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DJ Zero

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DJ Zero

DJ Zero is a contact for both heroes and villains located in Pocket D. This contact's coordinates are (-77, 22, -1057).


Contact Introduced By


Trans Dimensional DJ

DJ Zero is a powerful mutant who can create tunnels and bends across dimensions. He uses his powers to maintain Pocket D, a first rate night club spanning multiple dimensions. DJ Zero has setup the ultimate party place, open to anyone who can find it. He goes to great lengths to ensure this is neutral ground where friend and foe alike can get down!

Prior to Introduction

I've haven't seen you around here much. Get out on that dance floor and burn it up!

Initial Contact

Looks like you're the man of the hour! You're okay in my book, Character.


  • The party is hoppin' Character, get out on that dance floor!
  • Let's lay down some funky beats, Character!
  • Hey, Character!

Too Busy

When you're not busy I've got a problem I need some help with Character.

No More Missions

Thanks for your help Character! You've done enough for me, now it's time to relax and have fun!


Defeat Snaptooth

Various headings in brackets:

(pretty please)
(once more)
(no take backs)
(once more with feeling)
(no joking)
(we really mean it)


Being a trans dimensional DJ, I wind up all over the place Character. I'm all about leavin' people alone and just havin' a good time, but some times even I manage to tick a few people off. One particularly nasty Red Cap named Snaptooth has learned how to use the faerie portals in Croatoa to hop around on my turf. Ever since then he's been hunting down my portals and closing them just for the ugly fun of it. Even if I manage to stop him he just hops over to another dimension and goes after the portal again. This place is jumpin' right now and I'm running out of time to deal with the little punk. Do me a favor and stop him a few times for me would ya? Find Snaptooth and take him out before he destroys DJ Zero's portal!

Mission Acceptance

I've got a hole punched through to Villa Requin in Sharkhead right now that Snaptooth has his sights set on. Hunt him down before he finds the portal and closes it. The Arachnos in the area might try to harsh your gig, but all I care about is that freakin' Red Cap! He's a tough little punk, if you pick up some Dimension Drop from Chilly or Dram upstairs and get some heroes and villains both on your team you'll have an easier time of it.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Better move fast, that punk Snaptooth will take down my portal if he has half a chance! If you're havin' problems with him take a few Heroes and Villains along and get some Dimension Drop from Chilly or Dram upstairs, that'll show him!

Mission Objective(s)

Protect DJ Zero's Portal!

  • Find Snaptooth and defeat him

Way to go, it's time to rock out for now, but stick around because he'll be back for sure!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png RedCaps

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Hey, you can party with the best of 'em!