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Mission Transporter

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Mission Teleporter


ParagonMarket Power MissionTeleport.png
The Mission Transporter is a power available from the Paragon Market. This is an account purchase, does not need to be claimed from email, and becomes usable at Level 3. This power allows you to teleport to your active mission entrance and is usable once every 2 hours.

Paragon Market Description

  • Teleport directly to your mission door.
  • The Mission Transporter Power will transport you to your active mission's entrance. It can be used once every 2 hours. Once purchased, this power will be unlocked on all characters on your account.

Power Summary


Recharge 120 min
Effects Teleport to Mission Door


  • You will teleport to within 120 feet of the mission door. This is an important distinction because some doors have nearby enemies.
  • This power functions across zones - while in Peregrine Island, you get a mission in Perez Park? No problem! Mission Transport will take you there. It will even take you to Ouroboros regardless of whether you're high enough level to use Ouroboros Portal!
  • Mission Transporter will fail when used in any zone or area with a Dampening Field that restricts teleportation. The power will fire and go into recharge mode, but will not take you to your mission.
  • Mission Transporter will fail if your mission is not selected (yellow waypoint in game world, yellow splat in navigation window). You must actively select your mission to teleport there (red waypoint, red splat).
  • This power has the same animation as the Pocket D VIP Pass.
  • From implementation through Issue 13, this Teleportation power was incorrectly using a Flight icon in-game. Issue 14 released using the Power Missing icon. This was fixed in Issue 15 to use the correct Mission Teleporter icon.


Badge time.png This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • This power was originally available with the Mac Special Edition or associated Super Booster.
  • This power was released on the Paragon Market on September 14, 2011. Price at time of release was 600pp.

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