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Relations Expert Verna Arcola

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Relations Expert Verna Arcola
Relations Expert Verna Arcola.jpg
Zone Imperial City
Coordinates (-794, -284, -1175)
Introduced By None
Introduces Consultant Rupert
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Relations Expert Verna Arcola is a Praetorian contact in Imperial City. She is located inside the Cultural Direction and Education Center (or C.D.E.C.).

Relations Expert Verna Arcola is the starting contact for the Invention System tutorial, which may be undertaken by any praetorian level 10 or higher. The tutorial is completely optional; all aspects of the Invention System will work whether you complete it or not.


Contact Introduces

Your next exercise will be Salvage: Recycling for Cole's Grandeur mentored by:
Salvage is a crucial component in the Invention system. As you move on to your next enriching experience, you will learn about salvage: how to get it, where to sell it, and what it does.
Consultant Rupert will be more than happy to give you his knowledge on the subject. He is located in the Resource Center on the first floor.

About this contact

Cultural Direction and Education Center Relations Expert

Relations Expert Verna Arcola has been a figurehead at the Cultural Direction and Education Center for many years. She was hand-picked by Emperor Cole for her energy, loyalty, and dedication. Verna has proven herself an effective administrator and popular public figurehead.

Initial Contact

Character, welcome to the Cultural Direction and Education Center. Can I just say how pleased we are to have you here? My name is Verna Arcola and I am the center's Relations Expert. We have just implemented a brand new curriculum here called the Inventions Program for Enlightened Citizens Advocating Cole! Doesn't that sound wonderful? I came up with that catchy acronym myself!

This is the Invention Tutorial. It should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. Click on 'Ask about available missions' to start the tutorial.

Too Busy

Oh dear. This is a place of learning and personal growth, Character. However can you absorb all that we wish to teach if your mind is not focused? It simply cannot be done! Now then, go and clear your mind of all other matters and come back here when you are done. Don't worry, we will be waiting.


Read Curriculum Console


I am quite sure you will love our enriching Invention Program here at the Cultural Direction and Education Center. It's a brand new program with plenty of exercises to help you better understand the wonderful system of Inventions.

By all means, peruse the Curriculum Console to get yourself started. It's right behind me on the counter.

Read Curriculum Console

I'm sure you will want to know what interesting things you'll be learning about in this curriculum. Fascinating!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Read Curriculum Console

You peruse the information displayed on the console.


Inventions Enrichment Curriculum

Exercise Title Mentor Location
Salvage Recycling for Cole's Grandeur Rupert Resource Center
Recipes Using Recipes That Make Cole Proud Highland Resource Center
Workbenches & Results Materials + Inspiration = A New You Frederick Lab, Second Floor
Invention Enhancements Inventing a New Mindset Ross Lab, Second Floor
Auction Houses Sharing Circle Chesterfield Salon

Approved by Emperor Marcus Cole Cultural Direction and Education Center


Let's get you started right this minute! No time to waste when we have an opportunity to learn!

The console here is at your disposal so that you may come back any time you wish and read over our program.

Well, here we go! It's time for your very first growth exercise: Salvage: Recycling for Cole's Grandeur!