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Ouroboros Portal

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You can use this power to summon a doorway. It will allow you and your teammates to access the Ouroboros headquarters. It lasts for five minutes each time it is summoned or until its summoner has entered it, and has a five minute recharge.

How to Get

To obtain this temporary power, earn the Entrusted with the Secret badge, or run a mission or story arc using a Pillar of Ice and Flame from a supergroup base. If you are doing a story arc through the Pillar, only the first mission needs to be done to get the power.

Power Summary

Effects Summon Portal

Additional Notes

  • This power is not actually temporary. Once you acquire it, you keep it forever.
  • Though this power can be acquired and the portal can be summoned at any level, the portal thus created cannot be entered by characters under Security/Threat Level 14.
  • Even though it is listed under Temporary Powers, the Ouroboros Portal can be summoned even in Incarnate trials or while running Master of Statesman's / Lord Recluse' Strike Force without jeopardizing successful completion of the master run.

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