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page structure update

I've made a few significant changes. - Lem 18:23, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

  • disabled the TOC because it looks awful
  • put all the data in the page into Howtoget templates (explained here)
  • broke the data up into sections so individual badges can be edited without editing the whole page
  • linked the two pages together at the top and added a "footnote" to the Coordinates page.
  • changed Exploration badge location links to go to the Location section of each Badge page. This is a lot more useful than the location page.
  • did similar work on the History badges

powerbox suggestion

The icon and power name for Demonic is on the Demonic Badge page. If you want to add the powerbox template, here is what it would look like. - Snorii 17:36, 19 October 2006 (PDT)

V badge Demonic.png Demonic

BA Eye Of The Magus.png Demonic Aura Self: +Resistance(All but Psionics) +Defense(All but Psionics) -Speed -Recharge -Accuracy
The spirit of a demon resides within you. Bringing it to the surface of your mind can make you highly resistant to all types of damage for a short time. You mustn't let the demon inside you out for too long, however, or it just may cost you your mortal soul.


Added powerboxes to both pages

moving first section

Shipping the content in the first section to Gaining_Villain_Badges_with_Effects with a player guide caveat and some text stating this may not be comprehensive. Making links back and forth and I may add some redirects or other links. Also have to categorize it in any general Guide categories.