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Moon Zone

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This information is about unimplemented features that were confirmed via one or more methods, but might have changed significantly before being released.


The Moon Zone or Moon Base was a rumored upcoming zone to City of Heroes, City of Villains, or both. It had been suggested several times, and people browsing the game files insisted there is "proof" of such a zone going to be in an upcoming issue. In the final months before the closure of Paragon Studios, devs on the forums confirmed that a Moon Zone was in the early stages of concept art and production.


Before the announced closure, however, the only piece of information available was on a forum post by Positron:

  • The moon base is called "Armstrong Lunar Facility". The space station is the "Gagarin Orbital Platform".
  • Armstrong base and Gagarin station are the common nicknames for the two facilities.
  • The IOSC (International Outer Space Consortium) is the international space flight organization.
  • The above is part of the background for the City Of world.
  • A number of players have found the following text inside their files; "texture_library/WORLD/V_COV/Space/Moon_Landscape/MoonDirt_01.texture (piggs/texVWorld.pigg and piggs/texVWorld.pigg)"

However, MANY references have been made to the moon, starting with Issue 8 and the reopening of Faultline. Some of them are as follows:

  • The dam in Faultline is said to have been ruptured by unusual seismic activity on the Moon.
  • Several Rikti ships were said to have retreated into space following the aftermath of the Rikti War.
  • The Circle of Thorns have made casual references in Faultline to a source of power on the moon.
  • The Lost frequently speak of a "change" coming and sometimes reference the damage to the dam as part of it.
  • In promotional art for Issue 12, there is a large, central shot of the Moon.
  • It is possible to see the moon from Ouroboros.
  • Manticore and Sister Psyche had their honeymoon on the Moon.
  • The Lore AMA has several questions and answers about the Moon Zone.