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ParagonMarket CharacterSlot.png
A Character Slot is a line on the Character Select Screen where one character "exists". Each server has its own "bank" of character slots, unlike some games where character slots are shared across several servers. An unassigned character slot is commonly referred to as a Character Slot Token, a Global (Character) Slot (Token), or a Server (Character) Slot (Token).

Issue 21 increased the number of character slots to 48 slots per server for VIP Players, and 36 slots for Free and Premium Players.

In addition to buying extra slots, players can utilize Server Transfers to free occupied slots on a server of their choice. Note that in order to transfer a character, the target server must have an open character slot.

NOTE: Occasionally characters may mysteriously move to the second, third or fourth page of slots on the Character Select screen. The best way to keep this from happening is to tick "Remember Account Name" at the login screen, which creates a text file listing each server's characters and saves it to the installation folder, which prevents those characters from moving.

Character Slot Tokens

There are two different character slot token types, which are the items used to actually unlock additional character slots:

  • Global Character Slot Tokens: Can unlock character slots on any server that an account has access to (all 16 for VIPs, all but Exalted for Free/Premium). Once used, a global character slot token turns into a server character slot token.
  • Server Character Slot Tokens: Can only unlock character slots on the server to which they are assigned. For instance, Justice's server character slot tokens will not show up on and cannot be applied to Triumph.

Assigning a global character slot token is a permanent process that binds that character slot token to the server. Server character slots and slot tokens cannot be moved from one server to another.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Global character slot tokens assigned to Exalted when VIP will continue to be assigned to Exalted even if the player drops to Premium. Thus it is possible for a new player who signs up with a VIP subscription to assign their two tokens to Exalted and have no server slots for other servers if they drop to Premium, requiring them to renew their VIP subscription or purchase additional tokens to continue to play.

Premium/VIP Switch

Going from Premium to VIP, or VIP to Premium, will re-lock all characters on every server. However, an appropriate number of server character slot tokens will be awarded to every server: 12 plus earned/purchased tokens per server for VIPs, and the appropriate number of earned/purchased tokens for Premium.

A Premium Player can unlock a limited number of character slots total across all of the servers, minus Exalted. Once a server character slot is used, it is semi-permanent. However, as mentioned above, a Premium Player can subscribe for a month and then allow their subscription to lapse, and this allows them to apply their server slot tokens over again.

Note this doesn't revert server slot tokens into global slot tokens; it only allows a player to reselect what characters (or empty character slots) are unlocked on the server those slot tokens are already located. However, this does mean a player can unlock their Defender and Blaster, subscribe to reset their slot unlocks and allow the sub to lapse, then choose their Scrapper and Brute instead.

Account Level Differences

Free Player

Free Players receive two Global Character Slot Tokens to apply to any server except the VIP-only server, Exalted. Free players will be able to create a character in that slot on that server from one of the eight non-premium archetypes.

Premium Player

Premium Players receive at least two Global Character Slot Tokens to apply to any server except the VIP-only server, Exalted. Premium Players can unlock more character slots on each accessible server, for a total possible of 36 characters on 15 servers (540 total slots). Depending on Paragon Rewards Program level and licenses purchased on the Paragon Market, Premium Players can create any of the eight non-premium archetypes, plus any premium archetypes that have been unlocked.

VIP Player

VIP Players have 12 character slots unlocked for free on every server, including the VIP-only server, Exalted. A VIP Player can unlock up to 36 more slots on each server, for a total possible of 48 characters on 16 servers (768 total slots). VIP Players can create any of the fourteen archetypes, including the premium archetypes, regardless of Rewards level or licenses.

Obtaining More Character Slots

In addition to the two global character slot tokens that come with the game (and the 12 server slot tokens per server for VIPs), players may acquire and assign additional slot tokens on a server-by-server basis, up to a total of 36 slots on any given server (48 for VIPs).

  • 2 free slots were awarded if a player was subscribed at the release of Issue 12 and for a few weeks after (no longer obtainable). If unassigned, these turned into Global Slot Tokens at Freedom launch. If assigned, these turned into Server Slot Tokens at Freedom launch.
  • 2 free slots are awarded for applying a Going Rogue serial code (if applied before Freedom launch only) (no longer obtainable). If unassigned, these turned into Global Slot Tokens at Freedom launch. If assigned, these turned into Server Slot Tokens at Freedom launch.
  • 1 free Global Slot Token is granted for every 12 months of paid subscription time.
  • Global Slot Tokens can be purchased through the Paragon Market for 480 pp each (or for a discount: 2 for 800 and 5 for 1600).

Global Slot Tokens are commonly placed on sale through the Paragon Market, at anywhere from 25% to 90% off. These sales typically accompany a new power set release or a release of new low-level content, both of which may or may not require additional unlock fees, to encourage players to play the new power set or content.

License Interactions

Please note that Premium Players can unlock character slots occupied by characters that require further licenses to utilize. For instance, Masterminds require 13 Reward Tokens or a separate purchase on the Paragon Market before being able to play them as a Premium Player. However, the game will allow a player without these licenses to unlock a Mastermind, resulting in an unlocked character that still cannot be played. However, hovering over a locked slot or character will tell a player what unlock(s) they need to obtain before the character can be played.

For instance, a Tier 4 or lower Premium Player attempting to unlock a slot occupied by a Mastermind will display this popup when hovering over the character, telling the player they need to unlock both the archetype and the slot:

Balloon.png Locks:

Your account does not have access to the archetype, Mastermind.
The character slot needs to be unlocked.

Clicking on the unlock icon at the top of the screen initiates the following popup confirmation screen, with an "OK" button to continue with the unlock regardless of the additional unlock requirement:

Balloon.png The character is locked for the following reasons:

Your account does not have access to the archetype, Mastermind.
The character slot needs to be unlocked.

You will still need to purchase additional items after committing a global server slot.

A Tier 5+ Premium Player attempting to unlock a slot occupied by a Mastermind will also see an informational popup, but it will only note the need to unlock the character slot, as the player has enough Reward Tokens to unlock the Paragon Rewards unlock license.


Badge time.png This section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

Issue 12 introduced additional purchasable slots and every server was expanded to allow up to 36 slots, accessible through three pages.

  • 2 free slots were issued for players logging into their accounts for several weeks after Issue 12 went live.
  • As part of the in-game store, slots could be purchased as follows prior to Issue 21/City of Heroes Freedom:
    • 1 slot for $5.99 | £3.49 | € 4.99
    • 2 slots for $9.99 | £5.99 | € 8.99 (approx. $4.99/slot)
    • 5 slots for $19.99 | £11.99 | € 17.99 (approx. $3.99/slot)
  • 2 free slots were included in Going Rogue Complete Collection if applied before Issue 21. (After Issue 21, the two slots are no longer granted.)
  • 1 free slot per 12 months of subscription ended with the Veteran Rewards Program.

If the in-game store went down for any reason, players lost access to any character slots beyond the base twelve free slots, unless it was already filled with a character. For example, Player Joe had 14 slots on Justice, and had characters in 13 of those slots; if the in-game store went down, he still had access to Character 13, but did not have access to Slot 14 to create a new character. When the in-game store came back, the slots automatically opened back up.

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