hero Corps and the Freedom Phalanx escalated until February 1999, when the two groups met in a simultaneous investigation of the Jade Maiden, an archvillain. In the resulting confusion, the Jade Maiden escaped. Hero Corps was held largely accountable, as the Freedom Phalanx was already held in high esteem.

In March of 1999, Hero Corps member Luminary (Kit Rafter, not to be confused with the current Luminary, an android) was convinced he could help improve the public view of the company. Luminary gave a public demonstration of his powers. While most of the spectators felt touched by the healing light, a few citizens remarked they were nervous about heroes working for money.

Their initial headquarters was in the area now known as Faultline. It was destroyed by unknown attackers in power armor. Countess Crey stood up to back them and their new headquarters in May 1999, but public protests by both citizens and heroes, including the famous Hero 1, prevented them from starting construction on a new headquarters in Baumton. They abandoned the plans in October of 1999, retreating into relative obscurity for a time.

Hero Corps' current headquarters is located in the Fools Gold district of Steel Canyon, which opened in January of 2003. The Hero Corps is more or less accepted these days, though some still mistrust heroes who "sell" their powers.

Hero Corps Field Analysts

The Hero Corps Field Analysts are the people who are responsible for changing Heroes' notoriety. Previously, they would charge for their services, which would scale up with Hero security level, but as of Issue 16, their services are now free.

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