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Cultural Direction and Education Center

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The Cultural Direction and Education Center

The Cultural Direction and Education Center (C.D.E.C.) is located in the Logos neighbourhood of Imperial City, just south of the TPN Campus. The main front entrance is at coordinates (-1537.0, -39.8, -1462.9). Praetorians of either alignment can take Invention Salvage and Recipes to the C.D.E.C to craft items using Invention Worktables.

The equivalent in Paragon City (for Heroes) and the Rogue Isles (for Villains), is the University.

A series of tutorial missions for the invention system can be completed through Relations Expert Verna Arcola. Completing the tutorial awards the Inventor Badge. The character will also receive salvage and a recipe to create a level-appropriate Common Invention Origin Enhancement.


"The Cultural Direction and Education Center is here for the citizens of Praetoria, ready to help you reach your potential!" — CDEC Representative

The CDEC is where all of Emperor Cole’s "propaganda" is created and distributed and where Praetorian citizens gather for higher learning and cultural wisdom. The CDEC is also where they are able to access invention tables to create all things for the glory of Cole.