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Hot Zone

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This half-destroyed Outbreak neighborhood is overrun with rioting Contaminated thugs. Though armed with little more than rocks and rusted handguns, their strength lies in their numbers. Before the riots, the Hot Zone was a pleasant if not slightly dusty residential neighborhood. Any charm it previously had is now gone, however. Drug addicts, high on a Rikti mutagen they believed would provide them with the ultimate rush, are now taking their neighborhood apart piece by piece. Cars have been overturned and left to burn on the streets, while the elevated train tracks above the neighborhood have been bombed with crude explosives. The line remains severed to this day, and several chunks of track have impaled several apartment buildings in the area.

What was once a pleasant park in the center of the neighborhood is now nothing more than a gigantic heap of refuse, rubble, and tar. A fire rages within, tinting the center of the trash mountain a sinister red...but the Contaminated care little about the overwhelming smell or the searing cloud of smoke and gas that now blankets the Hot Zone. The Contaminated are numerous in the neighborhood - it's impossible to walk five steps without seeing at least four of them. They prefer to riot in pairs, but any hero can easily take a couple of them. All Contaminated are level 1 and easily dispatched, but it's still possible to get in over your head - avoid trying to take out 6 or more of them at once.



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The tutorial allows the opportunity for a Hero to earn the Isolator Badge, by defeating 100 Contaminated within the Hot Zone. Once the character leaves the tutorial, the only ways to earn this badge are by defeating the lone Level 1 Contaminated that spawns in the abandoned monorail station in Recluse's Victory and through Ouroboros flashback.