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Mission:Common - Get a sample of the Clockwork pistons

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Get a sample of the Clockwork pistons


The Clockwork have been getting tougher recently. We think it might be the pistons they are using. Can you get us a sample of the Clockwork pistons?

Mission Acceptance

We believe that Tarang Chonk is running the facility I am sending you to.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You haven't given me any Clockwork gears yet.

Mission Objective(s)

The doorknob has been removed, no doubt as part of the Clockwork's regular scavenging.

  • Get sample from the Clockwork
    • Seek Clockwork parts

You found the Clockwork pistons.

The box of parts


  • The sample item that is to be recovered can vary. Possible samples include bearings, gear shafts and pistons.
  • The mission objective is fulfilled when the Box of Parts is destroyed.


Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork

Notable NPCs

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Clockwork gears
These parts are obviously being used to create advanced Clockwork constructs.


I'm not familiar with this metal, but I'll get it analyzed. Thanks a lot, Character.

You say the Clockwork seemed to recognize you? That's so strange. Perhaps they share some sort of hive memory? After all the Clockwork King's remarkable innovations, I guess that shouldn't surprise me.