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The 2008 Winter Event runs from December 15th, 2008 through January 4th, 2008. It was much like the Winter Event 2007, with the addition of a new, more challenging slalom style ski run.

Ear Muffs

Login Rewards

Players who logged in during the event received the Frostbitten Badge, as well as the Holiday Spirit temporary power, a single use of the Holiday Cheer power, and the Ear Muff costume option.

File:Badge holiday08 snowflake.png Frostbitten
You have spent time in Paragon City during the winter and have felt winter's bite.
You have spent time in Rogue Isles during the winter and have felt winter's bite.
Temporary HolidayGift.png Holiday Spirit Special
Any debt you incur is reduced by 25%. This effect lasts for 2 days of gameplay.
Temporary HolidayCheer.png Holiday Cheer Special
This is a gift you can give to someone special.

Holiday Cheer can be targeted on another player and when used will give that player a single instance of the Mystery Gift power.

Temporary HolidayMysteryGift.png Mystery Gift Special
Someone special has given you a gift. What could it be?

Mystery Gifts

Mystery Gifts are random benefits gained by being the target of the Holiday Cheer power (see above) and/or by opening Gamester's Presents, which are glowies that appear in most zones during the event.

Once received, Gifts can be activated to receive one of a number of things. Most of the time (60% chance) the gift will give 250 Inf or 250 Prestige, depending on whether the player is in SG mode or not. The rest of the time (40% chance) the player will receive one of the following rewards:

Temporary WarWolfWhistle.png Build Snow Beast Summon
Creates one Snow Beast to do your bidding. Snow Beasts desire nothing more than to freeze everything they come into contact with. You only have 1 Snow Beast and he will last for 5 minutes before melting. You cannot bring your snow beast across zones.
Inherent Brawl.png Snowball Ranged Special
Can be used on friend and foe alike. Although there are no lasting effects when these frozen missiles are hurled, who doesn't love throwing a snowball? Snowballs should last 12 days. Happy Holidays!
Temporary AntigravityMatrix.png Holiday Rocket Pack Self Fly
This jet pack allows you to fly for a short period. If you attack a target while this pack is on, your flight speed will be temporarily reduced to Hover speed. This Rocket Pack will last for 30 days.

Ski Chalet

Father Time's Ski Chalet

As usual for Winter Events, the Ski Chalet in Pocket D returned, including Father Time. The area is accessed via a door upstairs in the villain side of the Pocket D club. The Chalet itself is home to Father Time, plus a new NPC, the Candy Keeper. The surrounding area has ski slopes where characters can go skiing, and Gravity Geysers (as in the Shadow Shard) to quickly return to the top.

The Chalet's island gives access to the map area outside the main Pocket D club, including the floating truck (location of the Trucker Badge) between the Chalet and the club. The truck is reachable via flight, super jump, or teleportation. Without those powers, the GvE Jump Pack is enough to get to the badge. If you have no temporary or permanent travel powers, assistance is needed. The truck is only available when the Chalet is open.

File:Badge tourist 01.pngFile:V badge TourismBadge.png Trucker

You've visited the floating truck in Pocket D.

Father Time and Baby New Year

Main Article: Father Time

Father Time presents to players a mission to save the Baby New Year. Like the Valentine's Event, this is a cooperative mission which allows combined teams of heroes and villains.


Completing this mission earns the player a choice of one of four different badges. Two of the badges unlock costume pieces, two grant temporary powers. Father Time's mission can be accepted an unlimited number of times by any character, so it is quite easy to run it four times and earn all the different rewards (or five times for the Toothbreaker Badge).

File:Badge holiday06 crystallized.png Crystallized

The chill of the season has strange effects.

File:Badge holiday06 frosty.png Frosty

A chill down your spine makes you feel Frosty.

File:Badge holiday06 miraculous.png Miraculous

A season of miracles, it has been called.

File:Badge holiday06 joyful.png Joyful

The power of the season finds you overcome with joy.

File:Badge holiday05 present.png Gifted
The Freedom Phalanx wishes you Happy Holidays!
Everyone deserves a Happy Holidays gift.

Several enemy defeat badges may also be earned, including two that are normally available only to heroes (for defeating Red Caps and Tuatha de Dannan) but which may be earned by villains during the event. The mission cannot be reset for farming purposes, so you must complete the mission (or have the whole team log out) in order to get a new set of enemies to defeat.

File:Badge winter event 01.png Cold Warrior
You have defeated 100 of the living snow creatures who plague Paragon City.
You have defeated 100 of the living snow creatures who plagued the Rogue Isles.
File:Badge event Snaptooth.png Toothbreaker

You have defeated Snaptooth 5 times, and are truly a Toothbreaker.

File:Badge croatoa cap buster.png Cap Buster

You have shown the Red Caps you are not to be toyed with.

File:Badge croatoa bane of dannan.png Bane of Dannan

The Tuatha de Dannan cannot stand before you.

Temporary Powers

Temporary TearGas.png Golden Rings Ranged, Minor Damage(Energy), Foe: Hold
Although this power deals very little damage, the Golden Rings encase your foe, holding him helpless in place for a while. This power will last 12 days. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Long
Temporary Mayhem SelfResurrect.png Renewal of Light Self Rez, Special
A guardian spirit will watch over you for the next 8 days. If you are defeated during that time, activating this power will restore you so you may continue the battle. The restoration blasts nearby foes with an explosion, knocking them down and disorienting them. You will revive with about half of your hit points and endurance. You will be invulnerable for a brief time and protected from xp debt for 20 seconds.

