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Slash Commands in City of Heroes can be typed from the chat box or used in Binds.

This article aims to act as a reference in keeping the individual articles somewhat uniform.

Naming convention

Slash Command article names are to follow this format: "command (Slash Command)". The space before the parentheses "(" is a mediawiki standard that allows for a piped link trick.details on the trick needed

We will NOT be using "SlashCommand:command". Unlike the Invention sets, the colon in slash command articles would be a hinderance.


  1. Many chat commands (/team, /coalition) have articles about the thing that they have a channel for. The Team article describes a team and links to its related slash command.
    Most other commands (/slashchat, /powexec_name) do not, but instead have a redirect from powexec_name to powexec_name (Slash Command).
    This way there's no confusion that this is a slash command.


Use this code to get started on slash command articles.

==Slash Command==
|note=Semi Brief but descriptive note on the command

== Other section (common use, examples, detail) ==
Some commands have unique properties that need to be explained. Here is the place to do it.

== Related ==
* {{slashcommand|other_command|options}}
* {{slashcommand|another_command}}
* [[Guide to command]]

{{Commands NavBox}}

Template details

  • {{slashcommand}} - creates a link to the command specified with a preceding slash. see page for more parameters
  • {{bindcommand}} - creates a link to the command specified without a preceding slash.
  • {{SlashCommand}}(capital "C") - Creates a section called == Slash Command == with many options to fill out that section.
  • {{SlashCommandArticle}} - does not create a section, however it does place the article in Category:Slash Commands. Similar options to SlashCommand
These templates were mostly created by me several years ago when I was, as EABrace puts it, a wiki-noob. I will not be offended if someone finds a better naming scheme or use for them. (hint hint) -Konoko

See Also

{{Navbox Slash Command Article Reference}}