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Archetypeicon scrapper.png This user's main hero is a Scrapper.

V archetypeicon arachnos soldier.png This user's main villain is an Arachnos Soldier.

CoH Game Icon.png This user plays City of Heroes on the Triumph server.
CoV Game Icon.png This user plays City of Villains on the Triumph server.
EST This user's time zone is EST.
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Catwhoorg.
Badge task force set 01.png Soloer of AVs
Special Hamidon Enhancement.png Soloer of Hamidon
Badge vr months 063.png This user is Honorable.

Real Life

In the real world outside of Paragon City I am a professional scientist. I'll joke about watching the curing properties of a coating film caused by solvent evaporation ie watching paint dry, but at times that is genuinely what I do. I work for the worlds 3rd largest producer of Carbon Black, and look at it uses primarily as a pigment in the inks, coatings and plastics fields. I have a PhD in Material Science, as well as two Masters degrees. I Studied at the University of Cambridge (Fitzwillam College) and the University of Dundee. I also worked as a post-Doc at Cardiff Univeristy.

I am British, but I am married to an American, and we live just North of Atlanta, GA. Together we have a Welsh cat named Magrat (who came over with me), and no children (but 3 nieces and 3 nephews within a short drive). Our Wedding in May 2006, was preceded a week earlier by an in game ceremony/party for our friends from around the world. Never imagined I'd be geeky enough to do something like that, but it was kinda fun.

Prior to my association with CoX, I was married before, and nursed my wife through terminal cancer. I am occasionally active in spousal support groups, especially when someone younger is diagnosed. Most spousal support groups for cancer have an older demographic, and different priorities. (Such as how to continue your relationship with your grown up children, rather than the younger persons sense of loss at maybe losing their chance to ever be a parent).

CoH Forums

I guess this is where I am most well known in the community, having posted enough nonsense to have joined the organization that doesn't exist. Outside of the CoH general, I spend quite a lot of time giving input to the suggestions forums, answering player questions and the scrapper, defender and to a lesser extent the Mastermind sections. I haven't been banished to Niviene's oblivion just yet which amazes me. So I guess I can't be that annoying.

Have current guides on: DRR theory
SO slotting
Simple Market money making
The Cap SF - focused on speed running

But strangely never a claws/regen guide.

I believe defenders should blast, and will one day solo the Terra Volta Respec trial with Mister Wales just to show it still can be done with a defender.

Paragon City

I mainly play on the Triumph Server, and am part of the so called Grand Coalition of Global Heroics (Winner of the best SG Award in 2005), Wildcards, Fusion Force and the Demolition Girls

A selection of notable characters:


Archetypeicon scrapper.png
Originicon natural.png
Catwhoorg level 50 Claws/Regen/Weapons Soloer of AVs and general defeater of Evil doers. My main Hero and he recently passed the 2.4 million prestige mark. With Police Scanner, Shard Missions and Safeguards he is pushing towards the 2 million mark pretty quick. A Lord in Fusion Force Legends. Sucessful soloer of Hamidon, in the Lady Grey TF

Archetypeicon defender.png
Originicon science.png
Mister Wales level 50 Rad/Rad. Defender Superpower in Global Heroics. A Much in demand build I'll often switch to Wales to help with AV Runs or GMs in response to Calls in Triumph Watch 2.0.

Archetypeicon defender.png
Originicon mutation.png
Doc Pinewood Level 50 Emp/Electric Defender Fusion Force. His background is confusing, crossing genres from 80s Films (Doc Hollywood) and Terry Pratchett (Trained by an Igor). Was a throwaway character at the time I made him but he fitted so well with on of my wifes characters that he worked to 50 pretty easily. Leader of a small superteam of all empathy defenders (along the lines of the Green machine). He has completed the States TF as primary empath, his well slotted vengance being used a few times. A few 'tweaks' to his build will optomise him in that role.

Archetypeicon defender.png
Originicon science.png
Dark Soy Sauce level 50 Kin/Dark Defender Fusion Force Reserves. Originally part of the Condiment Crusaders (a food themed SG) who pretty much never got going as an SG. Transferred to Fusion Force as I do enjoy playing her a lot. Yay for Fulcrum shift!

Archetypeicon scrapper.png
Originicon natural.png
Kittenwhoorg Level 50 Claws/SR My 3rd attempt at a RP child of Catwhoorg and Magrat. Not quite soft capped defence yet. He is a pretty fearsome adversary in his own right now, but I still prefer /regen to /SR.

Archetypeicon tanker.png
Originicon magic.png
Firey Red level 50 Fire/fire tank originally from Liberty. Now transferred to Triumph and a member of Fusion Force. She has tanked the STF as the main tank as well as the ITF. Doom sayers about fire being useless still get short shrift in my book.

Archetypeicon controller.png
Originicon magic.png
Hari Cane Ice/Storm controller. Transferred over to Triumph from Infinity and now level 41. The very first controller I got to the pet stage.


