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This page is intended to be a sandbox where people can mess around with the format for comic book pages, and to explain the format. It uses City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 1 as its example


City of Heroes #1
"Hard Crash Part 1"
Tc issue01.jpg
Writer(s) Mark Waid
Penciler David Nakayama
Inker Rick Basaldua
Colorist Sonia Oback
Letterer Troy Peteri
Cover Artist Rodolfo Migliari
Publication Information
Publisher Top Cow Productions
Released June 2005
Media Type Magazine
Pages 36
Canon non-canon
Series 2
Preceded by N/A
Followed by City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 2
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A brief description of the comic, and anything notable about its publication. This is more from a real-world perspective.

City of Heroes Issue 1 was the first of twenty comic book issues published by Top Cow Productions. It introduces the principal characters of the series (the Freedom Phalanx) and begins the first major story arc of the series. It details the events of the Power Crash in 2005.


This is a brief summary of the general plot outlines. More like a promotional sentence rather than a very descriptive one. NO SPOILERS HERE! Something like "He's an ungodly hunchbacked librarian possessed of the uncanny powers of an insect. She's a provocative impetuous traffic cop with a knack for trouble. They fight crime!" (

Lord Recluse puts in motion a plot to remove all of Paragon City's heroes' powers, and Statesman goes missing! Narrated by Manticore.


This is where you put the comic in the context of its story arc.

This is the first part of the Hard Crash storyline.

City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 1
City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 2
City of Heroes (Top Cow) Issue 3


This is a list of primary charcters in the issue. Significant characters that are part of a group (e.g. Manticore of the Freedom Phalanx) should be listed as a sub-character of that group.


This is intended to be the MAIN hero characters. For example, in Issue 4, there is a young hero named Moodswing who is in a few panels. He is listed in the Supporting Cast rather than this section.

Freedom Phalanx

Sister Psyche

To be continued


This contains any bad guy, no matter how minor they may be. For example, in Issue 6, some Tsoo are interrogated in a couple of panels. They are included here (This is subject to change, and the secondary villains my move to the supporting cast section).

Lord Recluse

Mu Mystics



Supporting Cast

This contains characters that play a role in the story, but are not present enough to go in the main hero or villain category. Examples include Azuria in one of the Smoke and mirrors issues (4-6) or civilians that are captured etc.

The heroes of Paragon City


Alrighty, this is where the spoilers go. This is a detailed description of the plot. While this is intended to be a written description, a "transcript" or page-by-page layout, with panel descriptions could also be added in this section. Make sure everything goes inside the hidden spoiler box!


This section is for any cover variants as well as any cool/notable images within the comic. It is generally not to be used for spoilers, however (see the Images section below). If there are no alternate covers this section doesn't need sub-sections.

Alternate Covers

Comic Images

This section is for things like a two-page-spread, or the Freedom Phalanx assembled, or a "badass walk". It is NOT generally intended to have spoilers. Please white out dialogue if it appears within the image, or put severely spoiler-ish images in a hidden box.
Example: In Issue 2 (SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!!) Manticore shoots Statesman with an arrow. The image of Statesman with an arrow sticking out of his chest would NOT be for this section, unless it was in a hidden box.