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Mission:A New Dimension, A New Team - Part 2: Refugees

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Part 2: Refugees

Mission Briefing

The people of First Ward have been relocated to an island near Paragon City. Vanguard wants to give the people from First Ward time to recuperate and get the help they need, and I agree. These people have been fighting for their lives day in and day out for years. They won't be able to just easily adjust to being in a normal society.

The Carnival of Light, outside of TUNNEL assistance, have also been relegated to the area until Vanguard can be sure of what will happen if this world's Carnival of Shadows gets near them. Our next possible recruit is on the island, but you won't be going there alone. There is another who is there. He has already agreed to help our cause.

  • Who is there at the island? And who is this person helping me?

My friend's name is Grant Creston. He was a former commander in the IDF who went rogue to help the people of First Ward. He has agreed to helping our cause by joining the New Praetorians. His experience will help us greatly, and he's no stranger to being seen as an outcast, even to those who he's trying to help.

Our other recruits are going to be Desdemona, Noble Savage, and Aurora Pena, the former Mother Mayhem. All three are very powerful and will be useful to our cause.

Desdemona has the psychic power of Vanessa DeVore and her own demon summoning powers and will be eager to help us out. Noble Savage is a dear friend of mine as well; he will no doubt lend his power to our group. Finally, I'm well aware that Aurora has something to prove to the world. Tilman used her body to do terrible things, and Aurora wants to make up for all of it. We're going to give her the chance to do just that.

Travel to the Refugee Island and speak with Desdemona first. She will know where Noble Savage and Aurora are.

Rescue Desdemona

Unnecessary Solicitation

Noble Savage was once a dear friend of mine, Character. I have no doubt that he'll be willing to help us.

Mission Objective(s)


The ferry drops you off at what has been called 'Refugee Island'. You see up ahead several Paragon citizens protesting the very existence of this island.

  • Rescue Desdemona
    • Speak with Desdemona
    • 9 groups of Devouring Earth to defeat

You need to hurry if you're going to rescue the Praetorians from the Council!


Badge villain devouring.png Devouring Earth

Notable NPCs


We're here to protest the Praetorians being locked away like this! Vanguard doesn't have the right to keep them here, it's a prison! What do you say, Character?!

  • The Praetorians need to be protected, first.
  • I'll see what I can do about the situation.
  • I don't have time for this at the moment.


Ah, greetin's Character, I've heard all about you. My name's Nadia, member of the Carnival of Light in Praetoria.

The world of Primal Earth is very different from ours, and yet the same. I can feel great evil here, but a different kind, a magical kind. But I also feel an immense good, altruism, that flows through this world.

I'm lookin' forward to leavin' this Vanguard base and going out and about, but for now I'll be stayin' here 'till those soldiers give us the okay to head on out. Tons better than it was in First Ward, at least.


Blue skies overhead, the ocean covered by walls of civilization, walls that are hard, built upon good intentions. They are walls that are here to protect and to keep, much like the walls of Praetoria.

I have heard of your heroics, Character, I trust that you know what you are doing. I know that this current situation is not permanent, and that it is done out of... good intentions. Let us just hope the road that is being paved with them leads to a better place.

Contact Small Anna Palatine.jpg
Anna Palatine


Character, it's good to meet you, I've heard all about your work here on Primal Earth. I am Anna Palatine, leader of the survivors from First Ward.

I am still considered the leader of the survivors, even during this time. Vanguard spoke with me about this situation and I agreed to it. We could all use some time to rest, and some time to get used to this new world.


Hey, Character, I know that... things have been tough, between the two of us. We both had to do a lot in order to save the day.

This time here in the island has been... nice, it's given me a chance to reflect on everything. I know I've said some bad things... but I want to say that there's no more animosity between the two of us. Everything turned out for the best, and that's what counts, right?

I think I'm done with this whole saving the day gig, though. I'm just looking forward to a nice, relaxing rest of my life. Sounds good, doesn't it?

  • You deserve it, Katie. See you around.


Character. It's always good to see you. Vanguard is taking very good care of the denizens of First Ward, though, as you see, some citizens of Primal Earth aren't very... happy about our situation. However, the people of First Ward are relieved to finally have some peace.

What can I do for you today?

  • (Explain Marchand's New Praetorians)

Hrm... that's an interesting proposal, but I'm afraid I will have to decline. The people here require my aid, especially after we discovered Calvin Scott's insanity.

Aurora and Noble Savage may be interested. The two of them, along with some Carnival of Light, were taken on a tour of Paragon City. I'm sure you could ask them when they're back.

However... there is someone else who may be able to help you.