V badge Capt.MakoBadge.png This character's patron is Captain Mako.
V archetypeicon stalker.png
Originicon natural.png
ShadowCatwhoorg level 50 Claws/regen stalker. ShadowCats background is tied to Anti-Catwhoorg, he is quite quite mad and a true assassin (no defeating here). Double XP weekend were good for me here. Basically retired, he appears for the odd VG event.

V badge BlackScorpionBadge.png This character's patron is Black Scorpion.
V archetypeicon arachnos soldier.png
Originicon natural.png
Commander Voorg Level 50 Soldier of Arachnos. Build primarily as a Crab Spider focused on ranged defence and AOE. A very fun character to play. I'll be dual building him for sure with a Bane second build. Considered my villain 'main' these days. Very fun team build, lacking a little solo, hopefully the Bane build will cover that aspect.

V badge GhostWidowBadge.png This character's patron is Ghost Widow.
V archetypeicon mastermind.png
Originicon magic.png
Revenant Cat level 46 Necro/Dark my Villan thats is most active currently and about my 10th attempt at a Mastermind I finally hit upon a fun build. So far I have soloed several AVs with Revenant Cat and am looking forward to soloing the Villan Respec with him as well.

V archetypeicon corruptor.png
Originicon science.png
Cool Cymru Level 23 Rad/Rad Corr. A RP tie with Mister Wales, he went to school with him and has forever felt in his shadow. Driven by rage and jealousy he wants nothing less than Mister Wales head on a pike.

Task Forces

2007 data
2008 data
2009 data

  1. Moonfire with Dark Soy sauce 1/2
  2. Imperius with Commander Voorg 1/2
  3. Freakspec with Mintee Fresh 1/8
  4. Khan with Dark Soy Sauce 1/11
  5. Imperius with Cherry Clafoutis 1/16
  6. Synapse with Lorenzo dePonte 1/16
  7. Citadel with Lydia Bennet 1/17
  8. Manticore with Lydia Bennet 1/28
  9. Numina with Lydia Bennet 2/26
  10. Moonfire with Mr Montserrat 3/6
  11. Positron with Catwhoorg 3/12
  12. Positron with Netherneko 3/12
  13. Positron with Mr. Wales 3/12
  14. Synapse with Lydia Bennet 3/13
  15. Positron with Masters Voice 3/14
  16. Manticore with Psiscream 3/16
  17. Lady Grey with Sinmara 3/27
  18. Imperius with Commander Voorg 3/27
  19. Sister Psyche with Catwhoorg 4/12
  20. Numina with Psyscream 4/16
  21. Master Statesman on Diva Lanzaerote 4/17

Pool C Rolls


  1. Pulverizing Fisticuffs: Acc/Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  2. Edict of the Master: Damage (Recipe).
  3. Gift of the Ancients: +7.5% Run Speed (Recipe).
  4. Razzle Dazzle: Chance for Immobilize (Recipe).
  5. Kismet: Def/End/Rech (Recipe).
  6. Debilitative Action: Acc/Immob/Rech (Recipe).
  7. Razzle Dazzle: Acc/Stun/Rech (Recipe).
  8. Pulverizing Fisticuffs: Acc/Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  9. Impervious Skin: End/Rech/Res (Recipe).
  10. Salvo: Acc/Dam/End/Range (Recipe).
  11. Pounding Slugfest: Chance to disorient (Recipe).
  12. Time & Space Manipulation: +Stealth (Recipe).


  1. Perfect Zinger: Rech/Acc
  2. Luck of the Gambler: End/Rech
  3. Neuronic Shutdown: Chance for Psionic damage
  4. Lockdown: Chance for +2 Mag Hold
  5. Positron's Blast: Dam/Acc/End
  6. Impeded Swiftness: Chance for Smashing Damage
  7. Sovereign Right: Aura 10% Resistance (All but Psionic) buff for Pets
  8. Tempest: Chance for end drain
  9. Numina's Convalescence: +Recovery and +Regeneration
  10. Analyze Weakness: Acc/End/Rech
  11. Scirocco's Dervish: Chance for lethal damage
  12. Debilitative Action: Acc/Immob/Rech
  13. Pacing of the Turtle: Chance for Recharge Slow
  14. Neuronic Shutdown: Chance for Psionic damaage
  15. Positron's Blast: Chance for energy damage
  16. Sovereign Right: Aura 10% Resistance (All but Psionic) buff for Pets
  17. Luck of the Gambler: End/Rech
  18. Razzle Dazzle: Acc/Stun/Rech
  19. Performance Shifter : Rech/Acc
  20. Analyze Weakness: Acc/End/Rech
  21. Unspeakable Terror: Acc/Fear/Rech
  22. Analyze Weakness: Acc/End/Rech
  23. Induced Coma: Acc/Sleep/Rech
  24. Neuronic Shutdown: Acc/Hold/Recipe
  25. Touch of Lady Grey: Recharge/Endurance Reduction
  26. Stupefy: Chance for Knockback
  27. Executioner's Contract: Disorient Bonus
  28. Gift of the Ancients: +7.5% Run Speed
  29. Induced Coma: Acc/Sleep/Rech
  30. Neuronic Shutdown: Chance for Psionic damage


