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Doctor Arvin

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Doctor Arvin
Doctor Arvin.jpg
Physician and Genetics Researcher at Cole Memorial Hospital
Zone Nova Praetoria
Coordinates (-4770, 6, -1558)
Level Range 1-10
Introduced By == Level 4 ==
Tunnel Rat
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
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Doctor Arvin is a Praetorian contact in Nova Praetoria at coordinates (-4770, 6, -1558).  His level range is 1-10.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Physician and Genetics Researcher at Cole Memorial Hospital

Doctor Arvin is a well known physician within Nova Praetoria. Despite his older age, he has kept up with all of the up and coming doctors in his field. Some of his co-workers whisper that he has been working on secret experiments in his spare time, though none know what exactly he is up to.

Doctor Arvin is also known to be somewhat of a historian in his spare time, keeping an impressive collection of historical books within his home.

Prior to Introduction

I'm sorry, but I don't take walk-up appointments. Even though I am a physician, you'll still need to book an appointment with my receptionist. If we start breaking even the smallest rules, where would we be as a society?

Initial Contact

Contact Small Doctor Arvin.jpg
Doctor Arvin


Character, good to meet you. My name is James Arvin. As you may have guessed from my attire, I am a doctor of some repute here in Nova Praetoria.

I would love to have a casual conversation with you, but I'm afraid there is business to attend to.

You are aware of the Destroyers, yes? They are a symptom of a disease spreading within Praetoria, one that I would see cured. Have you heard of it? Fixadine? It eats away at those who cling to it, turning them into monsters. I, however, would see these monsters freed from their chains.

  • You have a plan to go about this?

That I do. Many have tried to cure those addicted to Fixadine with little success. The main problem, you see, is that their bodies require Fixadine to survive - once they've become addicted, of course. It isn't a simple matter of willpower to get over the addiction. Without Fixadine, the bodily functions of those who are addicted will slowly shut down one by one, until they eventually die.

I, however, have come up with a method that will allow their bodies to sustain themselves without Fixadine. It is a long process, however, and must be done on a case by case basis.

My research was proceeding along nicely until my patient, who I have dubbed Subject Zero, escaped from my care. This is where I need your assistance, Character.

  • Find Subject Zero, sounds easy enough. How did he escape?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (A)
  • Why not ask the PPD for help? (C)
The PPD... don't exactly know what I'm doing. They too, are another symptom of a disease spreading in Praetoria, one that does not have to do with Fixadine.
I must keep my work a secret from them, for now. Once the cure is created, I can come forward with what I know and what I've done. There may be anger at my... activities, but my cure will easily make up for that.
  • Alright, do you have any idea where Subject Zero might be?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (B)
  • How did Subject Zero get away? (A)
It was my fault, really. He was craving Fixadine for far too long. I was hoping I could create the cure before Subject Zero went into withdrawals... but time was not on my side. He easily broke out of my laboratory and is now somewhere within the city, looking for more of the drug.
  • Alright, do you have any idea where Subject Zero might be? (B)
I have some leads. Shall we get started?
  • Yes, let's figure this out.
  • Why not ask the PPD for help?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (C)


Make sure you have a healthy breakfast, the most important meal of the day. And none of this second-breakfast nonsense from you, either. Doctor's orders.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level


No More Missions

You reach Dr. Arvin's voicemail when you try to call him.

Hello, you have reached the phone of Dr. Arvin. If you have a medical emergency, please head to Cole Memorial Hospital. If you require anything else, please leave a message.


Missing Store Unlock Dialogue

Story Arcs

Fixing Fixadine

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Immunization Prescription

Dr. Arvin wrote up this prescription for you to receive various immunization shots, despite your super abilities and resistance to such things.

It reminds you of an experience you call...

Fixing Fixadine

It began when you met a doctor named John Arvin, who was looking for help in creating a cure for Fixadine. He told you that he was close to finding a cure for Fixadine but that his main test subject, dubbed 'Subject Zero', had escaped from his lab. You took off into the tunnels beneath Nova to search for Subject Zero.

You saved a homeless woman from the Ghouls. In return, the woman told you of a homeless man in the tunnels who could help you with your search. You spoke to the man, who revealed Subject Zero's real name was Louis and that he was Dr. Arvin's nephew. The homeless man informed you that Louis went to catch up with a group of Destroyers topside.

You hurried to the warehouse where the Destroyers were. The place was full of fire and smoke, but Subject Zero was not in the warehouse. You found out that Subject Zero was part of a rampage in South Aetna!

You hurried to South Aetna and stopped the rampage, while also saving Subject Zero from the Destroyers and the PPD. With him in Dr. Arvin's care, it's only a matter of time until a cure is created for the Fixadine...

