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Officer Flint

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Badge time.png This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

Prior to Issue 21, Outbreak was the Hero tutorial zone. It was replaced by a new co-op tutorial experience, although the zone itself was not removed from the game. Consequently, any characters that were in Outbreak upon the release of Issue 21 were able to complete the old tutorial and exit to Atlas Park.


Officer Flint
Officer Flint.jpg
Traffic Cop
Zone Outbreak
Coordinates (-61, 0, 181)
Level Range 1
Introduced By None
Introduces Officer Parks
Enemy Groups None
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Officer Flint is the first contact you will meet if you go through the Outbreak tutorial zone. He is located at (-61, 0, 181).


Contact Introduced By

  • None (Officer Flint is an initial contact)

New Contact(s)

You can use your compass or your map to find Officer Parks.

By selecting Officer Parks as a Contact you can now receive tasks and information from him. When your current Contact is happy with your work and can trust you, they will introduce you to their friends, who in turn will have more work that needs to get done.

Use this to keep adding new Contacts as you adventure in Paragon City.


Traffic Cop

Officer Flint has simple duties in the Paragon City Police Department, but when a crisis arises he's always first to volunteer for extra duty. His friendly nature and good heart make him an ideal contact for new heroes learning their way around Paragon City.

Prior to Introduction

Balloon.png Welcome to City of Heroes!

This short tutorial will go over the basics of gameplay in order to get you started on your path to becoming one of the greatest heroes in Paragon City.

To get started, walk up to Officer Flint and talk to him. Talking is as simple as left clicking on the person you would like to talk to.

To move, simply use the keyboard as illustrated here.

UI Wasd.jpg

Holding the right mouse button down and moving the mouse left and right allows you to turn. When you have familiarized yourself with the controls, click OK in the bottom of this dialog box to close it.

Initial Contact

We have a crisis going on here, and we need help desperately. Some thugs took an experimental drug thinking it was something else, and now they're trashing the area. We have to regain control to ensure the safety of the citizens.
Click on 'Ask about available missions' to proceed.

No More Missions

You should go see Active Contact now, Character. There's nothing more you can do for me.


Click here to accept this task

Deliver the Serum to Dr. Miller


We need an antidote for these beserk thugs. I've collected this blood sample. Please take it to Dr. Miller; he's marked on your map and compass.

The Navigation Window is at the top of your screen.

UI Nav1.jpg

You have been issued a clue. You can learn more about the Clue by clicking the Clues botton on your Nav window. Whenever you are issued new Clues, you can read more about them there as well.

Mission Acceptance

Dr. Miller is just down the street. Give him the sample, and see if he has anything further for you.

The blood sample has been placed in your Clue Bag

Icon clue generic.png
Blood sample
A blood sample that must be delivered to Dr. Miller.
This blood sample is a clue. You will often receive clues during a mission. Clues help tell the story of a mission but can also help direct you if you are uncertain what to do next.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Use the compass at the top of your screen to find the hospital. Deliver the serum, then see if he has anything more for you.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Deliver the Serum to Dr. Miller


Thank you! This sample will help our research immensely.

Since you are new to Paragon City, you should familiarize yourself with the way hospitals work here. There is an Information Terminal in front of Rivera Medical Center next to me you need to read.

UI Info Terminal.jpg

Read the Terminal in front of Hospital

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should read the Info Terminal in front of Preston Hospital, right next to Dr. Miller.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Read the Terminal in front of Hospital

Return to Officer Flint for more duties

Balloon.png Medicom and Defeat

The Medicom is a state of the art analysis and healing device. It will analyze the current medical status of a friendly target and teleport them to the nearest hospital upon defeat. Equipping every Hero with a Medicom patch is the only thing keeping Paragon City from being overrun.

If you have an associate that can revive you, you may wait for that instead by not clicking OK in the dialog box that appears upon defeat.


Excellent job. What did you call yourself again? Was it Character? That's pretty original. You seem to navigate well, so let me tell you about the Map. Click the Map Button to bring up an overhead view of the zone.

UI Map1.jpg

Click on any item on the map to target it. The target appears on your compass.

Officer Parks radioed. He needs help fighting off some rioting thugs down the street.