  1. Celerity: +Stealth
  2. Analyze Weakness: Acc/End/Rech
  3. Luck of the Gambler: Def/End/Rech (Recipe).
  4. Decimation: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  5. Gift of the Ancients: Defense (Recipe).
  6. Obliteration: Acc/Dam/Rech/End (Recipe).
  7. Gift of the Ancients: Defense (Recipe).
  8. Trap of the Hunter: Chance for Lethal damage (Recipe).
  9. Positron's Blast: Chance for energy damage (Recipe).
  10. Decimation: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  11. Devastation: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  12. Numina's Convalescence: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  13. Sting of the Manticore: Chance for toxic damage (Recipe).
  14. Perfect Zinger: Rech/Acc (Recipe).
  15. Touch of Death: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  16. Devastation: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  17. Devastation: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  18. Expedient Reinforcement: End/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  19. Aegis: End/Rech/Res (Recipe).
  20. Devastation: Chance to hold (Recipe).
  21. Perfect Zinger: Rech/Acc (Recipe).
  22. Scirocco's Dervish: Chance for lethal damage (Recipe).
  23. Decimation: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  24. Analyze Weakness: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  25. Perfect Zinger: Rech/Acc (Recipe).
  26. Pacing of the Turtle: End/Rech/Slow (Recipe).
  27. Mako's Bite: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  28. Obliteration: Chance for smashing damage (Recipe).
  29. Obliteration: Chance for smashing damage (Recipe).
  30. Touch of the Nictus: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  31. Lockdown: Chance for +2 Mag Hold (Recipe).
  32. Aegis: End/Rech (Recipe).
  33. Stupefy: Chance for Knockback (Recipe).
  34. Devastation: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  35. Obliteration: Chance for smashing damage (Recipe).
  36. Scirocco's Dervish: Chance for lethal damage (Recipe).
  37. Aegis: End/Rech/Res (Recipe).
  38. Devastation: Chance to hold (Recipe).
  39. Call of the Sandman: Chance for Self Heal (Recipe).
  40. Obliteration: Chance for smashing damage (Recipe).
  41. Luck of the Gambler: End/Rech (Recipe).
  42. Aegis: End/Rech (Recipe).
  43. Stupefy: Acc/Stun/Rech (Recipe).
  44. Impervium Armor: Resistance (Recipe).
  45. Kinetic Combat: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  46. Gift of the Ancients: +7.5% Run Speed (Recipe).
  47. Scirocco's Dervish: Dam/Acc/End (Recipe)
  48. Touch of the Nictus: Chance for negative energy damage (Recipe).
  49. Decimation: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  50. Ghost Widow's Embrace: Chance for Psionic Damage (Recipe).
  51. Decimation: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  52. Scirocco's Dervish: Chance for lethal damage (Recipe).
  53. Force Feedback : Rech/Endurance (Recipe).
  54. Numina's Convalescence: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  55. Decimation: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  56. Obliteration: Chance for smashing damage (Recipe).
  57. Gift of the Ancients: +7.5% Run Speed (Recipe).
  58. Aegis: +Psionic and Mez Resist (Recipe).
  59. Devastation: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  60. Touch of Death: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  61. Devastation: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  62. Force Feedback : Rech/Endurance (Recipe).
  63. Kinetic Combat: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  64. Executioner's Contract: Disorient Bonus (Recipe).
  65. Aegis: +Psionic and Mez Resist (Recipe).
  66. Mako's Bite: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  67. Mako's Bite: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  68. Obliteration: Chance for smashing damage (Recipe).
  69. Trap of the Hunter: Chance for Lethal damage (Recipe).
  70. Perfect Zinger: Rech/Acc (Recipe).
  71. Aegis: End/Rech/Res (Recipe).
  72. Obliteration: Acc/Dam/Rech/End (Recipe).
  73. Luck of the Gambler: +7.5% Recharge Speed (Recipe).
  74. Luck of the Gambler: Def/End/Rech (Recipe).
  75. Numina's Convalescence: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  76. Numina's Convalescence: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  77. Positron's Blast: Dam/Acc/End (Recipe).
  78. Mako's Bite: Chance for lethal damage (Recipe).
  79. Obliteration: Acc/Dam/Rech/End (Recipe).
  80. Aegis: +Psionic and Mez Resist (Recipe).
  81. Numina's Convalescence: +Recovery and +Regeneration (Recipe).
  82. Ghost Widow's Embrace: Chance for Psionic Damage (Recipe).
  83. Ghost Widow's Embrace: Acc/Hold/Rech (Recipe).
  84. Time & Space Manipulation: +Stealth (Recipe).
  85. Touch of Death: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  86. Positron's Blast: Chance for energy damage (Recipe).


