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Mission:Belladonna Vetrano - The Last Line of the Law

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The Last Line of the Law


Emperor Marcus Cole walks the halls of the Magisterium after receiving news that Imperial City has been lost.

Sinclair's wild idea that Excalibur could change things turned out not to work, though Sinclair claims to have gained two allies in the final fight for Praetoria.

Emperor Cole's mind goes over how everything came to this. Praetor Duncan has not returned from Primal Earth, causing Cole to assume that she has defected to their side. Cole gets into an elevator and enters a special security code, allowing him to go to his own private room in the lab beneath the Magisterium...

  • (Play Emperor Cole's Personal Story)

Emperor Cole was going to view an item that was from another life, an item that was given to him by his deceased wife, Monica Cole. This would be the last moment of peace he would have before the final battle for Praetoria, for the ideal of law, would commence...

Unnecessary Solicitation

Emperor Cole prepared himself for the final battle against the forces of chaos...

Mission Objective(s)


Emperor Cole arrived at his private section beneath Cole tower...

  • Emperor Cole's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • Investigate Monica Cole's memento
    • Speak with Praetor Sinclair
    • Annihilate Lord Recluse and his forces

Emperor Cole has pushed back the forces of Arachnos!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Monica Cole's Memento.jpg
Monica Cole's Memento


Emperor Cole opened the locked box, revealing a small snow globe. It was several decades old. Inside of the snow globe was a picture of Emperor Cole, back in the 1920's, with Monica Richter. She had given him the snow globe as a present, back before he was a super, before the two were married, and before he murdered her brother, Stefan Richter.

Emperor Cole let out a heavy sigh as he looked at the picture, giving the snow globe a slight shake. He wondered what the Marcus Cole in that picture would think if he knew all of the hardships that he would endure in the years that would follow; what would the old Marcus Cole do if he was told the responsibility of the world, perhaps even the universe, rested on his shoulders?

  • (Shake the snow globe)

Emperor Cole watched the small flakes dance around the picture, falling to the bottom of the globe. He knew that Imperial City had been taken by the Primals. The civilian populace of Nova Praetoria fled when Tilman was destroyed.

Tilman... the thought of her twisted Emperor Cole's stomach. She was a necessity to keep Praetoria safe... but in the end she was controlled by her madness and pride, not by the desire to keep the people safe. Nearly all those who were powerful enough to keep Praetoria safe suffered from this... Berry, Keyes, White, even Sinclair, at times.

Emperor Cole let out a sigh, trying to figure out where it all went wrong...

  • (Continue)

Once upon a time, Emperor Cole believed that the world could be saved. The world could be rebuilt, if only the proper control were put on it. Praetoria once flourished, and now, his beloved city was crumbling before his very eyes. The people of Primal Earth, the dimension that he feared would destroy Praetoria, had succeeded. In his efforts to stop the Primals first, Cole had revived the anger of the Hamidon, the one opponent he could not overcome.

Was all of this wrong? Should Cole have sought to control the people, to save the people? Was it wrong to have the desire to bring order to both this world and the world of the Primals?

Cole shook his head, banishing the thoughts from his mind. Too many people believed in the ideal that he dreamed of, the ideal of a perfect, beautiful world, one where the people had no fear, one where those who held power protected those who did not. To give up now, to admit defeat to the Primals, would be casting away the work, the sacrifices of the thousands who gave their life, their love, and their families to Praetoria.

Cole only had one option left: to unleash his full fury, once and for all, and push back the forces of anarchy that were now at his doorstep.

  • (Leave)


Emperor Cole looked around to see what remained of his loyal followers. The only one whom he trusted amongst the group was Praetor Sinclair. So, Cole thought, it came down to this. He and Sinclair with the aid of a shadow version of a knight, a woman who controlled shadows and dressed like a harlot, and a beast. These people were the last line of defense for Praetoria.

Marcus, the situation is grim. They've taken Imperial City, as you know. I was able to hold them off as long as I could with the IDF forces, but their numbers continue to grow. My scouts were unable to find Praetor White or Berry for additional assistance.

We have reports of a large force marching onto the Magisterium as we speak.

  • Who leads them?

The one they call Lord Recluse. While Vanguard's forces were establishing a defensive perimeter around Imperial City, he pushed through to attack. It seems he wishes to kill you himself.

I've received some injuries after a fight with Character, but I'm fully ready to head back into battle, as are Black Swan, Shadow Hunter, and 'Nega' Pendragon.

It had been some time since Emperor Cole had truly unleashed his full might. He had avoided doing such within the confines of Praetoria out of fear of destroying the parts of the city. However... there was no one left of his loyal followers here. All that remained was the enemy. Cole could go out first, while he used his abilities to also empower those that remained with power from the Well.

  • You all stay and rest. I will handle this, alone.


Emperor Cole: Stefan Richter. The embodiment of chaos at the doorstep of law.
Lord Recluse: Chaos? Hardly. I'm here to put an end to this and to you, Cole. Not to mention taking your precious technology...

Emperor Cole: Impressive speech, Richter. Sadly, it is not as impressive as your army.
Emperor Cole: It is my duty to rid both worlds of your chaos. Your pathetic little armies will not stand in my way!

After defeating 10 Arachnos:

After defeating 25 Arachnos:

After defeating 50 Arachnos:

After defeating 100 Arachnos:

After defeating all Arachnos:


Completion of this mission awards the Embodiment of Law badge.

File:Badge i23PersonalArcComplete.png Embodiment of Law

You played through Emperor Cole's personal story and saw him fight against the entire army of Arachnos.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

As it currently exists, this mission is possible to complete, but it is long and tedious. There are over 180 enemy mobs spawned on the last map, which causes frequent lost connections to the mapserver when they are defeated. The most reliable workaround is to slowly pull mobs using Laser Beam Eyes and defeating them with that attack and Energy Smash. Be careful not to enter the center of the Magisterium plaza right away to avoid drawing too many mobs at once. Even still, the mission will pause after each mob, so remain patient and methodical. It may also be beneficial to avoid using the Zeus' Lightning power, as some report that it causes additional lag.