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Bind (Slash Command)

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Slash Command

/bind trigger "command"

trigger is a key or key combination, such as 'H' and 'LSHIFT+H'. For more information on key names, see List of Key Names.

NOTE: Chord keys (ALT, SHIFT, CTRL) are the only keys that can be added to create key combinations. Chord keys must be specified before the desired trigger key ('ALT+H', not 'H+ALT'). You cannot create a key combo of 'NUMPAD1+RBUTTON'.

command can be one command or multiple commands strung together, separated by $$ (two dollar signs).

To clear a bind so that the specified key does not perform any command, use "nop" (no operation) as the command.

Example Binds

/bind T "powexec_name Power Blast$$powexec_name Energy Torrent"

T is now a trigger that will attempt to activate Power Blast, only to immediately be told to attempt to activate Energy Torrent. In this case, only Energy Torrent will activate. Binds containing more than one of the same command will be read from right to left. With Click Powers, this means only the last click power will activate. With Toggles, it will activate the last toggle on the first key press, and will continue activating toggles each time the key is pressed, until there are no toggles left.

/bind T powexec_name Fly

T is now a trigger which will toggle Fly on or off.

/bind T "powexec_name Combat Jumping$$powexec_name Super Jump"

T is now a trigger which will activate Super Jump. If T is pressed again, Combat Jumping will be activated. The cycle repeats itself. This bind only works with powers that are mutually exclusive, like Super Jump and Combat Jumping.

/bind T "powexec_toggleon Focused Fighting$$powexec_toggleon Focused Senses$$powexec_toggleon Evasion$$powexec_name Practiced Brawler"

T is now a trigger that will toggle on each of the Super Reflexes armors, Evasion then Focused Senses then Focused Fighting, followed by activating the Practiced Brawler click power. This bind can then be used every time Practiced Brawler recharges to fire it; it will attempt to toggle on again, but the armors are running, so it skips those commands and activates Practiced Brawler. Note that this bind cannot be used to toggle off the armors.

/bind LSHIFT+LBUTTON powexec_name Teleport

Holding on the left shift key and clicking a location with the left mouse button will Teleport the character to that location or as close to it as possible.