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Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Nettle.
Archetypeicon peacebringer.png This user's hero is a Peacebringer.

V archetypeicon brute.png This user's main villain is a Brute.

CoH Game Icon.png This user plays City of Heroes on the Defiant server.
CoV Game Icon.png This user plays City of Villains on the Defiant server.
GMT This user's time zone is GMT.


I've been playing CoH since the US launch, moved to the European servers when they went live, got CoV. I've only managed to achieve one level 50 during this time, but I'm working on my first level 50 villain. It's not about getting to 50 after all - it's about having fun along the way, and I'm something of an alt-o-holic.

In real life I'm a Computer Science PhD student.



Level 50 Dark Melee/Regeneration Scrapper

The daughter of two renowned magical healers, Nettle was always disappointed that she could only ever manage to heal herself. As young woman she began to study the darker magics of the Netherworld, and eventually tapped their strength, becoming a formidable fighter with a remarkable ability to shake off serious injuries which would leave others crippled.

She parted ways with her parents not on the best of terms, but has since earned their respect for the vast amount of good work she has done defending the people of Paragon City.


Empathy/Dark Blast Defender

Nettle's sister, and far closer to their parents in abilities. Inheriting a healing ability which surpasses even their mother's, Bramble was by far the favoured child of the family. Fortunately the sisters were always good friends, and as Nettle experimented with the forces of the Netherworld, Bramble joined her. She never embraced that power as Nettle did, but has learned a few useful tricks to defend herself while applying her healing powers in hostile situations.

Dark Nettle


Nettle's clone, who had to give up her magical abilities in order to retain her life as the cloning procedure was far from perfect. Upset and unsure of her place in the world, she roamed the land for several years before she was found by a Warshade and offered the chance to bond, gaining the ability to return to Paragon City and stand proudly alongside Nettle. She accepted without hesitation.




Green Hat

Super Strength/Invulnerability Brute

Believes his hat is sentient and rightfully deserves to rule the universe. Whether it actually is remains unclear, as he never takes it off, but it's not advisable to question it in his hearing. If Green Hat doesn't get you, his supergroup will as he is a respected member of the fearsome Seventh Cabal.

Count Agony

Mind Control/Psionic Assault Dominator

Twisted by magic gone awry and rather bitter about it, Count Agony isn't in the villain business for money, fame, infamy or power. He just likes ripping people's minds apart.

He met Green Hat on a stormy morning in Port Oakes. The Brute's hat was impressed by Count Agony's abilities, and arranged for him to join the Seventh Cabal to be trained further. The hat ultimately plans to use Count Agony to take over the world, but Count Agony really couldn't care less as long as he has a steady supply of victims.