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tldr this character has been idle

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Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Lem.
CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Heroes and Villains on the Triumph server.
CoH Game Icon.png This user plays City of Heroes on the Victory server.
CoV Game Icon.png This user plays City of Villains on the Protector server.
Archetypeicon defender.png This user's main hero is a Defender.

Total Altaholic.gif This user suffers from Altoholism
Badge vr months 069.png This user is Genuine.
CST This user's time zone is CST.

PsychicBlast PsychicWail.png This user thinks that Psychic Wail is the coolest power in the game.
Katana Parry.png This user thinks that using Divine Avalanche is cheating.
UmbralBlast SunlessMire.png This user thinks that Sunless Mire is by far the coolest looking buff.
Necromancy SummonSkeletonWarrior.png This user thinks that Grave Knights need to be in melee range.

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...or, a tale of twentysomething alts

Unmaintained old-ass list:


a pale shimmer of her former glory


  • Level 37 Con Dr. Sugar Mind/Emp
  • Level 35 Scr Vino BS/DA
  • Level 20 Def Archerist Dark/Archery
  • Level 17 Con Shipshape Ice/Storm


  • Level 12 Dom Cocktail Waitress Ice/Ice


DO Natural Technology Accuracy.png This user has stairs in his house.



  • Level 50 MM RNC Chairman Zombie/Dark
    • Rikti bag
  • Level 45 Bru Brawliner Elec/Stone
  • Level 45 Cor Sodajerk Ice/Kin
  • Level 38 Bru Fellharm Fire/Fire
  • Level 34 Bru Sommelier Elec/Elec
  • Level 32 Cor Le Canard Dark/Kin
  • Level 28 Dom Hellsvine Fire/Plant
  • Level 18 Cor Terreality Dark/Cold
  • Level 16 Widow Fibonacci
  • Level 8 MM Meat Slicer Ninja/Pain
  • Level 1 Sta Oscar Redondo
  • Level 1 Dom Painforest Plant/Fire


...and more goons


  • Level 50 Warshade Lemonlime
    • rich
  • Level 50 Def Lemonade Emp/Psy
  • Level 50 Scr Gimlet Jim Kat/SR
  • Level 50 Bla Libertad Sonic/Elec
  • Level 43 Def Fizzy Lifting Cold/Dark
  • Level 40 Def Malvo Magnolia Kin/Rad
    • crafter
    • needs Rikti bag
  • Level 38 Scr Bookhouse Boy Claws/Regen
  • Level 32 Tan Kali Ante Fire/Fire
  • Level 24 Def Chill Winston Cold/Ice
  • Level 22 Con Whatup? Fire/Kin
  • Level 15 Scr Enflamed Spines/Fire

No Longer With Us

the discarded...


  • Level 7 Bla Quinsaster Eng/Eng
  • Level 16 Bla Doc Pepperton Fire/Fire
  • Level 8 Bla Mello Yello Sonic/Ice
  • Level 22 Con Mint Julep Earth/Rad
  • Level 8 Def Mint Julep Dark/Dark
  • Level 12 Bla Scorpio Violet AR/Dev
  • Level 16 Tan Snow Snake Ice/Energy
  • Level 12 Scr Vino BS/Inv
  • Level 16 Scr Vino Spines/Inv
  • Level 8 Tan Rooked Inv/Mace
  • Level 7 Tan Al Nortay Ice/Ice


  • Level 12 Elle McPherson Stalker Energy/SR
  • Level 16 Bad Blocks Corr Rad/AR