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[[{{{1}}} (Slash Command)|{{{1}}}]]

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Similar to the Template:Slashcommand template with one minor difference. This template does not place a '/' in front of the command name and article link. This template is to be used for demonstrating keybind strings where the '/' should not be placed at the beginning of a command. This template may also be used in conjunction with the Slashcommand template when demonstrating two or more commands concatenated with by '$$'.

If provided, prefix= will put a prefix before the command.

See also Template:Slashcommand.


Demonstrating a line in a loadable bind file:

ALT+2 {{bindcommand|powexec_altslot|2}}
ALT+2 powexec_altslot 2

Demonstrating multiple, concatenated slash commands:

{{slashcommand|powexec_name|Taunt}}$${{bindcommand|local|Looking for me, boys?}}
/powexec_name Taunt$$local Looking for me, boys?

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