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Officer Parks

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Badge time.png This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

Prior to Issue 21, Outbreak was the Hero tutorial zone. It was replaced by a new co-op tutorial experience, although the zone itself was not removed from the game. Consequently, any characters that were in Outbreak upon the release of Issue 21 were able to complete the old tutorial and exit to Atlas Park.


Officer Parks
Officer Parks.jpg
Zone Outbreak
Coordinates (-83, 0, 1,3)
Level Range 1
Introduced By Officer Flint
Introduces Sergeant Hicks
Enemy Groups Badge villain contaminated.png Contaminated
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Officer Parks is the second contact you will meet if you go through the Outbreak tutorial zone. He is located at (-83, 0, 1,333).


Contact Introduced By

New Contact(s)

Use your compass or map to find Sergeant Hicks.

Click here to accept Sergeant Hicks as a new contact.



Officer Parks has walked the streets of Paragon City since he was a young man. He takes great pride and pleasure in doing his part to keep the city of heroes safe.

Prior to Introduction

You need to finish your work for Officer Flint before you can help me.

Initial Contact

You must be Character. I sure hope you can help. First, let me explain how to use your powers. Your Powers Tray located at the bottom of the screen contains an icon for each of your powers.

UI Tray Power1.jpg

Left click the icon to use the power, or right click the icon to learn about the power. You can use the Powers tab to add new powers to your tray whenever you receive them.

UI Tray Power2.jpg

Click on 'Ask about available missions' to proceed.

No More Missions

You should go see Active Contact now, Character. There's nothing more you can do for me.


Talk to Professor Hoffman, then Lt. MacReady

Talk to Professor Hoffman


Things are getting out of control, and I can tell you need to learn all about combat, Character. First, I want you to learn about how tough things can be by talking to Professor Hoffman in front of the deactivated robots right in front of me. Then talk to Lt. MacReady for your combat lesson, then I want you to come back and talk to me.

Mission Acceptance

Professor Hoffman is standing right over there.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to talk to Professor Hoffman.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Professor Hoffman


Here we have some deactivated robots. If you left click on them you can target them, you can also use the Tab key to cycle targets. This is how you determine which enemy you are attacking.

You can also Consider (or 'con') your target and note the level difference to your character by the color of the name.

Gray names mean that the enemy is vastly weaker than you and worth no Experience.

Green names mean that the enemy is two levels weaker than you and worth a little amount of Experience.

Blue names mean they are one level weaker than you.

White names mean they are the same level as yourself. These enemies give the normal amount of Experience.

Yellow names mean they are one level stronger than you, and give more Experience as a result.

Orange names are enemies two levels higher than you.

Red names are enemies three levels higher than you.

Purple names mean enemies that are vastly superior to you.

There are also three different types of enemies at each level, these are Minions, Lieutenants, and Bosses. Minions are the weakest and you should be able to defeat these easily. Lieutenants are stronger, and have more attacks and can take more damage. Finally Bosses are the strongest, and even if a Boss 'cons' green to you, you are in for a tough fight.

Now go see Lt. MacReady and learn about how to deal with your foes.

Talk to Lt. MacReady

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to talk to Lt. MacReady and learn about combat.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Lt. MacReady


So you're Character, eh? Well, I've been told you need to learn a thing or two about combat. First off, you need to Target the enemy you want to attack by clicking on them with your left mouse button, or use the Tab key to cycle targeted enemies.

Once you have your enemy targeted you can attack them by simply clicking the power in your power tray, or hit the appropriate Number Key.

After you use a power it takes time to recharge. The icon will go small, and grow larger until it returns to its original size. Once the icon is normal sized, the power can be used again.

You can take some practice shots at any of these deactivated drones, to get used to your powers. When you are done, go see Officer Parks for an assignment.

Talk to Officer Parks

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Officer Parks

Contact Small Officer Parks.jpg
Officer Parks


Ok, so Professor Hoffman told you how to 'consider' targets by the colors, and Lt. MacReady showed you how to use your powers in combat by targeting something and clicking the power. Sounds to me like you are ready for a task. There's a riot going on and we need all the heroes who can help to lend a hand. I want you to take down 2 contaminated thugs in the Hot Zone to the Southwest, behind the fences.

Defeat two thugs in the Southwest

Unnecessary Solicitation

Go defeat two thugs. They're behind the fenced-in area to the Southwest. Use your compass to guide you. Once you've done that, come back.

Mission Objective(s)

Return to Officer Parks for further instructions.


Great job, Character, you did pretty well back there. Let me explain more about combat. Most attacks deal damage, and the damage you can take is represented by Hit Points. You can see how many Hit Points you have left by looking at your Hit Point Bar.

UI Hit Point Bar.jpg

If you end up with 0 Hit Points, you will have the option of teleporting to the Hospital.

Below the HP Bar is your Endurance Bar. Powers use up endurance when they are activated. When the Endurance Bar is empty, you'll need to wait before you can attack again.

Sergeant Hicks can tell you about Inspirations.