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Aeon Corp

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Aeon Corp building
in Cap au Diable (night time)
Aeon Corp building
in Grandville (day time)

Aeon Corporation, also known as Aeon Corp, is a company created by Dr. Thaddeus Aeon AQSA, presumably with Arachnos funding as well as provided security personnel. Within the laboratories of Aeon Corp is where Dr. Aeon and his many employees work their brains in order to satisfy Lord Recluse. Behind the scenes, it is believed that Aeon Corp's main role is to give the man behind the name, Dr. Aeon, a public face to the world. Crey Industries is known to have a working relationship with Aeon Corp, with one of their key projects resulting in the worldwide company Architect Entertainment.

Subsidiary companies include:

  • Aeon Hydroponics - a food branch which grows giant-sized food to benefit the world, but according to tabloids, is actually a cloning plant.

Inventions produced include the following:

Known employees/related co-workers are the following:

Known branches can be found within the following zones: