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Template:PlayerGuide Currency

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{{PlayerGuide Currency|date=date}}

{{PlayerGuide Currency|date=date|issue=issue}}

This template is intended to be used in places where information in the article may be out of date in comparison to what is on the live servers. This is particularly useful in the case of Player Guides as Player Guides are often preserved as they were originally written even if they are out of date.

The template provides an at-a-glance indication to a reader of how current the information in the article is without having to check the last date the article was edited. Again, this is most useful in the case of Player Guides since the last date the article was updated is seldom indicative of when the guide was actually written.

Required Parameters

One parameter is required in use of this template:

The date used may the date the article was last updated or edited on the wiki. In the case of Player Guides, it is recommended that the date used be the date the guide was last either written or last updated at its original source. I.E. If the guide is archived from a forum post, it would be best to use the date of the post on the forums. (If using today's date, placing ~~~~~ will substitute the current date into the template call when saved.)

Optional Parameters

One optional parameter may also be used in this template:

If the information in the article is particular to a specific Issue of the game (i.e. "User-X's I5 Guide to Regen"), then including this parameter will mark the currency with an icon representative of that particular Issue, name the Issue in the text, and link to the Issue's article on the wiki.


{{PlayerGuide Currency|date=~~~~~}}
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{{PlayerGuide Currency|date=~~~~~|issue=16}}
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{{PlayerGuide Currency|date=24 July 2007|issue=Issue 10}}
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{{PlayerGuide Currency|date=31 December 2006|issue=I7}}
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{{PlayerGuide Currency|date=~~~~~|issue=18}}
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