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Please do not blank this category, or move templates within it, as it is a space to bring The Players' Guide to the Cities templates together. ~ AGGE talk/cons 04:20, 17 February 2010 (UTC)

Sorry about that. I saw that there was a category with just one member, which sort of defeats the purpose of using categories. Are there more Player Guides Templates that are expected to be made? Last time I brought up standardizing Player Guides on the forums, the discussion didn't go far. Zombie Man 12:25, 17 February 2010 (UTC)
This is not for "Player Guides" templates...this is specifically for "The Players' Guide to the Cities" templates. Difference. I think there might be some other TPGttC templates that are uncategorized, in Eabrace's userspace. Not sure, though. ~ AGGE talk/cons 14:27, 17 February 2010 (UTC)
Well, specifically regarding {{PlayerGuide Currency}}:
This template is intended to be used in places where information in the article may be out of date in comparison to what is on the live servers. This is particularly useful in the case of Player Guides as Player Guides are often preserved as they were originally written even if they are out of date.
My intent with that template was to provide it for use by Player Guides in general should anyone feel it was useful. It just happens that since the only part of the Player Guides I typically muck with is TPGttC, that's currently the only place it's being used.
I do have a template or two located in my User space that are currently used in TPGttC (i.e. User:Eabrace/Sandbox/Template:Update Needed.) My original intent was to only use them as temporary "note to self" sorts of devices, but as long as it's taking me to get through reformatting and updating TPGttC (I keep getting pulled aside either by requests to help with other things or by forces external to CoH like work), they've been sitting in articles for far longer than I had intended.
At present, the only other template I can think of which I would consider to be specific to Player Guides is the {{PlayerGuide}} template. Edit: Possibly {{Gametip}}, too. My line of thinking in creating this category was that it would hold templates which we would prefer to keep separated from use by articles in the main namespace. In the main namespace, if something is out of date, why would you preserve the old info in anything more than a historic note following the current up-to-date info? In that case, the currency template is pretty useless. In Player Guides, on the other hand, since we try to preserve guides in their original form it's often helpful to know not only that the information in the article might be out of date, but to know when it was written so that you can more easily identify how relevant the information may or may not still be.
Regarding the last discussion about standardizing Player Guides, rest assured, Zombie Man, that your ideas for improving the guides were not simply dismissed. My as-yet incomplete efforts to re-write the User Interface articles in TPGttC and move as much of the info to the main namespace came out of comments you made about the guide. (To this date, you're still one of the very few people that have offered up any comments or suggestions for TPGttC since I initially collected all of the info from the out-of-date game manuals. Thanks for that.)
Aaand I've written another novel... what were we talking about again? --Eabrace Healthbar notify phone.png 18:05, 17 February 2010 (UTC)
Heh. The issue isn't about the template, but about putting the template in a category where it's the only member of the category. It would be just fine if there were thousands of templates in this category; but if this template is the only one, it would be better to find another category for it. I'm close to finishing up the Standardized Text Template categorizations and will soon move into organizing the editing and formatting templates. The PlayerGuide Currency Template would find a good home with similar meta-page tags such as wip and stub. Or, if it's going to have sibling Player Guide Templates, it could be tagged with both categories. But as a general rule of hierarchical organization, one normally doesn't have a category with just one member in it. Tell you what, when I'm done with the Template category trees, I'll tag PlayerGuide Currency with a place in the hierarchy and leave it to you to decide to either expand this category with sibling templates or blank it or leave it be. Zombie Man 18:27, 17 February 2010 (UTC)