  • Who else could help me?
  • Do you know what happened to Calvin Scott?
Unfortunately, I do not. We lost him during the chaos of the Magisterium fight. I know that Vanguard is trying to track him down, as they have reason to believe he still has loyal followers in the Resistance and even a number of turncoats within the Loyalists.
  • I see. Who is this other person who could help me?


That would be me, Character. I never had the chance to apologize about what happened in Night Ward. You... saw me at a low point, as a man who was desperate to prove himself. Now, however, I have seen what I must do, the man who I can be.

Your New Praetorians group sounds like a noble cause, one that I would be glad to lend my stained sword to, should you allow me.

Your communicator lets out several beeps - it's an urgent message from Provost Marchand.

  • Hold on, Pendragon. Marchand, go ahead.


We have two problems, Character. The Council have attacked and kidnapped Noble Savage, Aurora Pena, and the Carnival of Light.

We're also getting readings of a large Devouring Earth presence beneath the Refugee Island. Apex is on his way, but he won't get there in time. We need someone on sight to handle it discreetly; we can't have the people here attacked by our Hamidon.

Marchand out.

You could handle both situations yourself, or you could put Pendragon to the task and have him deal with the Devouring Earth here.

  • Pendragon, we have a problem. You're with me.
You have my sword, Character.
  • Let's go!
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At this point the mission continues underground where you fight the Devouring Earth.

  • Pendragon, there's a situation. I need you to stay here and handle it.
You explain the situation to Pendragon, who nods slightly.
Understood. I've fought the Devouring Earth back in Praetoria, I'll be able to handle things here.
You take care of Aurora and Noble Savage!
  • Good luck, Pendragon.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At this point the mission ends.

  • Stay here, Pendragon. Grant and I need to handle a problem.
... Alright, Character, good luck.


After speaking to Nadia, Blind Makwa, Anna Palatine, and Katie Douglas, you will be awarded the Chatterbox Badge.

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Chatterbox

You were sent in to handle things on Refugee Island, but you decided to catch up with some old friends from First Ward.

Rescue the Carnival of Light

Unnecessary Solicitation

Good work on the island, Character. Praetor White and I will monitor your progress from here.

Mission Objective(s)


Aurora Pena and Noble Savage are somewhere in this warehouse, along with the other members of the Carnival of Light.

  • Rescue the Carnival of Light
    • Find Aurora Pena
    • Find Noble Savage
    • Rescue the Carnival of Light

You saved the Carnival of Light from the Council!


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Odd Communication
You overheard the Council Ascendant speaking to someone over a walkie talkie. You assume by his reverent tone that it was the Center, but the Ascendant referred to a third, unknown party.
Call Provost Marchand


Good work out there, Character. No one on the Refugee Island knew about the Devouring Earth. Gaussian has assured me another Devouring Earth attack will not happen again. In the meantime, I've spoken with Pendragon, and I believe that he'll make a fine addition to the New Praetorians.

It's a shame about Desdemona, and Noble Savage seems determined to stay with the Forlorn. Aurora, however, is also on board. This is very good, Character, we already have a strong team.

  • What's next?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • Someone planted those barrels in the island, Marchand.
Yes, I'm aware of that. I spoke with Gaussian about it, who believes that someone from the outside managed to smuggle those barrels in.
It's disturbing, to say the least. He's undergoing a full investigation into the matter to see who had contact with moving resources in and out of the island.
  • Alright, what's next in our plan?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • The island needs to be shut down. It's too much of a risk.
I know your concerns, Character, I share them as well. The island is only a temporary solution, let me assure you.
The people of First Ward are used to a very different life, one of war and survival. They need help to be re-integrated back into normal society. This is the help that's being given to them.
I'm not concerned about what they might do to Primal Earth - I'm concerned about what people on Primal Earth will do to them. You've seen it already - the Council wasted no time in kidnapping the Carnival of Light. They need to be prepared for what's out here, and we need to be prepared to protect them properly.
  • Fair enough, what's next in our plan?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • If you insist. What's next?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • Didn't Cole keep people imprisoned for similar reasons?
I know, Character, what it seems like. However, we are not walking down that road. The people will be freed soon, Lady Grey has assured me that there is a timeframe for releasing the refugees into Paragon and establishing therapy sessions for them.
Please, we must turn our attention to finding more members for the New Praetorians. They are exactly the ones who will help with the integration of the Praetorian populace into normal society.
  • Alright, what's next in our plan?
Well, I'm concerned about whom that Council Ascendant was talking to. It's a reminder that what our team is lacking is an expert in technical forensics. Luckily, I know just the man who can help us.
  • Who is it?