Note that, for the temporary powers, if the specific powers (and badge) were earned previously (even in a previous year's event), they cannot be re-earned again this year from this mission. Selecting that choice of mission reward will result in no reward at all. They can, however, be reacquired by purchasing with Candy Cane event salvage.

Winter Costume pieces

Costume Pieces

Time Trials

Like last year, the ski slope allows players to perform time trials on their down slope slaloms, and badges are awarded for making varying goals. Each time badge must be achieved in a separate run down the course; runs completed in a shorter time will not earn the longer time badges.

Ski down the slopes in the Ski Chalet in between 35 and 44.99 seconds.

File:Badge holiday07 slalom bronze.png Qualified

Good run, but try harder, better times to be had!

Ski down the slopes in the Ski Chalet in between 25 and 34.99 seconds.

File:Badge holiday07 slalom silver.png Accelerated

Awesome time, but I am sure you can do better!

Ski down the slopes in the Ski Chalet 24.99 seconds or less.

File:Badge holiday07 slalom gold.png Speed Demon

Wow! What speed! That was amazing!

And new this year, the Advanced course grants the following badges.

File:Badge holiday07 slalom gold.png Speeder

You have taken the gold medal in the advanced ski course by getting a time of 00:50:00 or less!

File:Badge holiday07 slalom silver.png Agile

You have taken the silver medal in the advanced ski course by getting a time of 1:00:00 or less! Now try for the gold.

File:Badge holiday07 slalom bronze.png Surefooted

You have taken the bronze medal in the advanced ski course by getting a time of 1:10:00 or less! Now try for the silver.

Gamester's Presents

One of the Winter Horde welcomes you to open a present.

Mysterious glowing presents appeared throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

Upon opening a present, a hero or villain would find that if they were "nice," they would enjoy a nice Present. If they were "naughty," however, they would find themselves surrounded by a Winter Horde, ready to make their holidays downright dangerous!

Returning from Winter Event 2006 and Winter Event 2007, opening 200 presents earns the Toy Collector Badge, and defeating 100 of the Winter Horde earns the Cold Warrior Badge.

Additional instances of the Mystery Gift power are received as "nice" rewards, and "naughty" spawns can include the Winter Lord Giant Monster from the Winter Event 2004. Spawning the Winter Lord was based on team size, and requires teams of five or more characters opening presents. The chance of spawning a Winter Lord on a large enough team is not 100%, but is high enough (likely 50% to 75%) that opening presents on large teams is quite hazardous unless the player actually wants the Winter Lord to spawn.


Opening 200 presents awards the Toy Collector Badge.

File:Badge holiday05 presentbig.png Toy Collector

You have amassed a vast collection of holiday gifts!

Defeating 100 Snow Beasts awards the Cold Warrior Badge.

File:Badge winter event 01.png Cold Warrior

Cold Warrior Badge

Defeating the Winter Lord awards the Frozen Fury Badge.

File:Badge winter event 02.png Frozen Fury

You helped defeat a manifestation of the Winter Lord, who brought his cold wrath to Paragon City.

Candy Canes

Opening presents in 2008 will also potentially award Candy Cane salvage, which can be redeemed for a variety of badges, temp powers, and costume pieces from past winter events.

Salvage Candy Cane.png

Special Salvage

A festive piece of peppermint candy to celebrate the holidays. Seek the Candy Keeper in the winter chalet in Pocket D, as he collects these candy canes in return for hard to aquire treasures.

The Candy Keeper

Candy Keeper

The Candy Keeper takes candy canes and gives you the prizes from previous Winter Events. This is implemented as a crafting station, and each purchase counts towards crafting badge totals.

It should be noted that if you already have the badge, then the badge will not display, however the Costume Item or Temporary Power associated with that badge will still show up and you can trade in Candy Canes for them. This is different from Father Time's mission reward menu in which if you choose a reward for which you already have the badge, you'll get nothing.

File:Badge holiday06 crystallized.png Crystallized

Crystallized Badge

File:Badge holiday06 frosty.png Frosty

Frosty Badge

File:Badge holiday06 miraculous.png Miraculous

Miraculous Badge

File:Badge holiday06 joyful.png Joyful

Joyful Badge

File:Badge holiday06 coldfront.png Cold Front

A winter cold front has been forecast.

File:Badge holiday05 jetpack.png Longbow Reservist

You have been made an honorary Longbow Eagle, temporarily issued a Longbow jetpack.

File:Badge holiday05 jetpack.png Jet-Setter

You have received a Jetpack from an anonymous benefactor.

File:Badge holiday05 present.png Holiday Spirit

Arachnos tried to ruin the holidays, but you have done your best to stop them.

File:Badge holiday05 present.png Scrooge

Bah humbug! You've done your best to disrupt the holidays over in Paragon City.

Present Locations


(get rid of these as they are worked into the article!)

  • New winding slope around the chantel. New course is similar to a Bobsleigh run and has several NPCs on it.
    • Polar Shift, Tundra, Snow Maiden, Abominable Snowman
  • Snowflake badge should exist (Dark Watcher made a joke about it in chat) but no one has been able to earn it in testing.