  1. Luck of the Gambler: +7.5% Recharge Speed
  2. Gift of the Ancients: Defense

Pool D Rolls


  1. Sovereign Right: Acc/Dam/End
  2. Luck of the Gambler: Def/End/Rech
  3. Aegis: End/Rech/Res
  4. Sovereign Right: Acc/Dam/End
  5. Decimation: Acc/Dam/Rech
  6. Numina's Convalescence: End/Heal/Rech
  7. Luck of the Gambler: Def/End/Rech
  8. Devastation: Acc/Dam/Rech
  9. Sovereign Right: Acc/Dam/End
  10. Aegis: End/Rech/Res
  11. Mako's Bite: Acc/End/Rech
  12. Numina's Convalescence: End/Heal/Rech
  13. Decimation: Acc/Dam/Rech
  14. Devastation: Acc/Dam/Rech
  15. Aegis: End/Rech/Res
  16. Devastation: Acc/Dam/Rech
  17. Touch of Death: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  18. Decimation: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  19. Mako's Bite: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  20. Tempered Readiness: Dam/Slow (Recipe).
  21. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod/Rech (Recipe).
  22. Jaunt: Range/Endurance (Recipe).
  23. Doctored Wounds: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  24. Touch of Death: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  25. Detonation: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  26. Multi-strike: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  27. Calibrated Accuracy: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  28. Perplex: Acc/End (Recipe).
  29. Tempered Readiness: End/Rech/Slow (Recipe).
  30. Harmonized Healing: End/Rech (Recipe).
  31. Air-Burst: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  32. Curtail Speed: Dam/Slow (Recipe).
  33. Calibrated Accuracy: Acc/Int (Recipe).
  34. Undermined Defenses: Defense Debuff/Recharge/Endurance Reduction (Recipe).
  35. Adjusted Targeting : To Hit Buff/Rech (Recipe).
  36. Crushing Impact: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  37. Touch of Lady Grey: Defense Debuff (Recipe).
  38. Dampened Spirits : To Hit DeBuff/Rech (Recipe).
  39. Triage: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  40. Ruin: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  41. Focused Smite: Dam/End (Recipe).
  42. Detonation: Dam/Acc/End (Recipe).
  43. Impervious Skin: Rech/Res (Recipe).
  44. Multi-strike: Dam/Acc/End (Recipe).

Ticket Rolls

Bronze Rolls


  1. Maelstrom's Fury: Dam/End/Rech
  2. Devastation: Acc/Dam
  3. Crushing Impact: Dam/Rech
  4. Undermined Defenses: Defense Debuff/Endurance Reduction
  5. Siphon Insight: Acc/To Hit Debuff
  6. Lethargic Repose: End/Sleep
  7. Harmonized Healing: End/Heal/Rech
  8. Red Fortune: End/Rech
  9. Jaunt: Range/Endurance
  10. Thunderstrike: Acc/Dam/End
  11. Lockdown: Acc/Hold
  12. Crushing Impact: Acc/Dam
  13. Touch of Lady Grey: Defense Debuff
  14. Kinetic Crash : Knockback/Dam
  15. Unquestioning Loyalty: Dam/End
  16. Tempered Readiness: Dam/Slow
  17. Pounding Slugfest: Acc/Dam
  18. Cleaving Blow: Acc/Dam
  19. Befuddling Aura: Confuse/Range
  20. Red Fortune: Endurance
  21. Kismet: +6% Accuracy
  22. Reactive Armor: Endurance
  23. Calibrated Accuracy: Acc/Int
  24. Soaring: Fly/Endurance
  25. Red Fortune: Def/End/Rech
  26. Triage: Heal/Rech
  27. Decimation: Acc/Dam
  28. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod/Acc
  29. Serendipity: Endurance
  30. Bruising Blow: Dam/End
  31. Detonation: Dam/Acc/End
  32. Tempered Readiness: Acc/Dam/Slow
  33. Focused Smite: Acc/Dam/Rech
  34. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod/Acc
  35. Maelstrom's Fury: Dam/End
  36. Multi-strike: Acc/Dam
  37. Unspeakable Terror: Acc/End
  38. Red Fortune: End/Rech
  39. Enfeebled Operation: End/Immob
  40. Smashing Haymaker: Dam/Rech
  41. Titanium Coating: Endurance
  42. Devastation: Acc/Dam/End/Rech
  43. Rope-a-dope: End/Stun
  44. Rope-a-dope: Acc/Stun/Rech
  45. Ruin: Acc/End/Rech
  46. Titanium Coating: Resistance
  47. Multi-strike: Acc/Dam
  48. Tempered Readiness: Slow/Range
  49. Tempered Readiness: Acc/End
  50. Detonation: Dam/Rech
  51. Essence of Curare: End/Hold
  52. Performance Shifter : End Mod
  53. Adjusted Targeting : Rech/End Reduction
  54. Thunderstrike: Acc/Dam/End
  55. Harmonized Healing: Heal/Rech
  56. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod/Rech
  57. Mocking Beratement: Taunt/Range
  58. Dampened Spirits : To Hit DeBuff/Rech
  59. Pounding Slugfest: Dam/End
  60. Essence of Curare: End/Hold
  61. Brilliant Leadership: Acc/Dam/End
  62. Bruising Blow: Acc/Dam
  63. Impervium Armor: End/Res
  64. Scirocco's Dervish: Dam/End
  65. Serendipity: End/Rech
  66. Impeded Swiftness: Dam/Slow
  67. Regenerative Tissue: End/Heal
  68. Stupefy: End/Stun
  69. Harmonized Healing: Heal
  70. Tempered Readiness: Dam/Slow
  71. Multi-strike: Acc/End
  72. Serendipity: End/Rech
  73. Doctored Wounds: End/Heal
  74. Edict of the Master: Acc/End
  75. Adjusted Targeting : To Hit Buff
  76. Rooting Grasp: Acc/Immob/Rech
  77. Blessing of the Zephyr: Run Speed, Jump, Flight Speed, Range
  78. Volley Fire: Acc/Dam
  79. Glimpse of the Abyss: End/Fear
  80. Multi-strike: Dam/Rech
  81. Hibernation: Acc/End
  82. Perplex: Acc/End
  83. Detonation: Dam/End
  84. Maelstrom's Fury: Dam/Rech
  85. Detonation: Acc/Dam
  86. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod
  87. Focused Smite: Acc/End/Rech
  88. Detonation: Dam/Acc/End
  89. Crushing Impact: Acc/Dam/Rech
  90. Pounding Slugfest: Acc/Dam
  91. Tempered Readiness: Acc/Slow
  92. Serendipity: Defense
  93. Detonation: Acc/Dam
  94. Kinetic Combat: Acc/Dam
  95. Crushing Impact: Dam/End/Rech
  96. Devastation: Acc/Dam/End/Rech
  97. Detonation: Dam/End/Range
  98. Curtail Speed: End/Rech/Slow
  99. Gift of the Ancients: Def/End
  100. Perplex: End/Confuse
  101. Maelstrom's Fury: Dam/Rech
  102. Red Fortune: Endurance
  103. Ruin: Acc/Dam
  104. Serendipity: Def/End/Rech
  105. Ruin: Dam/End
  106. Mocking Beratement: Taunt/Rech
  107. Bruising Blow: Dam/End
  108. Red Fortune: Def/End/Rech
  109. Kismet: Def/End
  110. Steadfast Protection: Knockback Protection
  111. Karma: Def/End
  112. Detonation: Dam/Range
  113. Unquestioning Loyalty: Acc/Dam
  114. Focused Smite: Acc/Dam
  115. Stagger: Acc/End
  116. Efficacy Adaptor : Rech/Acc
  117. Mocking Beratement: Taunt/Range
  118. Red Fortune: Def/Rech
  119. Focused Smite: Acc/Dam
  120. Curtail Speed: End/Rech/Slow
  121. Tempered Readiness: End/Rech/Slow
  122. Doctored Wounds: Heal
  123. Serendipity: Def/End/Rech (Recipe).
  124. Dampened Spirits : To Hit DeBuff/Rech (Recipe).
  125. Gift of the Ancients: Def/End (Recipe).
  126. Harmonized Healing: End/Heal (Recipe).
  127. Steadfast Protection: Res/Def (Recipe).
  128. Air-Burst: Dam/End (Recipe).
  129. Soaring: Fly/Endurance (Recipe).
  130. Detonation: Dam/End (Recipe).
  131. Tempered Readiness: Acc/Dam/Slow (Recipe).
  132. Mako's Bite: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  133. Performance Shifter : End Mod/Rech (Recipe).
  134. Edict of the Master: Acc/End (Recipe).
  135. Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control : To Hit Buff (Recipe).
  136. Karma: Def/Rech (Recipe).
  137. Calibrated Accuracy: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  138. Doctored Wounds: End/Rech (Recipe).
  139. Regenerative Tissue: +Regeneration (Recipe).
  140. Crushing Impact: Dam/End (Recipe).
  141. Dampened Spirits : To Hit DeBuff/End Reduction (Recipe).
  142. Tempered Readiness: Acc/Dam/Slow (Recipe).
  143. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod (Recipe).
  144. Adjusted Targeting : To Hit Buff/Rech/End Reduction (Recipe).
  145. Kinetic Crash : Knockback/Rech (Recipe).
  146. Scirocco's Dervish: Dam/End (Recipe).