Part One: The Underbelly


Hello again, Character. I've managed to track down a possible location for Subject Zero. I regret to inform you that he was last seen going into the underground tunnels of Praetoria.

I know that Subject Zero has a few contacts down there, specifically in the homeless that dwell within those dreadful areas. I believe it is with those homeless that you will be able to find the location of our Subject Zero. Are you up for going down into the diseased depths of this city to bring back our cure?

  • When you say it like -that-, how could I not be?


I would be careful of running into the Ghouls while you're down there. If you hurry, you may be able to catch Subject Zero before he wanders too deep into the city's abyss. Oh, and Character?

Make sure all of your immunization shots are current before you go down there.

Find Subject Zero

Unnecessary Solicitation

If you need some shots before you go down there, I'll be able to help.

Mission Objective(s)


You follow a series of winding corridors before you end up here. You're deep beneath Nova now - and going deeper.

  • Find Subject Zero
    • Save any stranded Loyalists (Optional)
    • Find anyone who can locate Subject Zero
      • Find the exit deeper into the tunnels

You push through the tunnels to speak with another homeless man regarding the location of Subject Zero.


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls

Notable NPCs

  • Lost Citizen (NPC hostage, non-escort)
  • Homeless Woman (NPC hostage, non-escort)
  • (Ghouls Manslayer) (Boss) x2 (One guarding each NPC)

The man you rescued told you about one of the Destroyers.

Icon clue generic.png
The Big Red Bomb
You rescued a Loyalist citizen from the ghouls within the tunnels. He told you that he was running from a large Destroyer, who was nicknamed 'Red Bomb'. Rumor has it that if you're captured by Red Bomb, he'll either tear you in half or inject you with so much Fixadine that you won't even remember your own name.
Icon clue generic.png
A Ghoul's Fate
One of the ghouls you defeated within the tunnels let out a somewhat sensible sentence before collapsing to the ground.

Memories... pain... sorrow... anger... anger! Chained... chained to...

The woman you rescued informed you of someone who can help with your search.

Icon clue generic.png
The Destroyer Expert
After you saved the homeless woman from ghouls, she told you about a man who lived within the tunnels. Rumor has it that he was an ex-Destroyer. He knows a lot about what goes on with the Destroyers, including where Subject Zero may be.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Exiting the door of this map will lead you directly to Underground Nova to complete the next objective.

Part Two: Chasing the Crush

Speak with the Homeless Man

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should go speak with this man, Character. He's our only lead to finding Subject Zero.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with the Homeless Man

Contact Small Homeless Man.jpg
Homeless Man


Eh? What do you want? Can't you see you're intruding on my home here?!

  • I'm here to find out about a Destroyer that passed through here.

A Destroyer?

You mean Louis? Shame that he got on the Fixadine. I always told him not to get on the stuff.

But does he listen to me? Of course not! Now he's always hopped up on Fixadine, attacking random people. Last I heard, he threw a car at a building and killed a group of college students. None of that woulda happened if he just listened to me. He didn't even listen to that stuck up uncle of his, what's his name... Arvin... or something.

What're you lookin' to him about?

  • I'm trying to track him down, to find a cure for Fixadine.
Wha? What's Louis gotta do with it?
  • He's the key to finding the cure. I need to know where he went.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (A)
  • Wait, Arvin is his Uncle? (B)
Yeah, Arvin is his uncle. Took good care of him too, till Louis went on the crush.
Me, I never wanted in on the stuff, s'why they kicked me outta the Destroyers, I guess.
Not surprised that Arvin doesn't talk a lot about Louis and him being related. It'd look bad for a doctor in his standing to be associated with some sorta Destroyer like Louis, eh?
  • Interesting. I need to find where Louis is. He's a key for the Fixadine cure. (A)
Alright, whatever. I talked to Louis a while ago, he was killing for a 'crush'. That's what they call a shot of Fixadine. This time here is the only time when you could talk to him without getting your face smashed in, see?
So, I told him about some Destroyers that ran out through the tunnels, led by some guy called Smash Bro. They're up in one of the warehouses in Nova now. You wanna find Louis, you can go see him there.
That all you want from me?
  • Thanks for the information, I'll be going now.
  • What is this about Arvin being the man's uncle?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (B)
  • What do you know of the past, before this place was Praetoria?
Before? You're interested in before?
This place, this country, was called America. And you know who it belonged to? The people! Not to some stuck-up super-powered suit. They say up top that the world before Cole was terrible. But I say we're livin' in a time that our forefathers would've hated! No freedom, no choice! What you do is what Cole and his little group let you do. S'why I'm down here in the tunnels. It may not be nice, but at least I got myself some choice down here.
You, you should remember what I'm sayin' here! We're comin' to a time when people don't remember how things were, forgetting what the past was, just believin' what Cole tells 'em! But I won't forget! I won't forget the life I had, back when this land had a different name.
  • Thanks for the information, I'll be going now.
  • What is this about Arvin being the man's uncle?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (B)

