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Though I'm still relatively new to editing the Wiki, I've been using it as a tool for almost as long as I've been playing the game. Also, I've apparently been working on it long and often enough to start having dreams about it. That's a little scary. For the most part, my edits have been limited to spelling and grammar corrections but also, lately, helping with slightly larger updates, and playing with some ideas including the creation of a [[Paragon Wiki:An Editor's Guide|user's guide to wiki editing]], to be a part of the welcome message.

General Info

I'm an actor currently living in Vancouver, Canada, but I've been interested in video games/computers all my life. Only lately have I managed to find the time to start fiddling with things at a level just slightly beyond the purview of a standard PC user. (Is that really a good thing? Who knows.) Nonetheless, I hope to do a lot more editing in the future as I learn from everyone's work on the Wiki, and as I develop my own skills.
Please feel free to contact me in-game via my global: @Lightprince (formerly @CoXander). I play pretty exclusively on Virtue, and I like to think that I have a very solid understanding of how the binding system works, so to that end, I think I'll make it my pet project to complete The Incomplete and Unofficial Guide to /bind.

To Do:

If you'd like to have a look at what I'm currently working on, visit just visit my sandbox! That's where I store all my works in progress so as not to disrupt the Wiki too much (especially since sometimes I do some editing at work on my cell phone). My article archives can be viewed in my litterbox.

Long Term

  • Complete the wiki editing guide.

Short Term

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