  147. Detonation: Dam/Acc/End (Recipe).
  148. Triage: End/Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  149. Touch of the Nictus: Heal (Recipe).
  150. Focused Smite: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  151. Harmonized Healing: Heal/Rech (Recipe)
  152. Maelstrom's Fury: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  153. Smashing Haymaker: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  154. Crushing Impact: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  155. Adjusted Targeting : Rech/End Reduction (Recipe).
  156. Blood Mandate: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  157. Crushing Impact: Dam/End (Recipe).
  158. Detonation: Dam/Range (Recipe).
  159. Perfect Zinger: Taunt/Rech (Recipe).
  160. Scirocco's Dervish: Dam/End (Recipe).
  161. Nightmare: Acc/Fear (Recipe).
  162. Karma: Def/Rech (Recipe).
  163. Bruising Blow: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  164. Air-Burst: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  165. Red Fortune: Def/End (Recipe).
  166. Impervium Armor: End/Rech (Recipe).
  167. Touch of Death: Dam/End (Recipe).
  168. Doctored Wounds: End/Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  169. Force Feedback : Knockback/Dam (Recipe).
  170. Performance Shifter : End Mod (Recipe).
  171. Focused Smite: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  172. Red Fortune: Def/End (Recipe).
  173. Stupefy: End/Stun (Recipe).
  174. Ruin: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  175. Steadfast Protection: Knockback Protection (Recipe).
  176. Unspeakable Terror: End/Fear (Recipe).
  177. Maelstrom's Fury: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  178. Perplex: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  179. Cleaving Blow: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  180. Cloud Senses: To Hit Debuff (Recipe).
  181. Nightmare: Fear/Range (Recipe).
  182. Doctored Wounds: Recharge (Recipe)
  183. Brilliant Leadership: Acc/End (Recipe).
  184. Detonation: Dam/Acc/End (Recipe).
  185. Harmonized Healing: Endurance (Recipe).
  186. Blood Mandate: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  187. Tempest: Dam/End (Recipe).
  188. Steadfast Protection: Knockback Protection (Recipe).
  189. Red Fortune: Endurance (Recipe).
  190. Doctored Wounds: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  191. Springfoot: Jump/Endurance (Recipe).
  192. Befuddling Aura: Confuse/Range (Recipe).
  193. Impervium Armor: Rech/Res (Recipe).
  194. Titanium Coating: Resistance (Recipe).
  195. Thunderstrike: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  196. Kinetic Combat: Dam/End (Recipe).
  197. Bruising Blow: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  198. Multi-strike: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  199. Horror: Acc/Fear/Rech (Recipe).
  200. Detonation: Dam/Range (Recipe).
  201. Titanium Coating: End/Rech/Res (Recipe).
  202. Multi-strike: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  203. Entropic Chaos: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  204. Red Fortune: Def/End (Recipe).
  205. Karma: Def/End (Recipe).
  206. Paralytic: Acc/Hold/Rech (Recipe).
  207. Undermined Defenses: Defense Debuff/Endurance Reduction (Recipe).
  208. Undermined Defenses: Defense Debuff/Endurance Reduction (Recipe).
  209. Essence of Curare: End/Hold (Recipe).
  210. Doctored Wounds: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  211. Karma: Def/Rech (Recipe).
  212. Shield Breaker: Acc/Defense Debuff (Recipe).
  213. Dampened Spirits: To Hit Debuff/Recharge/Endurance Reduction (Recipe).
  214. Titanium Coating: Rech/Res (Recipe).
  215. Quickfoot: Run/Endurance (Recipe).
  216. Positron's Blast: Dam/End (Recipe).
  217. Soaring: Fly (Recipe).
  218. Ruin: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  219. Scirocco's Dervish: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  220. Thunderstrike: Dam/End (Recipe).
  221. Detonation: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  222. Harmonized Healing: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  223. Stagger: Acc/End (Recipe).
  224. Dampened Spirits: To Hit Debuff/Recharge/Endurance Reduction (Recipe).
  225. Regenerative Tissue: End/Rech (Recipe).
  226. Titanium Coating: Rech/Res (Recipe).
  227. Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control : To Hit Buff (Recipe).
  228. Horror: Fear/Range (Recipe).
  229. Essence of Curare: Acc/Hold (Recipe).
  230. Kismet: +6% Accuracy (Recipe).
  231. Multi-strike: Acc/End (Recipe).
  232. Paralytic: Hold/Range (Recipe).
  233. Reactive Armor: End/Rech (Recipe).
  234. Crushing Impact: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  235. Focused Smite: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  236. Focused Smite: Dam/End (Recipe).
  237. Cleaving Blow: Acc/Rech (Recipe
  238. Focused Smite: Dam/End (Recipe).
  239. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod (Recipe).
  240. Smashing Haymaker: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  241. Reactive Armor: Endurance (Recipe).
  242. Undermined Defenses : Defense Debuff/Rech (Recipe).
  243. Curtail Speed: End/Rech/Slow (Recipe).
  244. Paralytic: Acc/End (Recipe).
  245. Kinetic Crash : Knockback/Acc (Recipe).
  246. Reactive Armor: Resistance (Recipe).
  247. Titanium Coating: Rech/Res (Recipe).
