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A Team, also known as a Group, is composed of 1-8 players. These players share in rewards from defeats and missions. Players on the same team share the Team Chat Channel and can quickly communicate using the /team command.

Teams can be further organized into Leagues, with up to 6 full teams of 8 players, making a total of 48 players possible for a league.


  • Experience/Influence/Prestige gain
    1. Rewards from mobs defeated is always relative to a character's combat level
    2. Rewards from individual npcs defeated will be lower than if a player defeated that npc solo. npcs can be defeated faster by multiple players and balances this out.
    3. 30 second lag
      • Whenever sidekick situation changes, or someone joins who changes the level ranges, there is a 30 second lag where the old rules apply. This is loosely enforced and is only a generalization.
  • Reputation
    1. Reputation from PvP defeats in PvP zones is spread evenly between teammates in range.

Levelling Pact

Issue 13 added a feature (disabled in Issue 21, although changes to the Sidekick system had reduced the need for it) that allows two players to share rewards evenly separate from the team that they are on. This is called a Leveling Pact. Please see that article for more information.