Icon clue generic.png
Uncle Arvin
The homeless man within Nova's underground tunnels informed you that Subject Zero's real name was Louis - Louis Arvin. Dr. Arvin is Louis' uncle, though the homeless man believes Arvin is ashamed of being associated with Louis. This could be why Arvin never bothered to inform you of their relation.
Icon clue generic.png
A Land Called America
You spoke with the homeless man beneath the tunnels about what Praetoria used to be, before Emperor Cole came into power. He went into a small rant about the land of 'America' and about how it was 'far greater' than what Cole's regime has currently created, despite the various facts flying around about the problems that the country previously had.
Enter the Destroyer Gathering

Unnecessary Solicitation

Good to see you're not feeling ill, Character. Do you think you can get to that warehouse before Subject Zero gets away?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: N_Warehouse_30_Layout_03_01

Smoke fills the warehouse as you step inside of it. The Destroyers have made their mark here already - hopefully Subject Zero is still somewhere within.

  • Enter the Destroyer Gathering
    • Defeat Smash Man to find Subject Zero's location

You discovered the location of Subject Zero - he's at a rampage in South Aetna! You need to get this information to Doctor Arvin as soon as you can!


P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Louis the Lobster
After defeating a group of Destroyers, you found out about Subject Zero's past in the Destroyers. He had the nickname 'Louis the Lobber' because his 'specialty' was throwing objects at people.

During one raid, he grabbed a broken lampost and slammed it into a car, causing it to blow up and kill the passengers inside. During another incident, he was seen throwing civilians out of high-rise buildings, laughing with his eyes mad from Fixadine.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating the above mobs, a two minute counter starts, after which four waves of Destroyers will ambush you

You defeated Smash Man and learned the location of Subject Zero.

Icon clue generic.png
Rampage in Aetna
Smash Man calmed down off of his Fixadine rush after you defeated him. In his last moments of conscious, he told you that the man you're looking for probably hooked up with another horde of Destroyers who found a way into South Aetna.

Before passing out, Smash Man grunted that the Destroyers will, 'never rest until we get back what's ours from you Powers Division scum.'

Part Three: Crushing Hard

Unnecessary Solicitation

You musn't delay, Character!

Contact Small Doctor Arvin.jpg
Doctor Arvin


Character, were you able to find Subject Zero?



A rampage in South Aetna?! If something isn't done, we could lose Subject Zero - and our cure - forever to the PPD! Quick, Character, I know of a way that you can slip in there to disarm the situation and get Subject Zero before the PPD do!

Those Loyalists who are truly loyal to safety and peace of Praetoria would do well to speak with Provost Marchand about events that are happening - before going to stop this rampage.

  • Alright, let's get started. (Begin Mission)
  • Hold on Arvin, you never mentioned you were Subject Zero's Uncle.
... yes, I'm related to Subject Zero, Character. Why do you ask?
  • Why didn't you mention this? Are you ashamed of him?
No, not at all, Character. I care about my nephew, very much. Which is why I must keep my distance from our... connection. As a doctor, I must remain professional and disconnected from my patients. If I have an emotional investment... then mistakes can be made during the procedure.
I must ensure that Subject Zero is just that to me - another patient to work on. No connection, no face, just a means to an end.
I hope you can understand that, Character. Now, please, you must hurry to South Aetna!
  • I'm on it. (Begin mission)
  • No reason, let's get going. (Begin mission)

Mission Objective(s)


The Destroyers are tearing up South Aetna. With the PPD nowhere to be found, it's up to you to stop them - and get Subject Zero!

  • Retrieve Subject Zero in South Aetna!
    • Retrieve Subject Zero
    • Protect Subject Zero from incoming Destroyers

You've fought off the Destroyers and recovered Subject Zero before the PPD could arrive!

Chaos in South Aetna


P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! At 50% health, Louis summons two waves of ambushes.


Character, this is terrific! Subject Zero, back in our custody! Now I can move forward with finding a cure.

You and I, however, are not done yet. Far from it. I'll need your help in finding the last components for the cure before I can properly administer it to Subject Zero.

Rage Quit

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Destroyer Blood Vial

You have this leftover vial from containing the blood of a powerful Destroyer. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Rage Quit

Dr. Arvin was close to finding a cure for Fixadine; with Subject Zero back in his care, all he needed was a vial of blood from a powerful Destroyer. You fought and defeated the Red Bomb, taking a sample of blood from him in the process.