  248. Ruin: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  249. Cleaving Blow: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  250. Essence of Curare: Hold/Range (Recipe).
  251. Focused Smite: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  252. Induced Coma: End/Sleep (Recipe).
  253. Curtail Speed: Slow/Range (Recipe).
  254. Cleaving Blow: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  255. Impeded Swiftness: Acc/Slow (Recipe).
  256. Basilisk's Gaze: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  257. Serendipity: Def/Rech (Recipe).
  258. Mocking Beratement: Taunt/Rech/Range (Recipe).
  259. Titanium Coating: Endurance (Recipe).
  260. Tempered Readiness: Slow/Range (Recipe).
  261. Blood Mandate: Accuracy (Recipe).
  262. Mocking Beratement: Taunt/Rech (Recipe).
  263. Maelstrom's Fury: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  264. Karma: Def/Rech (Recipe).
  265. Cleaving Blow: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  266. Focused Smite: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  267. Crushing Impact: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  268. Curtail Speed: End/Rech/Slow (Recipe).
  269. Kismet: Def/End (Recipe).
  270. Undermined Defenses : Defense Debuff (Recipe).
  271. Multi-strike: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe)
  272. Triage: End/Rech (Recipe).
  273. Mocking Beratement: Taunt/Rech (Recipe).
  274. Focused Smite: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  275. Mocking Beratement: Taunt/Rech (Recipe).
  276. Touch of Lady Grey: Defense Debuff (Recipe).
  277. Impervium Armor: Rech/Res (Recipe).
  278. Maelstrom's Fury: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  279. Calibrated Accuracy: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  280. Perplex: Acc/Confuse/Rech (Recipe).
  281. Touch of Lady Grey: Chance for Negative Energy Dam (Recipe).
  282. Shield Breaker: Defense Debuff (Recipe).
  283. Focused Smite: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  284. Malaise's Illusions: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  285. Rope-a-dope: Acc/Stun/Rech (Recipe).
  286. Perplex: Confuse/Range (Recipe).
  287. Bruising Blow: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  288. Essence of Curare: Acc/Hold/Rech (Recipe).
  289. Perfect Zinger: Taunt/Rech (Recipe).
  290. Crushing Impact: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  291. Smashing Haymaker: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  292. Detonation: Dam/End (Recipe).
  293. Air-Burst: Dam/End (Recipe).
  294. Efficacy Adaptor : Rech/Acc (Recipe).
  295. Basilisk's Gaze: Acc/Rech
  296. Calibrated Accuracy: Acc/Rech
  297. Curtail Speed: End/Rech/Slow
  298. Impervium Armour: End/Rech
  299. Lethargic Repose: Sleep/Range
  300. Nightmare: Acc/Rech
  301. Obliteration: Damage
  302. Pacing of the Turtle: Acc/Slow
  303. Paralytic: End/Hold
  304. Rope-a-Dope: Acc/Stun/Rech
  305. Serendipity: Def/End/Rech
  306. Focused Smite: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  307. Essence of Curare: Acc/End (Recipe).
  308. Doctored Wounds: End/Heal (Recipe).
  309. Gift of the Ancients: End/Rech (Recipe).
  310. Thunderstrike: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  311. Rooting Grasp: Acc/Immob/Rech (Recipe).
  312. Rooting Grasp: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  313. Harmonized Healing: Heal (Recipe).
  314. Ghost Widow's Embrace: End/Hold (Recipe).
  315. Perfect Zinger: Chance for Psi Dam (Recipe).
  316. Rooting Grasp: End/Immob (Recipe).
  317. Edict of the Master: Acc/End (Recipe).
  318. Obliteration: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  319. Titanium Coating: Resistance (Recipe).
  320. Efficacy Adaptor : Rech/Acc (Recipe).
  321. Kinetic Crash : Knockback/Dam/Acc (Recipe).
  322. Serendipity: Endurance (Recipe).
  323. Cacophony: Acc/End (Recipe)
  324. Lethargic Repose: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  325. Ruin: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  326. Multi-strike: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  327. Ruin: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  328. Red Fortune: Def/End (Recipe).
  329. Kinetic Crash : Knockback/Dam (Recipe).
  330. Pounding Slugfest: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  331. Analyze Weakness: Defense Debuff (Recipe).
  332. Doctored Wounds: End/Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  333. Brilliant Leadership: Damage (Recipe).
  334. Focused Smite: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  335. Multi-strike: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  336. Springfoot: Jump/Endurance (Recipe).
  337. Harmonized Healing: End/Heal (Recipe).
  338. Enfeebled Operation: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  339. Pounding Slugfest: Dam/End (Recipe).
  340. Doctored Wounds: End/Rech (Recipe).
  341. Springfoot: Jump (Recipe).
  342. Sovereign Right: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  343. Paralytic: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  344. Nightmare: Acc/Fear (Recipe).
  345. Mocking Beratement: Taunt/Range (Recipe).
  346. Obliteration: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  347. Reactive Armor: Resistance (Recipe).
  348. Reactive Armor: Endurance (Recipe).
  349. Doctored Wounds: End/Rech (Recipe).
