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Been hooked on City of Heroes since I started playing in October 2011. Would have probably tried it sooner but had heard some bad reviews from friends of mine, which judging by some of the update notes may have been justified. At any rate I find my self on the wiki a lot to look up game related things and information and only thought it fair to help contribute to it.

I'm currently working on getting my blaster to level 50 and then use a 2 month time card for VIP access so I can see what the end game content is like. I did purchase the Black Friday $1 VIP deal so I'm technically a premium account (also paid $5 for points so I could purchase character slots, and get another reward token). Unfortunately a couple characters I made have either archetypes or power sets that have to be purchased if you aren't VIP. One lock that really bothers me is the Praetorian character lock. Even if the character has gone through and finished all the Praetorian content and is a Hero or Villain, the character will be locked unless you are VIP or have the Create a Praetorian Character purchased (which is way too expensive for lvl 1-20 content)


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