When you returned to Arvin, he informed you that his lab had been raided by the PPD and that he was kicked out. Luckily, he had managed to hide Subject Zero. You and Arvin snuck back into his lab, where Arvin was able to craft the cure for Subject Zero, allowing his body to survive without Fixadine. Alarms began to go off, a sign that the PPD were on their way to the lab.

You were then faced with a choice. Dr. Arvin wanted Subject Zero to go free, to live his own life. But Subject Zero had committed many crimes against Praetoria. Was it right to allow him to go free, when those he hurt would never get that choice? It was a difficult decision, but one that you had to make on your own.

Part One: The Red Bomb


Subject Zero is doing just fine within my lab. I was able to sneak him in without anyone noticing - in the dead of night, of course.

While you were out chasing Zero, I was wrapping up loose ends in my research. I need one final chemical to complete the cure - I only just now realized it.

I need a blood sample from someone who has been on Fixadine for an extremely long time. This is so I have another sample to compare Subject Zero's with - two extremes, you see. One blood sample of a normal person, myself, and another sample of someone completely far gone. Of course, something like this would have to be done by, well, someone like you. Do you happen to know where you might find a specimen that fits this criteria?

During your chase after Subject Zero, you remember the Destroyers mentioning 'The Red Bomb', a powerful Destroyer whom they all look up to and respect. If there's one Destroyer that could fit for Dr. Arvin's experiment, it's him.

This arc is a SINGLE PLAYER MORAL CHOICE story arc. You will not be able to have other people on your team assist you with this story arc.

  • There is one. He calls himself the Red Bomb.

The Red Bomb?

Why, Subject Zero just mentioned that man's name! He was trying to lash at me, saying he was going to prove himself so that he could join the Red Bomb's raid on a nearby office building today. I hadn't thought anything of it - I believed Red Bomb was just a regular Destroyer, so I informed the PPD of what was going to happen.

But if he's the Destroyer we need, then you need to hurry to that building to get his blood, before the PPD bring him in!

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'll do what I can to hold off the PPD from getting there, but you need to hurry!

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Office_30_Layout_02_04

The sound of destruction echoes in the halls of this office building. There's little time left before either the building collapses, or the PPD arrive!

  • Extract Red Bomb's Blood
    • Re-activate emergency systems to douse some fires (Optional)
    • Extract Fixadine from the Red Bomb

You've retrieved the blood that Dr. Arvin needs, now to get back to him so he can perform the experiment!


P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Fixadine Blood
You were able to retrieve the Fixadine Blood from the Red Bomb. It's a good thing Arvin gave you a specific vial to put it in - the minute the blood was poured in, the vial increased substantially in temperature! This is definitely no ordinary blood sample.


Character, thank you. I... wish I could say things are going well, but they're not.

The PPD have found out about my experiments and... have forbidden me from entering my lab. Luckily I was able to get Subject Zero out before they raided the place - only thanks to the quick work of my secretary.

I'm not too surprised that this happened - often when trying to cure a disease, the symptoms of it will work together to fight against the cure. It's a good thing that I've got just what I need to fight back against this; your help.

Finale: My Nephew, the Monster


This is it, Character, everything we've worked for has come down to this one moment. I say we, as I've come to trust you as a valuable friend. Not an assistant, mind you, a friend.

The PPD have my lab guarded, but I know of a time when their guard will be lowered. Tunnel Rat will create a distraction for us. That is when you and I can sneak in with Subject Zero.

Once we're inside, I can administer the final step in the cure for Fixadine.

Are you ready, Character?

  • Let's do this, Arvin.

Excellent. Wait for the appointed time, then head into the my lab. It's located a bit from the hospital itself, due to some of the odd research I've done. I'll be right behind you. And Character, thank you. For everything.

Those Loyalists who are truly loyal to the safety and peace of Praetoria would do well to speak with Provost Marchand about the recent turn of events.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We shouldn't be seen talking at the moment, Character, given that we're about to perform some less than legal activities.

Mission Objective(s)


Dr. Arvin's lab is devoid of life, the PPD following Tunnel Rat's distraction. Now is the perfect time to get in here and take care of matters.

  • Cure Subject Zero
    • Get into the Facility

'Everything we've worked for has come down to this one moment...'

Dr. Arvin: Quickly, Character, we must get the subject inside of the container. We have no time to lose!

Dr. Arvin: Character, this is incredible!
Dr. Arvin: Subject Zero... Louis... he is completely cured of Fixadine!
Dr. Arvin: He can go on to live a normal life... no more cravings... no more rage!
Dr. Arvin: I can get my nephew to members of the Resistance right away.
Dr. Arvin: They will get him out of Praetoria so he can start his life over!

Dr. Arvin: It's the PPD! Character, you need to help me get Louis out of Praetoria!


EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

There is no completion text or debriefing for this mission.