  350. Triage: End/Rech (Recipe).
  351. Red Fortune: Def/End/Rech (Recipe).
  352. Adjusted Targeting : To Hit Buff/End Reduction (Recipe).
  353. Titanium Coating: End/Res (Recipe).
  354. Detonation: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  355. Perplex: Acc/Confuse/Rech (Recipe).
  356. Maelstrom's Fury: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  357. Gift of the Ancients: Def/End (Recipe).
  358. Tempered Readiness: Slow/Range (Recipe).
  359. Adjusted Targeting : To Hit Buff/End Reduction (Recipe).
  360. Adjusted Targeting : To Hit Buff/End Reduction (Recipe).
  361. Tempered Readiness: Dam/Slow (Recipe).
  362. Multi-strike: Dam/Acc/End (Recipe).
  363. Mocking Beratement: Rech/Acc (Recipe).
  364. Obliteration: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  365. Detonation: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  366. Edict of the Master: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  367. Edict of the Master: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  368. Hibernation: End/Sleep (Recipe).
  369. Tempered Readiness: Acc/End (Recipe).
  370. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod/Rech/Acc (Recipe).
  371. Doctored Wounds: Recharge (Recipe).
  372. Red Fortune: Defense (Recipe).
  373. Titanium Coating: End/Res (Recipe).
  374. Volley Fire: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  375. Crushing Impact: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  376. Brilliant Leadership: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  377. Soaring: Fly (Recipe).
  378. Call to Arms: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  379. Crushing Impact: Dam/End (Recipe).
  380. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod (Recipe).
  381. Blood Mandate: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  382. Kinetic Crash : Knockback/Acc (Recipe).
  383. Curtail Speed: Acc/End (Recipe).
  384. Detonation: Dam/End (Recipe).
  385. Red Fortune: End/Rech (Recipe).
  386. Smashing Haymaker: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  387. Performance Shifter : End Mod/Rech (Recipe).
  388. Doctored Wounds: End/Rech (Recipe).
  389. Performance Shifter : End Mod/Rech (Recipe).
  390. Brilliant Leadership: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  391. Doctored Wounds: Heal (Recipe).
  392. Crushing Impact: Acc/Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  393. Devastation: Acc/Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  394. Kinetic Combat: Dam/End (Recipe).
  395. Rope-a-dope: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  396. Dampened Spirits : To Hit DeBuff (Recipe).
  397. Befuddling Aura: Acc/End (Recipe).
  398. Decimation: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  399. Steadfast Protection: End/Res (Recipe).
  400. Volley Fire: Dam/End (Recipe).
  401. Smashing Haymaker: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  402. Focused Smite: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  403. Force Feedback : Knockback/Acc (Recipe).
  404. Thunderstrike: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  405. Curtail Speed: End/Rech/Slow (Recipe).
  406. Maelstrom's Fury: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  407. Tempered Readiness: Acc/End (Recipe).
  408. Crushing Impact: Dam/End (Recipe).
  409. Impervium Armor: End/Res (Recipe).
  410. Air-Burst: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  411. Essence of Curare: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  412. Rope-a-dope: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  413. Maelstrom's Fury: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  414. Multi-strike: Dam/End (Recipe).
  415. Kismet: Def/End (Recipe).
  416. Detonation: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  417. Maelstrom's Fury: Dam/End/Rech (Recipe).
  418. Rope-a-dope: Stun/Range (Recipe).
  419. Paralytic: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  420. Thunderstrike: Dam/Rech (Recipe).
  421. Red Fortune: End/Rech (Recipe).
  422. Serendipity: Def/End (Recipe).
  423. Tempest: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  424. Red Fortune: Def/End/Rech (Recipe).
  425. Lockdown: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  426. Crushing Impact: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  427. Stupefy: Acc/Rech (Recipe).
  428. Multi-strike: Dam/Acc/End (Recipe).
  429. Efficacy Adaptor : End Mod (Recipe).
  430. Lethargic Repose: Acc/Sleep/Rech (Recipe).
  431. Air-Burst: Dam/End (Recipe).
  432. Triage: Heal/Rech (Recipe).
  433. Multi-strike: Dam/Acc/End (Recipe).
  434. Brilliant Leadership: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  435. Blood Mandate: Acc/Dam/End (Recipe).
  436. Entropic Chaos: Acc/Dam (Recipe).
  437. Ruin: Acc/End/Rech (Recipe).
  438. Pounding Slugfest: Dam/End (Recipe).
  439. Quickfoot: Run Speed (Recipe).


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I have characters on every server, altitis really grabs me at times, and then at others it is focus focus focus on my current most played character. Liberty, Triumph are both Full. Justice and Infinty nearly so. Freedom is being used for new alts as of now.

I was part of both the SG and the SVG that don't exist, and have never yet been part of the Legion of Catgirls.

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